1. Appeared in a re-make of 'Goodbye Mr Chips'

2. Grew up on an island called Jersey, UK

3. Has done an American accent for a movie

4. 2 greek sinema over the summer (aren't we lucky?) Will be in one movie & Sam Worthington
the other. Sam is the same guy who auditioned against Henry for Superman and Bond and was in the final 3 with him. Awkward lol

5. Starred alongside Bill Nighy twice :)

6. LOVES rugby but because of injuries was unable to persue this as a career. Henry in tiny shorts? Bring it on :D

7. Went to a boarding school where he admitted he was pretty shy. uigizaji in plays there gave him confidence. Aw bless!

8. Has done an American accent for a movie

9. Henry's dream role is to play 'Alexander the Great' - we're sure he'll be fabulous

10. Is not the only boy in the family. Its rumoured that he has three brothers