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posted by HaleyDewit
Let me start kwa saying that I enjoyed this book much better than The Kill Order. I think my problem with The Kill Order-and I think that was also James Dashner’s problem-was the lack of familiar characters. The Maze Runner came out first and it has all these characters wewe connect with. After that comes The Scorch Trials and then Death Cure. James wrote these vitabu before the Kill Order. He connected with these characters, and then he throws himself into a world where none of them are present. I could tell he wanted to get it over with and so did I.
Like I said, Fever Code was so much better....
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posted by HaleyDewit
What I am going to write now is something that happened years ago,but still haunts me every single night.I can hear their cries for mercy.I can see their eyes filled with despair.

It happened in the vacation between krisimasi holidays and Easter holidays.I had to clean their house,so I threw them in a bucket with water.Then I started cleaning.My dad alisema I had to throw the dirty water outside,so I did.Only I forgot to get them out of it first.When I realized what I had done,my moyo started beating very fast and painfully.My throat felt like someone was squeezing it and I couldn't breathe.
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The sun was almost down and Stefan and Amber were once again sitting with each other. Now that Klaus knew they were just Marafiki he didn’t find it necessary to send someone spying on them. He wanted Stefan to be his most loyal servant and he wanted to trust him. His closeness to Amber was alarming, but on the other hand Stefan wouldn’t be so stupid to go against Klaus’ wishes, knowing what could possibly be the consequences. No one would stop him if he went after Damon, au worse Elena. No, Stefan wouldn’t take that chance.
He couldn’t be zaidi wrong. He watched Stefan and Amber talking,...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Save me from my misery
This pain’s too much to bear
My world’s become too dark to see
And I can’t get no air
Grasping for a straw of hope
Trying so hard to survive
But the pain that has crept into me
Is killing me inside

And now I’m crying
I’m dying
Won’t make it out alive
I’m breaking
And aching
Won’t get up this time around
Every siku is torture
And I’ve just had enough
If I had a humanity switch
I would turn it off, off, off
I would turn it off, off, off
Turn it off, off, off
Turn it off

As everyone is moving on
My world seems to stand still
I keep going back and forth
To what was and will never...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Three sisters in one house
That’s how this story starts
One kusoma a simple spell
Making them Forever Charmed
Once normal people
Now witches for all time
No evil creature
Will ever end the Halliwell-line

Night falls and it’s starting to get a little freaky
But they can’t avoid their destiny
When all hope is gone they only have one thing to rely on
And that is the Power of Three

Watch the clock thicking
It’s the moment of truth
Whatever magical mess you’re in
The Charmed Ones will be saving you
Once they have your back
You’ll never get harmed
They’re the protectors of innocence
And that’s what...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I never met anyone quite like wewe before
You are the reflection of my soul
But I know it’s another one way mitaani, mtaa again
No matter how hard I push wewe won’t let me in

I never believed in upendo at first sight
But now I believe I must change my mind
‘Cause from the moment I saw wewe everything fell into place
And now the thought of wewe haunts me every day

You don’t have to worry I’ll hunt wewe down
And your girlfriend will remain salama and sound
I’m not one of those crazy people, killing to get what they want
I’d rather kill myself than to break your heart

I know it’s not healthy what I’m doing...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Put a gun to my head
And moto all its bullets
May your tears wash away the stains
Then take me kwa the hand
And walk me down the path
Leading me away from this pain

And I am Lost without you
And I don’t know what to do
I can’t see right from wrong
Since you’re gone

‘Cause I died the siku wewe died
And I failed, though I’ve tried
To live just one siku without thinking of you
And wewe crossing my mind
Breaks my moyo every time
It makes me want to jiunge the dead ones, too

Wrap a thread around my neck
And pull till I’m death
You can bury my corpse in the yard
They won’t blame wewe for taking me
To where I...
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posted by HaleyDewit
First things first, the original Charmed is better than this reboot, so don't come at me in the comments, okay?

When I heard about the Charmed reboot, I was skeptical, but curious. So, I gave it a shot. And I did not like it... at the beginning. I thought the uigizaji was off, there was a lot of whining and I missed the Halliwell-wit and power.

However, as the season progressed the characters grew on me, there were very strong secondary characters, and the special effects were quite neat.

Their biggest assett is without a doubt Rupert Evans.

So, while I still prefer the original Charmed series I get the reboots appeal and I understand why it got renewed.
The inayofuata morning.
Zoey was talking with the mortician, while Alexia was watching cartoons. At least Zoey was under the impression Alexia was watching cartoons. Until her little girl let out a shriek.
Zoey, scared something had happened to Alexia, jumped up and ran into the sitting room. Alexia was staring at the screen.
“Lex, what’s going on? wewe almost gave mommy a moyo attack” Zoey alisema and swallowed a few times to calm down.
“Mommy, come look” Alexia alisema breathless. “Uncle Emmanuel is on TV”
Zoey rushed to the televisheni and increased the volume.
“Last night the police arrested a man named Castiel for the abuse of a four mwaka old girl” the newsreader said.
“Alexia, go play outside” Zoey alisema trembling.
“Why do they call him Castiel, mommy? His name’s Emmanuel” Alexia alisema confused.
“Now!” Zoey yelled and Alexia ran outside.
(CNN) -- "Harry Potter" actor David Legeno has died, a California sheriff's office said.
The 50-year-old British actor, who played werewolf villain Fenrir Greyback in "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," and both parts one and two of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows" died while hiking near Death Valley, California, alisema the Inyo County Sheriff's Office.
Legeno's body was discovered kwa two hikers on Sunday in a remote desert location west of Zabriskie Point and had to be removed kwa a helicopter, according to a press release from the Inyo County Sheriff's Department.
Photos: People we...
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posted by HaleyDewit
They say we should stick together
Create a chain and never let go
But I’m not gonna act like a hypocrite
‘Cause I’m fed up with your over-dramatic show
Your criticism doesn’t make any sense
It’s nothing but a bunch of crap
And I doubt I’m on my own in this one
I think a lot of people will hakikisha that

