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 Cedric should have been in the last movie
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spoof confession
sanaa ya shabiki
Harry Potter
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spoof confession
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This Harry Potter dhidi ya Twilight sanaa ya shabiki might contain ishara, bango, maandishi, ubao, matini, and ubao wa chokaa.

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I found these online, and thought they were kinda funny, :)
Credit: wiki answers, wattpad.com, b l o g s p o t.com

How many Twilighters does it take to screw on a light bulb?
I don't know, they're all too busy fighting over who gets to be Mrs Cullen

What happened when Emmett Cullen stubbed his toe?
He made the whole city collapse!

Rosalie Hale was told to find something just as au zaidi beautiful then herself. She came back with a mirror!

How do wewe stop Jacob Black from attacking you?
You pick up a stick, throw it and yell "fetch"!

How do wewe irritate Edward Cullen?
Buy him a dog and call it Jacob!

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twilight and harry potter do not mix im sorry people but know twilightbis the classic romance between a human/bella and vampire/Edward
and harry potter is a action fighting movie so im am truly sorry i am a twilight crazzy if wewe want to know zaidi go onto my page and right good/bad comments
as usly i finish my makala with a song so here it gose
toxic song britny spears

Baby, can't wewe see
I'm calling
A guy like wewe should wear a warning
It's dangerous
I'm falling

There's no escape
I can't wait
I need a hit
Baby, give me it
You're dangerous
I'm loving it

Too high
Can't come down
Losin' my head...
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