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posted by peppergirl30
Lily's POV

They need a horcrux? From me? But kwa Abby's smug look, I can tell that they're tactful planners. They must know that the Weasleys aren't going down with a fight: They've been expecting us. Suddenly I wish that I had listened to James, that I had just backed out of all of this. Tamara surely would do it, do this even better than I could.

I took a deep breath and answered them.

Rose's POV

I'm almost afraid to go to the Great Hall. Face all those people. People who know me, au Hugo, au Al.. somebody that's linked to me. Why did Hugo have...
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I wish it could stay like this forever. But sadly, it can't. In two days, I'm going to go to school and leave behind my parents, all my relatives, really. I always hated going back to school, but not for the reason most kids did. I actually liked to learn, the thing that upset me was being away from family. And now that James was close to ending his education, there would be even fewer of us.
The Weasley/Potter kids were slowly leaving Hogwarts, and I didn't like it. But, what could I do? Force my cousins to stay forever? Bring my parents with me? No, I couldn't. I have to suck it up and live...
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posted by peppergirl30
4:00 A.M., Weasley House

''It was like..sadness took over everything. There was no light at all, Dad. It was scary.''
I look at my parents and see their faces, their expressions hard to read. All I can tell that what I have alisema is not good: My mother is pulling on her long, bushy hair nervously.
''And, you're sure it was a Dementor? Not just a shadow, a dream, au a prank pulled kwa your brother?'' My father throws a look at Hugo, and it has If this is a joke it's not funny written all over it.
''I'm sure. I know it wasn't my imagination.''

''Fine, then. We'll talk to Harry and Ginny in the...
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posted by sharon-sel
J.K. Rowling's thoughts

This is a personal expression, which has nothing to do with tales of the dead.

Over the seventeen years that I planned and wrote the seven Harry Potter vitabu (not to mention Quidditch through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Tales of Beedle the Bard), I generated a mass of information about the magical world that never appeared in the books. I liked knowing these things (which was fortunate, aliyopewa that I couldn't stop my imagination spewing it all out) and often, when I needed a throwaway detail, I had it ready because of the background I had...
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posted by cutechibineko
Ways to piss off Ron!
1) Constantly yell out for "Won-won."

2) Dress up as Snape and wake him up in the middle of the night.

3) Dress up as Voldemort, hide under his bed, then crawl your hands up & over the sides of his kitanda in the middle of the night.

4) Use "yo mamma" jokes on him.

5) Ask him when he's planning on purposing to Harry. Then tell him, if he doesn't hurry up Draco will beat him to it.

6) If he argues and says he loves Hermonie, tell him Draco will beat him to that too.

7) Tell him Lucios Malfoy says hi and wink.

8) When the room is quiet, suddenly break out singing, "Weasley is our...
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posted by Mallory101
1. Ask him why he 'doesn't have such a cool scar?'
2. Laugh at him.
3. Wake him up kwa imba beach, pwani Boys songs in his ear. 'Round, round, get around, I get around...'
4. Knit him things. Really hideous things.
5. Give him kangaroo-ears for a month.
6. Smile during Death-Eater meetings and say wewe taught him everything he knows.
7. Chew bubblegum all the time. Should he address you, your only response will be a series of huge bubbles in quick succession, the last of which will burst everywhere and make a mess.
8. Dance the Funky Chicken.
9. Ask him when was the last time he took a bath.
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Although I hate to admit it, it ought to be put into two different movies, much like the way Peter Jackson put content from the Two Towers into The Return Of The King.

It would mean that we'd get a much better movie than that last one which was like watching a car crash. (I had to look away.) The scenes look great, but we never get to see the events au hear the lines before being wisked away to see another set and be deaf to another set of lines we ought to hear.

I really don't want that to happen again, because lets face it, it sucks. Thus, two sinema would be better. The first three...
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