kwa now everyone probably knows I have a crazy thing for Bellatrix and think she's the most wonderful thing that has happened to the HP series. But there are some huge differences between book Bella and movie Bella. But gosh dammit, I upendo them both! Here's why.

Book Bellatrix

Book Bella for me is everything I look for in a villainess. She's ruthless, she's wild, and she's got no mercy and no qualms about her bad deeds.While movie Bellatrix does share this trait I feel as though she has her moments of guilt. I say this because I really don't know how else to interpret this;

Just that brief dismal expression before she starts smirking. This is something book Bellatrix doesn't have. She's completely ruthless. And she's completely rooted and devoted to her belief that muggles and muggleborns are beneath her. And that's what I like about book Bella; she's very nearly a pure villain with very nearly no redeeming qualities (I could state where I think she's not pure evil but I feel as though that's getting off topic and I'll likely make a separate makala for it). It's rather hard to come kwa a character that is so completely twisted as Bella is. So I really latch onto her character.

For that reason I think book Bellatrix is a pretty frightening villain. Between the complete lack of mercy, the actual enjoyment and Glee she gets from hurting people and her mock-baby voice I get chills when I read her parts. But in a good way. I like those chills, they are my inayopendelewa part of the book. Frankly I have yet to come across another character quite like Bellatrix with her odd blend of adult-like sadism and her childish mannerisms.

And while a tragic backstory is a plus for me in terms of villains I think Bellatrix is a strong enough character without. In fact she's one of those villains that I think is just better without. Especially in the books.

Another area in which I see Bellatrix's book self as different from her movie counter part is the intensity of her upendo for Voldemort. Frankly I'm 90% the only reason for this is because Helena has much less time to portray it and film directors chose to up the action when in came to Bella--in the sinema I think she was far zaidi impulsive because Hollywood has this craving for the fast paced.
This is why I prefer book Bellatrix's relationship with Voldemort than movie Bella's. Her devotion seems much deeper, zaidi complex, and zaidi imploring in the books. And it gives her just one zaidi strange contradicting set of character traits; on one had she's this strong, tough, dare I say, independent woman who can completely dominate. But at the same time she's dependent, longing, and in need of praise and affection from Voldemort. These contradictions and layers also have me drawn to book Bellatrix.

Another thing I would like to refer back to is that impulsivity bit. I really upendo that book Bellatrix--as crazy as she is--is also rather calculating in the books. She is the one who actually took Snape's loyalty with a grain of salt when even Voldemort was fool. She's also the one who seemed to do most of the decision making in the Malfoy Manor scene. In other words, book Bellatrix thinks things through and doesn't always just dive right into it.
Honestly I can see book Bellatrix being the Hermione of her day; very well-versed in her spells and on juu of her classes. After all it is mentioned that she is of 'prodigious skill'.
She may be unhinged but she's a brilliant woman no less.

Movie Bellatrix

Where book Bella is a much darker character through and through, movie Bellatrix brings some refreshing gallows humor. That is the first thing I upendo about movie Bellatrix that she really doesn't share with her book self. Helena bought in some comedy and I think that it really worked with Bella's character. wewe have her skipping around and singing, wewe have her jumping on tables, wewe see her fidgeting with Snape's stuff and pouting when she's scolded, and wewe have wonderful nukuu like, "you stupid elf wewe could have killed me." Movie Bellatrix is a riot and I upendo her for it.

Because of this, movie Bellatrix is (as mentioned) conveyed as zaidi impulsive with a hot sort of anger. She casts crucio on Harry in HBP and Snape has to remind her to chill. And then there's the way she flew off the handle during the Malfoy Manor scene. I enjoy wild and impulsive Bellatrix just as much as the zaidi in control (as far as in control goes for her) Bellatrix.

Bellatrix's impulsiveness goes hand in hand with Helena amping up the childlike part of Bella that Rowling briefly touches. I think Helena/movie Bella utilizes the baby voice and the childlike delight a lot zaidi than book Bella does. Again, while I upendo the darker Bellatrix, I adore the childlike portrayal of her too. I believe I can also say that this is one aspect of movie Bellatrix that I like zaidi than book Bella. She's just such a fun character.

The final thing about movie Bellatrix I'd like to discuss is something I mentioned above. And that is the guilt thing. However small that is I think it was a neat thing to throw in the movie. I mean he was her cousin so seeing that small twinge of guilt added something to her character for me. As I said, I think Bella's a strong character both with and without sympathetic traits.

So if I had to draw an ujumla, jumla conclusion I'd say that I do prefer book Bellatrix, but only slightly because Helena does a wonderful job.