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hi i am darange and welcome to getting to know me.
well first off my name is Clara H. in case wewe didn't know.
i am 14 and i live Chicago, i have 6 siblings on my moms side and 5 siblings on my real dads side.
i live with my mom and i have never met my real dad.
unfortunately i never will because he died 3 years ago.
sense i moved to Chicago i am going to be nyumbani schooled, where i live there are not that many great schools. i have one friend that moved out here already, so i guess thats ok
4 juu thngs i upendo besides family and Marafiki :
3. humor
4.Doctor Who
Music has been apart...
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ok so this has nothing to do with RP, but i thought wewe guys would like this
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"I'm a Ghost of your past" - Blaze to his mom

Blaze Takumi Phoenix(炎 拓海 鳳 Blaze Takumi Phoenix) is a son of Ares and a Ghost of The City. He has the powers of a link as Ares cast a spirit of one into him. His real name is Kaji Takumi Feng

He was born of a Grazer, Erza Takumi and Ares. Ares had posed as a mortal and mated with Erza. She thought that Ares, under the Alias of Kishimoto Feng, died in a plane crash when Blaze was born.

 Erza weeping for her lover
Erza weeping for her lover

Blaze lived fatherless in a village somewhere outside but near to Toyko. He made many friends...
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So wewe can compare it to the other.
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orodha of Roman army unit types

pedites - the infantry of the army

praetorians - a special force of bodyguards used kwa Roman Emperors

Principes - the sekunde line of battle in the Roman Republican Army

Rorarii - the final line, au reserve

Sagittarii - archers, including horse-riding auxiliary archers

Scholae Palatinae - an elite troop of soldiers in the Roman army created kwa the Emperor Constantine the Great to provide personal protection of the Emperor

speculatores - the scouts and reconnaissance element of the Roman army

Triarii - the third standard line of infantry of the Roman army

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