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Hello everyone!

I'm planning on uandishi a letter to Stephenie Meyer regarding the Twilight series. I wanted to address all the points many people do not like in the series. The letter is going to be friendly and straight-forward. I wanted to hear what everyone would want me to include. These are a few of the topics I am going to be including:

- Anti-feminism
- Abusive relationship
- Unhealthy obsession
- Lust does not equal upendo
- Bella is horribly rude to her Marafiki (not valued friendships)

These are just a few. Please add anything and if there is something specific you'd like me to add.

I'll be working on this letter and posting on Sunday on Fanpop, so I can add anything else and have your approval and then I will send it to her.
I understand that Seth probably won't let it get to her, but it's worth a shot and I will post his reply (assuming he does reply.)

Thank you! :)
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