You wanna start a fight?
Let’s not hesitate
But I’m not the one to underestimate
You wanna start a war?
Let’s have it started
But I won’t be the one left broken hearted

You must be so frustrated
You must be filled with hatred
Living with only a brain cell au two
Knowing you’ll never fit...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I’m so fucked up right now
I’ll never be the same without you
It’s like my feet are moving forward
But my heart’s left behind me
Will wewe set it free

And my dying wish
Is for wewe to make it in time
Yeah, my dying wish
Is for wewe to watch me die

I need wewe to
Help me through this
I’m stuck in a maze
And I can’t find a way to escape
I will burn it down
I’ll burn it to the ground
I’ll let the flames consume me
They will set me free

I’m so screwed right now
My emotional being depends on you
It’s like my head’s still in the game
But my heart’s paralyzing me
Will wewe set it free

And my dying wish...
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posted by LovingLucy
I Remember…

I remember the day,
That he passed away,
Just like it was,

I remember the night,
Full of delight,
When wewe two made,

I remember that day,
When wewe went to play,
On my N64.

But I remember tomorrow,
The siku of sorrow,
When I found out what happened,
To him.

And I’ll never forget,
The siku wewe left,
This Earth to go play in the sky.

I remember the day,
That wewe passed away,
Just like it was,

© Katie Milkowski
posted by HaleyDewit
Hey, guys!

I got some positive news from my publisher. They want to publish my book! Yay! Now, part of the financing happens through crowdfunding. I'm already getting quite some help from Marafiki and family who live in my country. But maybe wewe guys would like to help me out too? I totally understand it if wewe don't want to. No hard feelings, but I have to ask. If wewe have paypal and wewe want to help, send me a message and I'll give wewe my emailadress that's attached to my paypal. Any amount will do. I'm sure wewe know how it works. And if there's anything I can do in return, don't hesitate to ask.
Part 1: Elena, Damon, Katherine and Caroline try to get away, but first they need to get through a wasp’s nest…

Part 2: Stefan feels guilty for leaving Amber behind…

Part 3: Alaric faces consequences for breaking the law…

Part 4: Kelsey wakes up inayofuata to her injured sister…

Part 5: Caroline and Tyler reunite…

Part 6: Amber begs Kelsey not to go to Klaus…

Part 7: Stefan and Katherine go look for the Lindy sisters…

Part 8: Klaus refuses to give Kelsey the cure…

Part 9: Damon and Elena take advantage of being nyumbani alone…

Part 10: Amber asks Kelsey to tell her what happened in the past…
posted by HaleyDewit
wewe don't need to be clever to figure this one out
It took a while,but now I know what you're all about
I've shed a million tears just because of you
But now I see what I can be without you

We all got one single life
And I'm not gonna waste mine to your tears and filthy lies

You said:
'Please,forgive me
I know I should've been strong
But I didn't know what was going on'
You said:
'Please,believe me
I didn't know what to do
So,I didn't tell wewe the truth'

It shouldn't take much to make this one clear
But you're the only who doesn't seem to hear
You might wanna take a flight someday
'Cause when I'm stepping up...
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Meg took a bite from the waffle and frowned. “Did wewe put chokoleti in it?” she asked, looking up at Cas.
“Yeah, Anna told me wewe liked it as a human and since you’re human again…” Cas explained. “I wanted to do something nice for you”
“Hmm” Meg said, taking another bite from her waffle. “Seems to me that you’re trying to make up for something”
Cas bit his lip and sat down. He took Meg’s hand. “Yeah, I’ve been…quite a jerk to wewe yesterday. But…the pain…it was really bad” he tried to explain.
Meg pulled her hand away. “Yeah, I get it” she answered a...
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The following is a orodha of people that are active on this spot. The reason for this orodha is for me to know who to thank when this spot is declared official.

Carol Lockwood walked into Tyler’s room, who was sitting on his bed, his iPod in his ears. She walked to the kitanda and threw a collection of photographs on it. Tyler put out his earphones and looked at the photographs. “What is this?” he asked, pretending to be dumb.
“I found this in our mail. There was a note with it. ‘Dear Mrs. Lockwood, you’re son’s a werewolf. Have a nice day’” Carol said. “Who is this person, Tyler?”
Tyler shrugged, uigizaji careless, but doing his best to avoid his mother’s eyes. “Just some dude who needs to get laid really soon”
“These are pictures...
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Isabel conjured her phone and noticed she had five missed calls, all from Heather, and two voicemails. She listened to them.
“Is, Castiel and Meg are here. Can wewe please come as soon as wewe hear this message? And please bring your gun”
“Seriously? Where the hell are you? Cas is here. What part of get here ASAP did wewe not get? Don’t wewe read the newspaper? He’s a lunatic. He’s killed four people already in less than 48 hours and if wewe don’t hurry up I’m going to be next”
Isabel understood why Heather hadn’t called the police. They would find her stock and arrest her, but...
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