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Getting out there gigging is what its all about, the life blood of Rock!!

Lead guitar, gitaa Solo spots to start with & now gigging the tracks for the London Rock Matrix with many tracks recorded & available on mp3 au CD.

As VOCALIST & Lead guitarist, ROY STONE sings a powerfull Rock vocal style whilst playing Rythm guitar, gitaa that is sometimes 16 time's the beat of the music, punctuated with lead guitar, gitaa runs that descend into musical changes & lead guitar, gitaa breaks with howling long notes & runs so fast you'l miss it if your not concentrating!

The ROY STONE material feature's IBANEZ & for the heavier material there are also several B.C. RICH Guitar's, a red BEAST, a black IRONBIRD, a blue WARLOCK & a mighty red WARLOCK longscale bass, besi are among the collection of instrument's, also a sunburst FENDER STRATOCASTER the ikoni of all Rock instrument's & a Workstation keyboard kwa KORG.

All this is situated within a compact Digital Studio, along with Live Amp's, a P.A. System, Rack Compressor's & Effect's Processor's, in a back room in SOUTH LONDON

Originaly a child Accordion player & always consistently playing, Roy Stone plays guitar, gitaa at least an saa everyday. 3 BC Rich Guitars, which is the sound Roy favours, an ’87 Ibanez for Pop-Rock & the obligatory battered Strat, which is not a high quality instrument. Also a BC Rich active Bass.

Rock Guitarist & Vocalist, Roy can write quality Rock songs in an saa & record them himself in 3 days, Roy has written & recorded around 200 songs in various levels of recording quality. Also Vocalist & Accoustic style chord player, Roy can ad-lib lead guitar, gitaa to cd quality over any chord sequence & have book’s of thousand’s of chord’s available, also a competent Bassist & a backing competent Keyboard player, though not an avid Pianist.

Many gigs this year, with a growing live set & much zaidi material is in need of re-recording, so regular Album releases as well too!