It's Gilbert!
Pre-read notes:
1: I do not own Hetalia, except for this plot. And none of it's characters, nor you.
2: Please kubeba with me, this is my first time creating a story where the personified country is shipped with the reader! 3:Contains YAOI. Don't like, don't read.
4:Yes, it's exactly what the title says. Don't like? Turn back and read another fanfic. It's written like a diary from both P.O.V's. So please don't get confused.

Chapter 1:Sour

Beep beep beep beep! *click!* My eyes were groggy due to the darkness of the room, and my (h/c) hair shifted on my pillow. I slid my hand from under my comforter to my eyes, and pinched the inside of them, only to find crusty eye-boogers fall out. "Another rather horrible siku to wake up to, eh?" I thought as I sat up in my bed, and propped my left arm to hold my head. "Well, never know how things might turn out, eh? It might actually be a nice siku for a change." I alisema somewhat loudly as I slid off my shirt, and took off my pj pants.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and I saw a skinny figure, tired eyes, and somewhat messy (h/c) hair settled on my head. And I wasn't that tall, (lets just say wewe weren't) so I looked like a chibi. "HEY (Y/N)!!" A booming and slightly raspy voice I recognized shouted. (or if you're a girl and kusoma this, make it the name wewe would have if wewe were a guy) "GET YOUR SKINNY punda DOWN THE STAIRS!!" I rushed my clothes onto myself, and tightened my tie a bit, combed my (h/c) hair, and basically ran down the stairs.

I saw my dad in the jikoni with a pissed off expression. "Sit DOWN." My father alisema menacingly as usual. But this time, he had a smirk on his face. My dad has a gruff expression. He smokes, looks like he's 20, but he's actually 40 on the dot. He has green eyes, and mlozi au sunflower seed hair. However, I look absolutely nothing like him. I look zaidi like mom, but she died when I was younger.
(Just in this story, so don't worry.)

"Yes, father." I alisema quietly, as I prodded my feet towards the jikoni table. I removed the chair from under the meza, jedwali which made a squeaking noise, and sat down. I looked horrified, because I didn't see any chakula on the table, except for a bowl of strawberries dad was holding. And I knew what he was going to do. "Aren't wewe going to eat anything, (m/n)?" My dad asked. "I-I don't see anything." I alisema with a scared smile on my face, as my legs started trembling. He then smirked.

"It's right here. Come sit on my lap if wewe want breakfast." He continued as he raised the bowl of strawberries in one hand, and with the other, gestured for me to come sit on his lap. So, I shakily walked towards him, and started to lower myself onto his lap, as he suddenly grabbed both of my sides, lifted me, then plopped me down on his lap with one leg on each side of him, and me facing him.

Then he held the bowl of strawberries once again, slid one in his mouth with it half out, half in. He said, "Go ahead and eat" without muffling his voice. So I shakily leaned in towards his mouth, and our lips collided. I kept on shaking as he started to lean into me too. Then he grabbed my butt, and started to songesha both my cheeks in circles. "Mff!!" I muffled as I felt blood rush to my face, and that allowed him to enter his tongue into my mouth. He entangled his tongue with mine, and I held onto his work shati and jerked my butt out like it was a life au death situation.

The inside of my mouth was flooded with the flavor of uchungu, chungu and sometimes sweet strawberries, as he stopped groping my butt, and started to press my head into his.
Then he separated the kiss, leaving a string of saliva hanging from our mouths. I tried to catch my breath as I rested my head on his shoulder, and my legs became like jelly and collapsed. Then dad hugged me tightly, and I became a little drowsy, as he started to kiss my neck, and suck it.

"Dad.. Stop. You'll *yawn* leave marks.." I alisema weakly as I pushed his head lightly away from my neck and he became furious. So I became wide-awake, and I jerked my hand away from him, then he yanked me up and swung me over his shoulders, and stomped upstairs. "No, no, no, no!!!" I thought to myself as he opened his bedroom door, and threw me onto the bed. He tore my clothes off, and duct taped my hands and mouth. I heard some clinking and thought, "Please! I don't want to die!!" Then a sharp, stinging pain lashed onto my back, and I screamed, "MMMMFFFFF!!!" And this happened over and over repeatedly, even when I was still crying. Finally, it came to an end, and dad tore the duct tape off of my wrists and mouth.

Then he coldly alisema as he adjusted his belt, "Clean yourself up. There are wipes in the 1st drawer." Then he slammed his bedroom door, and I hugged my shoulders, trembled, and curled up into a little, pitiful ball as I cried to myself. I then tried to feel my back with my arms, and I screamed a little, and I felt a little blood. So I sat up, and crawled over to the other side of the bed, and found the wipes. I applied several to my skin with one hand, and with the other, I cupped my mouth. Why does it happen like this?!

