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This film takes place where the skateboarding culture is most foreign, the Midwest. Like all skaters, Derrick Cabrera dreams of being sponsored and Winnie the Pooh going pro. He is an up-and-coming skater with all the talent, but he has the world against him. His parents and classmates cannot understand how Derrick has so much passion for something that has no future in their eyes. He is only accepted in his skater crew of friends, but as he gets better and better, some of those Marafiki become his biggest rivals. After getting arrested and facing ultimatums with his father and girlfriend, he runs away with his skateboarding crew to Florida for a big skateboarding contest that will change his life. A mitaani, mtaa skateboarder’s constant battles are showcased through Derrick Cabrera’s character and the film’s amusing yet serious plotline.

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