Full cast of doctors scrubbing in this season.
We already have the first twelve episode names revealed, so if wewe don't want to know, read no further.
I'm not sure where this information is from, because I found it on a site from our country and it was obviously copied from somewhere else.
Anyway, I think these are the name of episodes that will air this year, then there'll probably be a krisimasi break and in 2011 we will see episodes 13-24. Just my conclusion :).

7x01 With wewe I'm Born Again
7x02 Shock to the System
7x03 Surfing the Void
7x04 The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes
7x05 Crossfire
7x06 Mary
7x07 The Catalyst
7x08 Victims of Ourselves
7x09 A City on Fire
7x10 Butterflies and Hurricanes
7x11 Car Crash in Slow Motion
7x12 Daddy's Gone

What do wewe think will happen in these episodes? Can wewe see some hints? Which title do wewe find the most interesting? Do wewe know any of these songs?

We already know Mandy Moore's character Mary will appear again in 7x06...so the name seems quite accurate :D.
Other info we already know [SPOILER WARNING!]:
7x01 is jumping ahead 2 months and there're flashbacks of a therapy taking place few weeks after the shooting.
Derek is stepping down as Chief in 7x01.
Derek is arrested for speeding in 7x01.
There's CrOwen wedding in 7x01.
There's some other proposal in 7x02.
There's a MerDer kissing scene at some unknown place in 7x05.
Chandra Wilson is directing 7x05.

For me personally the title 7x09 A City on Fire seems a bit dangerous...would it be too obvious if Seattle really was on fire? ;)
And if I don't think about the name metaphorically, I am even zaidi worried about 7x11 Car Crash in Slow Motion.

What are your thoughts? Let me know ;).