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Hetalia Couples! Swali

Shipping maswali

These are swali on YOUR personal preference.I don't want to create a shpping debate au for anyone to insult other people's ships.

Now,for the questions:

1.Favorite ship?

2.Fanon au historical canon?

3.Fluff au smut?

4.Yaoi,yuri,or hetero?

5.Least inayopendelewa ship(s) (out of the ones wewe have)?

6.Ship(s) that wewe hate?

7.Ship(s) that wewe have left?

8.Ship(s) that wewe have recently joined?

9.Rarest ship(s)?

10.Most maarufu ship(s)?

I know its alot,but please try to answer as wewe can.Here are my answers:

1.Giripan (Greece x Japan)

2.No definite favorite.It all depends on the pairing.

3.Fluff,fluff,fluff.On my pillows,ships,and sandwiches.

4.A tie between yaoi au hetero.There are no good Hetalia yuris in my opinion.

5.Romerica (Romano x America (sue me,its rare.I alisema no hate)).Its cute,but I have much better.

6.Any incest au pedophilia.Those are very wrong,and should not be joked about au taken as something acceptable.

7.USUK (We all know what it means).It was cute,but I have moved on to a better ship.My UsUk ship sank.

8.Two actually.Hongwan (Hong Kong x Taiwan) and SpUk (Spainx England).Their both rare,sue me.Their both also adorable!

9.Same as number 8,just add Romerica,Russia x Anastasia,and Monaco x Seaborga.

10.Giripan,DeNor,and PruHun.

There are my opinions and facts,so whats yours?
 GaHoolianGirl posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Hetalia Couples! Majibu

black_amaranth said:

2-Depends on the pairing.

3-...can't I have both?

4-Yaoi and Hetero


6-Incest and RusAme (I just ca't wrap, upangaji pamoja my mind around how this ship works)

7-FrUK. It was so perfect to me for a while but my interest just faded... I still think it's a cute and funny ship, though.

8-PruCan and RoChu

9-AustraliaXNew Zealand, SeaborgaXMonaco, S.KoreaXBelarus

10-USUK, DenNor, GerIta.

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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
ilovecreed13 said:
1. Sweden x Finland

2. Depends on the pairing

3. Depends on my mood

4. Yaoi

5. Greece x Turkey

6. USUK- hated it from the dakika I heard about it, France x Canada, and Sweden x Denmark

7. I never leave my ships but I have slightly Lost interest in England x Japan, and Germany x Italy

8. Prussia x Norway, Hong Kong x Canada, and England x Canada

9. Germany x America- it's become my 3rd inayopendelewa ship, France x Japan, and Russia x England. I have too many zaidi to list

10. France x England, Sweden x Finland, and Greece x Japan
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
KikuKirkland said:
1. JapanxTaiwan

2. Historical canon.


4. Hetero. I am okay with yaoi, depending on how it is, and I cannot stand yuri. I would genderflip the characters in the boyxboy pairings that I like, but then it doesn't seem the same.

5. I'm not quite sure, but probably PruAus.

6. RusLiet, RusEst, RusLat, Hong KongxTaiwan, FrUK and RusPru. If I offended someone because I dislike any pairing that they ship, I'm sorry.

7. PruIta. Now I prefer PruCan. Another one is Giripan, which now I like TurkeyxGreece better. (Also, I tried SpaBel, but I don't see it as a potential relationship so much; I like NethBel though.)

8. Spamano and PruHun. I used too dislike PruHun and Spamano was a 4th favorite. Now, Spamano is a #1 and I like PruHun, especially in the Frying Pangle.

9. I dunno. I guess TurkeyxJapan, South KoreaxBelarus, AmericaxLithuana and RussiaxUkraine.

10. USUK, GerIta, Spamano, and AusHun (although a lot of hate is on AusHun recently).
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
No offensive, but wewe sound like a hypocrite. wewe say wewe like historically accurate/canon pairings, yet the ones wewe are saying wewe hate ARE historically canon/accurate.
pumpkinqueen posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
I guess your right. It all just depends on how wewe view the relationship between them.
KikuKirkland posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
Characters only have one relationship though, changing it would be turning them into OCs
pumpkinqueen posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
videogamergirl posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
pumpkinqueen said:
1. FrUk. <33

2. Historical canon

3. Fluff - smut just messes up the pairing to me, makes it look like nobody truely cares about it that way.

4. Either one, doesn't matter to me. A pairing is a pairing.

5. UsUk, Franada, SpUk, Spamano, au just anything innaccurate.

6. A tie between UsUk and Franada. Both of them make no sense at ALL.

7. Stopped supporting CanLiech. Just because it is total crack.

8. A lot actaully. But to name a few: IceSey, CuSey, UsSey, MapleTea, JapTwi, and more.

9. Out of the ones I support? Well, not a lot of people support CuSey, from what I have seen.

10. Out of the ones I ship? FrUk, PruHun, GerIta, etc.
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
Katherine1517 said:
1. Hm... I guess Turkey x Hungary.

2. I like both but I usually lean towards Historical Canon.

3. I prefer Fluff most of the time but smut doesn't really bother me with some of my shippings.

4. I prefer Hetero but I also like some yaoi pairings.

5. I am not the biggest shabiki of AusHun though I don't dislike them so they are probably my least inayopendelewa but I still ship them.

