Harry Potter 5 In 5 ikoni Contest [Round 3]

queen-seli posted on Mar 20, 2012 at 07:38AM

- No stealing.
- In each round there’ll be 5 different themes for 5 different icons
- You can't post the same icon twice
- Icons must be squared
- No animated icons
- Don’t cheat
- If you win a theme, you’ll get 2 props

Theme Round 1:

Grey Winner: lumina_louella
Eyes Winner:katerina_keta
1 Letter Winner: katerina_keta
Sad Winner:lumina_louella
Artist Choice Winner:katerina_keta

Theme Round 2:

Blue Winner: lostandhp4ever´s
Face only Winner: el0508
Name Winner: el0508
Happy Winner: lumina_luella
Actor Winner: luina_luella

Theme Round 3:

First Year in Hogwarts
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Harry Potter 45 majibu

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