Time skip~

I walked through the school doors, and had a teeth-gritting pain in my back as I clutched my backpack with both hands, and bit my bottom lip. Then I saw several guys from the mpira wa kikapu team. "Why, just why did I have to come across them in the first place?!" "Hey, chibi." I looked up at three of them, and my harasser held a mpira wa kikapu in his right arm. The devil's name. "Hey Carlisle, what should we do to girlie today?" One of the guys said. "I dunno. Oh yeah. Let's talk outside and do some business." "Noo.." I whimpered under my breath as I shut my eyes and started to tremble.

Gilbert's p.o.v.

My Marafiki and I vere valking down ze hall, vhen I saw something interesting. "Hey Francis. Vho is that little guy over zhere?" I alisema as I pointed my finger at ze little boy at the unawesome scene. Then I heard Frances ask, "Ah, who is le petite enfant?" (who is the little kid?) "Creo que sè." (I think I know) Antonio responded. Zhen I saw ze little child being dragged away kwa some of the mpira wa kikapu team's members. "Hey Amigo." Antonio started as he
Put his hand on my shoulder. "He's muy peligroso." (He's very dangerous.) "Vhat do wewe mean, dangerous?" I asked in reply. "I think I know why le petite enfant is too.." France alisema as he rubbed his chin a bit. "Eh?" I asked in surprise. "Vhy is he dangerous?" "Suivez-moi." (Follow me.) Frances replied as he started trailing off with Antonio doing like-wise.

Your P.O.V.
I was slung over Carlisle's shoulder, and I was slamming my fists on his back and shouting, "HEY!! LEMME GO!!" And he alisema in reply, "Don't worry, we're letting wewe go soon," He paused to smack my butt,"Chibi." Carlisle kicked the doors to the back of the school open, and I heard the crunching of leaves. I then heard a creak, (probably the school shed) and Carlisle tossed me off, and I saw a wingu of dirt spread in front of my face. A searing pain went through my back as I jerked my hands in the air. Then Carlisle comes in, shuts the door, while one of his Marafiki goes behind me and stuffs a cloth in my mouth and holds my arms, the other one holds my legs, and punches me in the stomach. "MFF!!"

Then Carlisle spreads my legs, and I know whats coming. He yanks off my uniform koti, jacket and tosses it to the side. Then after that, he rips off the front of my shirt, and I turn away, with tears swelling up in my eyes. One of the guys notice the scars on my back, and asks while bending me over, "Hey Carlisle, what's this?" Then he scrolls up the back of my shirt. I thought to myself, "Don't look, don't look, please!!" Then I just felt my life shatter as I heard these words: "Huh. Get the lighter, Daniel." No. NO. NO. NO. NO!! *Click!*

Gilbert's P.O.V.
I ran outside and past Antonio and Frances, because I was scared for ze kid. Even zough I don't know what his name is.. Yet. Francis asked, "Où est-ce qu'il va?!" (Where is he going?!) Antonio replied, "No lo sè.. Vamos a ir!" (I don't know.. Let's go!) I raced past a hall of girls, the football team, and ze cheerleading squad. They all shrieked like little girls, and I flew into and out of the doors to the back of ze school, and just panted. "MFF!!" I heard someone shout au scream. It was coming from ze school shed. I cautiously valked towards ze shed door, and I looked around for something to hit it vith, just in case ze door was locked. A crowbar. Slightly rusty, but it'll do.

I hold ze crowbar zightly in one hand, and in ze other, ze handle. I yanked it open, and I nearly dropped the crowbar. I saw zat little boy on the ground with a cloth in his mouth, one of ze guys holding a lighter and a cigarette in one hand, and the third one holding ze boy's legs. Ze boy had cigarette scars on his chest, and I vas furious, pissed off, and HORRIFIED. "IHR BASTARDE." (You bastards)
I said, and I slammed the crowbar on gottverdammte (goddamn) Carlisle's head, and it felt GREAT. "WHY THE HELL ARE wewe HITTING US, MAN?!" Carlisle screeched as he used his arms zo zry and defend himself, but ze awesome me drew back ze crowbar and jabbed Carlisle in ze chin. Mein GOTT, did it FEEL GOOD! But.. I vonder vhy..

