Grey’s Anatomy Rate The Coupels Game

sakoon posted on May 10, 2008 at 08:37AM
I saw it in Lost spot ( posted by herosfan4eva )and I liked it .
thier rules are good so I'm going to use them


1. All couples start with 15 points.
2. Anyone can cast a vote adding (++)( you will add to the couple 2 points)or subtracting (--)( you will remove from them 2 points )from any couples.
3. You vote for 3 characters at a time.
4. When any character's total reaches 0, he/she is eliminated and will be in the out couples.
5. You can't vote for only one person. For example, you cant add 6 points to merder or remove 6 points , you must add or subtract from 3 different people.
6. No voting over and over and over again , you have only 1 vote per hour

Please post your vote along with the standings of the characters in rank order. This helps immensely with all the math and keeps everything in line.

Whoever removes the last points of a character they can make up a little story on how they broke up please be creative as its more funny to read

Make sure that the couples are posted into every reply.

Okay here are the couples( and if i forgot someone please tell me ):

Derek & Meredith 15
Derek & Rose 15
Derek & Addison 15
Meredith & Finn 15
Critina & Burke 15
George & Callie 15
George & Izzie 15
Izzie & Denny 15
Izzie & Alex 15
Richard & Adele 15
Alex & Addison 15
Alex & Eva \ Ribbeca 15
Alex & lexie 15
Mark & Addison 15
Mark & Hanh 15

Out Couples

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