6. Um... Anything that seems incestual to me are my hated ships. (example: Switzerland x Liechtenstein, I prefer their sibling relationship)

7. I guess Prussia x Hungary. I still like it but I am not into it as much as I used to be...

8. Prussia x Liechtenstein and Japan x Belarus.

9. Um... I would say America x Amelia Earnhardt (If that counts) au maybe even Turkey x Hungary but not really.

10. Hm... I would say SwissLiech is overrated but there are a lot more.
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
colecutegirl said:

1.Favorite ship? Ameripan, Dennor, Spamano, Fruk

2.Fanon au historical canon? Historical Canon and fanon

3.Fluff au smut? Both lol

4.Yaoi,yuri,or hetero? well mostly yaoi XD

5.Least inayopendelewa ship(s) (out of the ones wewe have? Hmmm probably PolandxRussia. I like it but I have waaay better ships for both :3

6.Ship(s) that wewe hate? Usuk, Franada, and anything that's incest. I also don't like giripan but that's because it's pretty boring. I don't hate it though.

7.Ship(s) that wewe have left? Giripan, FrancexSpain (I thought I liked it, read a fanfic and decided i really don't like it)

8.Ship(s) that wewe have recently joined?
Hmm well I have started liking prumano lately I upendo spamano zaidi but still.

9.Rarest ship(s)? Prumano, romerica :3

10.Most maarufu ship(s)? Fruk, Dennor, Spamano. Though I don't think ameripan is that rare it isn't that maarufu either
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
yay! Another Ameripan supporter!
StanTheMan432 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
hahaha Yeah! I upendo it :3 That pairing is so epic!! It's probably my otp :D
colecutegirl posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
StanTheMan432 said:
1. Ameripan :)

2. Both. Depends on the actual characters in the show

3. Fluff all the way XD

4. Yaoi

5. Probably FrUk. I upendo the couple I just don't support it as much as I support Ameripan.

6. I don't necessarily hate any pairing. Those pairings makes the supporters happy.

7. None that I can recall

8. I've been stuck in a rut. lol

9. The rarest I'd say would have to be PruCan.

10. Definitely most maarufu are UsUk and FrUk
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
videogamergirl said:
1. Ameripan! x3 kawaii!

2. A little bit of both. It's mostly fanon but since the onyesha involves some history than it makes my ships a lot zaidi cute :)

3. Fluff!!!! I don't mind smut either though ;)

4. Definitely yaoi

5. Out of the ones I have...hmmm...GAH! Too difficult! I'll just say GerIta because that's boring and a bit overrated.

6. I don't like UsUk all that much. And the FrUk fandom seems to get a little...violent?...with other ppl so FrUk is going down hill.

7. Umm...None. lol

8. Spamano :3

9. Rarest ships I'd have to say is PruCan and TurkeyxGreece. wewe literally don't see it anywhere

10. Are wewe kidding? FrUk and UsUk most definitely!
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
LunaShay said:
1. RoChu, m'babies

2. Well.. I dunno. Some historical, some fanon.

3. Both.

4. Yaoi

5. AusPrus, Franada, RusBela

6. RusAme, RusPrus, Frain

7. RusLiet, Hong Kong x China

8. AmeCan, Prumano

9. Prussia x China?

10. UsUk, FrUk, RoChu, Spamano, PruHun, etc.
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
FujoshiR-18 said:
1.Favorite ship?
Mmm, Giripan au FrUK

2.Fanon au historical canon?
Depends, but I prefer the historical canon

3.Fluff au smut?

4.Yaoi,yuri,or hetero?
All, but my inayopendelewa is yaoi

5.Least inayopendelewa ship(s) (out of the ones wewe have)?
SeychellesxTaiwan...Yes, is fucking crack

6.Ship(s) that wewe hate?

7.Ship(s) that wewe have left?

8.Ship(s) that wewe have recently joined?
Mmmm, i don´t know...TurkeyxEgipt au SeychellesxTaiwan

9.Rarest ship(s)?
Prumon(PrussiaxMonaco) au GreecexKorea Yes, they are fucking crack!!

10.Most maarufu ship(s)?
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
SigridLang-set said:
1.Favorite ship: Can't choose between FrUK and RusAme.

2.Fanon au historical canon: both

3.Fluff au smut: both~ U v U

4.Yaoi,yuri,or hetero: all.

5.Least inayopendelewa ship(s) (out of the ones wewe have)? PruHun. It's okay, but it just doesn't songesha the wheels on my fangirl-wagon enough.

6.Ship(s) that wewe hate? SwissLiech.

7.Ship(s) that wewe have left? BelaLiech, RomaBul, SeaLat, PruCan, EngNor, SuNor, SuFin, HongIce, SwissAus, NedTai, Spamano, TurGre, KugelWy, and SuGer.

8.Ship(s) that wewe have recently joined? SuGer and KugelWy.

9.Rarest ship(s)? SuGer, KugelWy, NedTai, EngNor,

10.Most maarufu ship(s)? FrUK, SuFin, Spamano, PruCan
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
Angelene0378 said:
1. I really can't decide between a few, but for now, SwedenXFinland
2. Well, I'm okay with both
3. Depends on mood
4. Hetero and some Yaoi
5. I really don't know?
6. RussiaXLithuania au PrussiaXHungary
7. I haven't left any yet
8. AustriaXHungary
9. I don't know, something like LatviaXSeychelles?
10. SwedenXFinland and PolandXLithuania
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
mikuhondajones said:
1. AmeriPan :3

2. Historical canon

3. I like them zaidi on fluff.

4. Definitely yaoi.

5. UsUk, to be honest.

6.still UsUk

7. GiriPan, i ship Greece x Turkey now.

8. RusJap(Russia x Japan) i saw a fanart of them and i was like, "These two looked cute." So that's it.

9. RusJap, PrUk, Prumerica, SpAus, and SeaWy

10. RoChu, AmeriPan, FrUk, GerIta
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
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