Vhen Francis and Antonio came in through ze shed door, I shouted, "Danke for joining ze awesome party!" I shouted as I held ze crowbar in both of mein hands, and slammed it on ze man's head. Zhen Antonio held a hammer, and Francis vas too much of a pussy to do anything, so he ran to der kleine junge. (The little boy) After all, I zhink ze kauli mbiu he lives kwa is lieben nicht krieg. (Make upendo not war.) "Look out, Gilbert!" Antonio somewhat shrieks. I don't zurn around knowing zhat a man is going to vhack me on ze head. Antonio zakes care of it, and it turns out, ze pathetic men left. "Armsileg." I mutter under my breath. (Pathetic)

Your P.O.V.
It went from me being burned on the chest kwa the mpira wa kikapu team, to me being held kwa some perverted Frenchman, I'm having to guess. He tried to fondle my chest and crotch, but I just tugged at his blonde hair as hard as I could, and he just backed off. "Mon amour, are wewe hurt anywhere?" He asked. I took French 3 last year, so I'll respond for him, despite my throat feeling like it's going to give out on me. "Jetez un oeil," I alisema with a pained voice,"et faire le calcul." (Take a look, and do the math.) "Vous parlez français?"

The Frenchman replied with a surprised tone of voice. "Only a little." I alisema again as I rubbed my neck. "I took French 3 last year." Then the strange man started to rub my head as I started to fall asleep, but I turned on my side, back facing the door. I felt something wet run down my cheek. "Whoa. I'm crying?" I alisema as the tears started to flood out of my eyes, and onto the concrete floor as I jerked myself off of the man's lap, and sat up.

"Vhoa, vhoa zhere." A German accent interrupted as I turned around. The French guy looked at me with pity and a dash of horror, and a man with green eyes, slightly tan skin and darkish-brown hair was doubled over, and panting at the doorway of the shed. Just what the hell did I do to get involved with the B.T.T.?! (Bad touch trio)
My moyo was just about ready to jump out of my throat, because I definitely did not want anything to do with these guys. I don't even think I can associate with these guys. But, the albino German guy... I was wondering why he wasn't burning due to the sun.

"Oh.." I say out loud as the three pairs of orbs stare at me as I get to my feet. I look at my watch, and sway slightly. "It's.." I start to walk forward, with my eyes half open, half closed, like a robot, au a zombie. "past third per-" dizziness, then a blackout. Crap. I fainted yet again in this school due to pain. I walk in the darkness of a fog, bare feet, and it seems to be that I'm walking on a velvety rug au carpet. I see Carlisle. He morphs into a beast with a hunched back, tattered clothes, and sprawling hair reaching from his palm to his neck. Then he just fades into dust, and I see a light.

*GASP!* My arms and head are slightly shaking, my eyes as wide as an owl's, and pearls of sweat drip down my face. "Zhat was a long nap wewe took zhere, (y/n)." I tightened the lids of my eyes, and I looked to my side, only to find the Bad Touch Trio. "Hola!" The tan man said. "Bonjour, mon amour." The Frenchman replied with a rose over his moyo and blowing a kiss with the other. Eew.

"To make ze introductions short I vill only say this: 1:I am Gilbert Beilschmidt. 2: I am awesome. 3:And we. *short yet dramatic pause as Gilbert crosses his legs, and spreads out his hands* are ze Bad. Touch. Trio. This Frenchman to my left is Francis Bonnefoy, and ze Hispanic looking man to my right is Antonio Carriedo. Any maswali for ze awesome me?" The German man alisema with a smirk. "Umm.." I replied as I sat up. "How the heck did I-ack!" I was interrupted kwa a searing and lightning like pain in my side, as I grab it.

"Voah voah zhere!" Gilbert alisema as I doubled over in pain. "Oui. Take it easy, no?" Francis worriedly said. "Si. ¡It's muy peligroso!" Antonio explained. Then I think Francis remembered something. "Speaking of which..." The Frenchman started as he rubbed the stubble on his chin with his thumb. "You had scars on your back, no?" I shuddered and had a small flashback. Strawberries. Kitchen. Bed. Belt. "U-umm, yeah." I mumbled as I drooped my head, and scrolled up the back of my shirt. Everyone scrambled to my back, and I turned around so they could look.
God, do I feel like a freak. I thought to myself.

Looks like this is going to be a while. I hear the nurse's office door open. I turn around to see who it is. A tall teenager with a warm smile, a scarf, tan jacket, mauve eyes, and beige-ish hair came in. "Hi Ivan." I said, as I pulled down the back of my shirt, and the B.T.T. quivered in fear. "These are strangers, da?" Ivan asked.

Gilbert's P.O.V.