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Why is Russia the Italy of the Allies?

wewe know... here, Russia is the happy, smiley, nice guy among the Allies like Italy! Actually, in real life, I do believe Russia was the one with the (biggest) grudge against America, not England. That's the reason they formed the Cold War soon after World War II! So why is England the one with the grudge against America and Russia is like "I like watching this hot anger from the sidelines, it's entertaining?"
I don't think so because Russia can be all yandere where all Italy can do is wave a white flag XD I think England does hold a grudge, any usuk shabiki girl will tell wewe different. People with grudges can help each other in great times if need but when that time is over it goes back to old ways.
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i don't get why usuk is popular... there just brothers/son and dad nothing special
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Hetalia Majibu

USUKfangirl said:
I don't think he has a grudge against America.I think it is because of the pain of the Revolution and it upsets him every time it gets brought up, as seen in episode 26 during the bar scene. England and America have a deep respect for each other and have been through thick and thin together(A.K.A The Blitz:7 September 1940 and 10 May 1941 where Germany dropped bombs on Britain and Northern Ireland and America was still neutral but helped him through it.) The main reason why there's tensions between Russia and America is because of the government and how they both ran it. Russia had a communist government and America, Britain,France, and everyone else in western Europe had a democratic government and were against communism, thus the Cold War. Sorry for going all history major on you.
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