Harry Potter picha Contest

GoodWitchesRAJA posted on Aug 16, 2013 at 04:20PM
I've seen lots of these on different pages. I decided to do one too.
Here are the topics:

Round 1: Awkward Moments
Round 2: Ron and Harry
Round 3: Hugs
Round 4: Albus Dumbledore
Round 5: Molly Weasly
Round 6: Bellatrix Lestrange
Round 7: Severus Snape
Round 8: Hagrid and The Golden Trio
Round 9: Sirus
Round 10: Harry Riding a Broom
Round 11: Mrs. Norris
Round 12: Snape and Harry
Round 13: Harry and Ginny in the 2nd Movie
Round:14: Lupin and Tonks 7&8 movie
Round15: Dan, Rupert and Emma in 2011
Round16: Hermione and Ron

No copying People, after Round 16 I'll come out with new round. After each round is closed I'll chose a winner and they get 10 Props.
Ready, Set, GO!!
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