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My cousin says we, Harry Potter mashabiki are insecure about this ranting. How should I respond to this?!

(I HAVE TAKEN THINGS FROM OTHER makala HERE, sorry if used without permission)


Kjerrimyr リョーマ Andres: says Twilight ang pasimuno ng mga JEJEMON (ANGRY) (Twilight started the Jejemon movement)
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** ******: weh? PROVE IT!!!
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Kjerrimyr リョーマ Andres: link wahahahah
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** ******: duh! nonsense!
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Kjerrimyr リョーマ Andres: haha Twilighters...
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Alright everybody! I've been going around this spot a lot, and I have seen many people giving the same points over the series they like, over, and over again and never come out with something fresh and new. I have also seen that some people had made very rude maoni on other user's posts(questions, foramu entries, pictures, etc), and those rude maoni end up in arguements, user's being flagged, and other things. I personally believe we should stop giving the same opinions and posting rude maoni in order to defend your side.

First of all, don't post the same facts and opinions! Here's an...
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Harry Potter
harry potter vs twilight
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Before wewe start kusoma please understand that this is all based on MY opinion and not everyone can think the same.If wewe are a Twilight shabiki wewe don't have to start a fight,just say wewe disagree and tell us why.

Before,i ilitumwa an makala from someone who made a few reasons on why Harry Potter is better but it got flamed(I'm guessing because it was too direct.) so i decidet to point out my main 5 reaons on why i think Harry Potter is better.

1.Harry Potter character are more..alive.

Harry Potter characters have so much personality,they are interesting because of it.I can tell wewe so much about...
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