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Hoping your birthday
Is a happy one,
Just filled with friends,
Excitement and fun!

‘Cause wewe are a very special friend,
I'm thankful that we met,
And I'm asking Lord to bless you
With a mwaka wewe won't forget!

You are all I need to make my days
As happy as can be,
’Cause I upendo wewe Emma it’s true –
You mean entire life to me!

All the way from here to there
Birthday greetings fill the air!

Hope all of your dearest wishes come true
Because no one deserves it zaidi than wewe do!

Here’s a birthday wish to say you're loved
Far zaidi than lips can tell —
Not just on special siku like this,
But every single...
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For Emma's Birthday Emma asked for a makala with a message from her Marafiki :3 She is a very intelligent person and that was an amazing idea. However we weren't able to have everybody be able to do it on her Marafiki list. So to Emma for her wonderful birthday decade and a few years zamani was one of the most important days for her Marafiki because than she touched our Earth ♥ And Our Lifes♥

Andressa_Weld's Message: Happy Birthday, may this siku always be a special one to remember.I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.
With Love, Andressa♥

Message From TawnyJay: Emma, you're amazing.You're...
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Emma wewe light up our world like nobody else,
The way that wewe comfort us keeps us from getting overwhelmed,
and when we make wewe smile it is not hard to tell wewe don't know OH OH wewe don't know we made wewe a club! link
Oh and wewe don't know your beautiful!!!!


SO yeah thats how I told her about the club Maryam if wewe were wondering what i was up too xD

Well I don't want to make it longer,


Happy Birthday To you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Emmy,
Happy birthday to you!

From your friend :D


I'm sure your other Marafiki mean it to

WE LUB CHU!!! ;D ;0 XD
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