Gwyneth Paltrow inayopendelewa dress Gwyneth wore in 2008?

Pick one:
A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF
The Prince's Trust Celebrate Success Awards
2008 Point Foundation Benefit at Capitale
Breast Cancer Foundation
Iron Man Photocall in Berlin
Iron Man Premiere in Berlin
Iron Man Photocall in Rome
Iron Man Premiere in Rome
Iron Man Premiere in London
Iron Man Screening at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City
Chopard Trophy
"Two Lovers" Photocall and Press Conference - Cannes
"Two Lovers" Premiere in Cannes
Debut of Estee Lauder New Fragrance at Bloomingdale NYC
Farm Equine Rescue Event - Hamptons NY
Azzaro Spring Fashion launch in London
Visit at TOD'S Store during Milan fashion Week
TOD'S Private chajio, chakula cha jioni during Milan fashion Week
Two Lovers London Premiere at 52nd BFI
Two Lovers Premiere in Paris
Rumble in the Jumble event
Fontainebleau Miami beach, pwani Hotel Grand Opening Party
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