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posted by selenarules101
Hello fellow h2o fans,

Are any of wewe live in Florida,
If so when are they airing H20 again on Nickeloedeon?

Why are they not airing it any more?
Tell me why?
I miss watching it, It hasn't aired for a YEAR!
Please if any nickeloedeon people read this, please air it again, please! au I can never watch it again except for icarly.

posted by alex1201
u knw we all have this kind of dream that we just cant get over i had this kind of dream to do u wnt to hear???? welll ok here it goes"
i was walking on the beach, pwani and it was a sunset. any was i looked out at the sea and saw this beatiful creature. it was a mermaid. so i started to walk towards the sea. i did not knw if i was on land still so i looked down. i was walking on water. so i walk towards the rock that i saw the mermaid on. she reach out her hand and i took it. then we both jump in the water and swam in the clear sea. she took me to this cave and in it was the most...
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posted by biggestfan1212
well she is a actress and acter in tv prgrams she models she was born in 17 october 1998 sydney nsw austaila.Pheobe is in program i whatch h2o just add water i upendo it i know some of u here emma leveing well only for som of the season 3 so dont worry its kk she ll be back but bella is realy nice and my fav is pheobe jane tonkin - cleo but i realy like all 4 of them emma rikki bella and cleo.pheobe has worked hard all her life for the uigizaji she has.pheobe has inspired me to act i taking loads uigizaji lessons and dancin imba i upendo it i upendo the thing my hobbies and all frome pheobe jane tonkin maybe u got inspired kwa rikki emma

frome kate
posted by MissJory
Freezing Power
The power to freeze is when wewe can freeze anything that has water au even substancial value. wewe can also bring snow out of the air and make bodies of storms. Emma is the one who has this power.

Heating Power
The power to heat is when wewe can heat au boil water. wewe can also start fires if wewe have this power. Including to conduct lightning. Rikki is the one who has this power.

Control/Mold Power
This is when wewe can mold water into a bend au even control it to make a bubble. When wewe have this power wewe can also have wind. This power is not as common known.It is known that Cleo has this power.

jelly Power
In this power wewe can bring water molocules together and make the water turn to jelly. It is also known that wewe can make jelly solidifying stones. Also with this power wewe can explode things. The most common known person who has this power is Bella.
posted by h2orikki17
its official clarie holt (emma gilbert) is leaving h2o just add water why ? wewe ask rumors say she is going over seas too nyota in a movie the messengers 2 no 1 knows what role she will be playing in the film an exchange student not from that country maybe ? h2o is going too film there last season they are currentley filming the onyesha will have old faces and new faces the stars will be cariba heine (rikki chadwick) phoebe tonkin (cleo setori) the replacment is indiana evans starring as bella the new mermaid in town there is another rumor that angus mclaren (lewis mccartney) who is currentley dating indiana evans has quit h2o i don't know anyhing else about this but i will keep wewe posted
posted by everything_girl
we all shood hav seen h2os new movie exspoed.
if u havent the movie was about dr.denman coming back 2 reserch mako island and she found a mermaid scale in mako island
then she found out it was cleo emma and rikki because she hade underwater camras.
she tried her best to explot [revel the secret and get money] them but zane and lewis helped them escape.
ms. chatham told them thir power will b gone if they just go into the pool on mako island because of the full mool and when they did after 12 hours and zaidi they had tails when they touched water.