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posted by KateKicksAss
After hearing some debate on various spots around here, I've decided to thoroughly analyze an issue that I found kind of interesting, Voldemort vs. The Volturi.

kwa "Volturi", I'm talking about the main three, Aro, Caius, and Marcus. And on the "Voldemort" side, It's Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, and probably a few zaidi assorted Death Eaters.

After throroughly analyzing this issue, I'm forced to conclude that the Volturi side would probably turn out Victorious in a fight, assuming they can get off their thrones and face the challenge, that is. My reasoning is as follows.

First off, in the books, Bella talks about the Wanyonya damu superhuman speed a lot, and many of their actions, when not trying to pass as human, are done superhumanely fast as well. When it comes down to it, if they can go fast enough that they're either a blur au too fast to even be seen, they'd have a huge advantage over Voldemort and his baddies.

I've seen people arguing that the speed wouldn't matter, as the spells are represented kwa light, and nothign moves faster than light, but that's invalid, as in the books, it talks about people dodging, ducking, au blocking spells, and if Harry and his friends, at normal human speed, can dodge spells, then the Volturi, moving at superhuman vampire speed would definitely be able to.

Also, even if someone off Voldemort's side got lucky and landed a spell on a Vampire, whose to say it'll even work, seeing as their bodies are basically made of stone? The spells might work, but they might also just bounce off them. au maybe just blast part of their body off, which wouldn't affect them too much, especially since, due to their bizzare invincibility, would easily be reattatched.

Also, even if someone landed an Avada Kedavra, I peronally think it's unlikely to work, seeing as the Wanyonya damu are pretty much dead, I mean, their hearts aren't beating, they don't have any vita organs to be stopped, so how could an Avada Kedavra kill them?

Sadly, between the Wanyonya damu super speed and super strength, they could probably tear any number of Death Eaters apart without much, if any damage to them, so I am forced to conclude that the Death Eaters will probably lose. Besides, if the Volturi can strip them of their wands, the Death Eaters are pretty much powerless, and couldn't even apparate away to safety, let alone magically kill the Voturi, and of course would definitely not be able to fight them off bare handed, due to aforementioned Vampire speed and strength. Of course, I haven't even started on my rant about the Wanyonya damu being too freaking invincible yet....

Anyways, that's just my take. Feel free, in fact, feel encouraged to debate this, it'll probably make for some interesting arguments.....
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This is a orodha of ways Twilight lacks originality. Harry potter did all these things first. Can't wewe think of an original idea for once, Stephenie Meyer??

*The final Harry Potter movie is the shortest movie of the franchise.
*The final Twilight movie is the shortest movie of the franchise.

*Warner Brothers casted Alan Rickman, a British actor who is 6'1".
*Summit Entertainment casted Robert Pattinson, a British actor who is 6'1".

*Warner Brothers hired a lead actress who was born in April of 1990
*Summit Entertainment hired a lead actress who was born in April of 1990

*JK Rowling is right...
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(i have edited this makala so there r no spelling mistakes :) )

Hello everyone, today I'm going to tell wewe why Twilight is a BILLION times better than the Harry Potter. Here are some reasons.

1. First, they are no swear words!! I mean I heard in Hp they is swearing, like "h*ll" and "b*tch" I mean little kids are kusoma that!! Like 7 and 8 years olds!! It's crazy!!!111 In Twilight, there is no swearing beacuse it is a child salama book :)

2. HP is for kids only!! I mean Twilight is for all ages!!! I haven't read HP but I know only little kids read it!! Twilight is for everyone, my 10 mwaka old...
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Wheel of Fortune skit of Disney Channel's "So Random"
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
so bila mpangilio
wheel of fortune
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