Another Gilbert Beilschmidt picha
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Chapter 2-Sweet

Gilbert's P.O.V.

VHY IS (Y/N) Marafiki VITH ZE UNAWESOME IVAN?!?!?!?!?! I mean, Ivan is just plain creepy. He seems as if he'd be a molester... I mean, he always vears zat scarf over his neck, and alvays vears a friggin' trench kanzu, koti even zhough it could be 100 degrees outside.. Yeesh. I zhink he's ze only one zat gives me ze creeps.

Hmm.... I vonder how (y/n) even got to be Marafiki vith ze unawesome Ivan anyways. I kind of hate ze guy especially since he too me away from my bruder. He vas a pain in the punda after all, so I guess it didn't matter.

Your P.O.V.
Ivan was smiling as usual, au usually whenever he met some people he didn't like. So I jumped off of the bed, and came to calm him down. "Hey Ivan. If wewe don't kill them, I'll knit wewe another scarf and give wewe a packet of sunflower seeds!" I suggested. The tall man just nodded, and waved bye with a smile as he left.

"Umm.. Mon cher?" Francis asked. I turned around. From my point of view, Francis was on the left side of Antonio, clinging onto him, and nearly on the brink of crying. Antonio was shivering and shaking, and Gilbert was just twitching.

"Pussy-cats." I said, as Gilbert looked horrified. "VHAT?!" He exclaimed. "ZE AWESOME ME IS NOT A PUSSY-CAT! TELL ZHAT TO FRANCIS!" The German shouted as a waterfall started to come out of Francis's gloppy shaped eyes. "There, there, amigo." Antonio said, as he comforted and hugged his French friend. "Antonio!! Gilbert's such a meanie!" Francis wailed, as he cried into Antonio's chest.

Then I whispered to Gilbert, "Are they an item?" Gilbert turned to me, and had a slightly surprised expression. "Hmm..." Gilbert said, as he saw Francis pulling up Antonio's shati from behind him. "Francis.. There are people here!" The flush-faced Antonio loudly whispered with a slight tension in his voice.

"I know, la'mour. But I can't control myself." Francis whispered sedu-wait. I regret starting that sentence. MOVING ON. Then Francis burrowed his head into Antonio's brownie colored hair, and stroked it. "Francis..." Antonio whispered as he buried his head into Francis' shoulder. "Yep. Zhey are an item." gilbert said, as he put his hand under his chin, and rubbed it.

Then Francis closed the privacy curtains on them, and I patted Gilbert on the back as we both turned around and left them in their own world. We wandered the halls for a bit, until a small crowd of guys started talking to Gilbert. Well, he is pretty maarufu after all, eh?

Then I bump into someone. "-ack! sorry, I-" No.. No.. No. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO! I'm shaking. Right in front of me is the reason I almost died. right in front of me is the person who was sent to juvenile prison. He's the reason I was sent to live with my "dad". He's the reason I have nightmares every now and then. He's the monster who tries to rape me every year. He's even worse than my "dad".


Killed my mother.


My step-father.

Gilbert's P.O.V.

"Hey. I don't know any of you, so leave me alone." I alisema to ze men in suits. Vait. Vhere's (y/n)? I look around. (y/n) is standing inayofuata to a slightly tall man vith chesnut toned hair, and golden-like eyes. His arm is around (y/n) and he looks horrified. He's shaking, for gott's sake!

Vho is zhis guy? And vat did he do to (y/n)? So I valked over to him. "HEY. Get off of him. wewe AREN'T AWESOME ENOUGH!" I shouted as I awesomely roundhouse kicked him in ze face, and he fell to ze floor awesomely slow. Like in an action movie vith G.I. Joe, au something like zat. "(y/n)! Come on! Let's go!!" I shouted as I grabbed him kwa ze arm. I have to save (y/n) no matter vhat. He'll alvays be.. Vait. Vhat is he to me?

Your P.O.V.

Gilbert grabbed me kwa the arm and had ran with me trailing after him. Even though I just met Gilbert, he seems like a guy I can really trust. He seems like... A friend. But something inside me feels like a pit. A lump in my throat. Dizziness. I can't let go of him.. Because.. He's the only one in this world that hasn't tried to destroy me.

The last joy I had in this world was the woman I knew as mother, and at an even younger age, my dad had died. My real dad that is. The dad I have now is my foster father. He was at least I think.. Sent to live with me in place of my step-father. I met my step-father when I was about 5, and he was pretty nice too. But... I don't know how he changed into this beast.

I don't know... How I've managed to live like this my entire life so far without breaking. I think I was on my last thread before Gilbert came. Now I'm sewing my life back together. "(y/n). (y/n)!" Gilbert's words came to me and I realized we were outside, and we stopped running. "Vhy are wewe crying?" Gilbert asked with a depressing tone in his voice. I'm crying? Again? "Oh.." I said, as several drops of tears landed on the palm of my hand.

Then the most surprising thing happened. Something that would possibly change the way I think of Gilbert. He engulfed me in a hug. I then thought, Why? Why? inayofuata thing I knew I was sobbing my eyes out. "Gilbert! Mff!!" I muffled my voice into his shoulder, and a damp spot began to form on the spot where my eyes were. "Shh.. It's alright now, (y/n).. It's over now. It's over." Then Gilbert asked me, "Do wewe vant to come to mein place? Just for zonight. You'll be safe. I don't vant wewe to be crying anymore." Then Gilbert tightened his hug on me.

Then there was a pause of silence.

"... Sure."

Francis' P.O.V.

Ah.. Antonio is so cute when he is sleeping, no? I also wonder what is going to happen between Gilbert and (y/n). Eh, we will have to wait for le future, no?

France and Spain