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 Harry potter reborn dolls
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Harry Potter reborn dolls. I think... most of them... are cute. I'm not sure who all of them are, though.
Harry Potter
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This Harry Potter dhidi ya Twilight picha contains neonate, newborn, newborn infant, and newborn baby.

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Some people wanted me to post my answer as an makala ...

Since TwilightGurl made an account and will be seeing my response, I decided I would respond because she doesn't know why people don't agree with her. So, here I go:

1.Theres too much swearing. Ron says “blo*dy H*ll” all the time, and Molly weasley calls Bellatrix Lestrange a B*TCH in the last book! Thats seriously unaceptable! I mean little kids are kusoma that stuff!!! That kind of language is really bad!

I don't particularly like Ron's swearing either, but he's the only character that excessively swears and I'm sure wewe know someone...
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Here's a orodha of reasons that don't count out of the first 500.
Reasons that are purely opinion, untrue, au just ridiculous.
I didn't include all the reasons I think are wrong, to be nice

12. Twilight WILL fad out it is a fad and many mashabiki are on it because of the Bandwagon effect and because Robert Patterson is good looking But Harry Potter will be around forever
17. Harry Potter can be read kwa any age group. Twilight is geared zaidi towards angst 15 mwaka olds.
18. The characters in Harry Potter GROW, they grow with wewe as wewe read. The first vitabu start out fairly tame but mature as wewe mature....
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Here is an 5 Part Essay wriiten kwa someone on livejournal that proves Edward isnt abusive.

I have been having feelings of guilt off and on about shipping Edward and Bella. I'm sure the majority of us Twilight mashabiki of have heard about the accusations of Edward being an abusive boyfriend. The accusers are able to back it up with proof of certain behaviors that count as abuse that wewe can read off of a red flag list. What they refuse to do though is look at the big picture. All they see is the surface and refuse to ask why. They even go to such far...
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Edward Cullen
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