Harry Potter Harry Potter Headcanons (via Tumblr) wewe wish were true...

Pick one:
George has a portrait of Fred and has long conversations with it
Lily Luna has a pet rat, which Ron is extremely suspicious of...
One of Dudley's children was magical, and was Marafiki with Albus.
Snape would visit the Potter's grave with lilies in hand
The Potter family had black dog, called Paddy.
James S. always saying, "Sirius is my middle name."
Ron still hasn't acquired the Agrippa chokoleti Frog Card.
Arthur is zaidi interested in his grandkids muggle toys than they were.
Ron telling a 11 y/o Rose that it's "Levi-O-sa. Not Levio-SAR."
Teddy Lupin changing his appearance just to confuse his parents.
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