Harry Potter Meme Game!

karolinak1999 posted on Aug 24, 2013 at 11:51PM
Post a funny Harry Potter meme

Meme game POLICIES

1. No copying/repeats!!!
2.1st 5 each round get to participate
3. (IMPORTANT) - If you win a round to get the grand prize of 14 props!!!!!! you have to enter the current round first. Example: poll for round 12 closes, your the winner, the round that is currently open is round 15 you enter that and get the props!!!
4. A participant can post two memes maximum per round!
5. Don't Vote for yourself!!!! - It's tacky and I consider it to be cheating and I will have none of it!!!!



Each round the memes will get 4 days to gather as much votes as possible!
Feel free to add suggestions and ask questions!! and if you have a problem mail me about it!!!

Whenever 5 rounds are completed I will set up a "Recollection Round" for the 5
winners to reward them further on!!!!
The 5 winning meme's will go onto poll form AGAIN to see which out of the 5 is the funniest!!!!
- The winner of this, will receive an additional 20 props!!!!!

Winning memes go to the link

Every meme submitted can be viewed[more easily]: link
- This can be used to make sure the meme your considering to submit, hasn't been used already!


The meme with most votes gets!!:

14 props, me as a fan - probably am one already!:D
& a place in the "Hall of Fame"

There are also runner up prizes:

2nd place - 6 props
3rd place - 4 props
4th & 5th place - nothing but the joy of participation!!!!!!:)



SUPREME Recollection Round♕ Winner: link
26-30: RECOLLECTION ROUND Winner: GoodWitchesRAJA
13/12/12. Round 31: Closed THEME: Slytherin Winner: Goldenliz
06/01/14. Round 32: Closed THEME: Percy Jackson Winner: karolinak1999
05/02/14. Round 33: Closed. Winner: totalpotterfan

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