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< Hetalia Facts >

The chanzo for these information’s are from:

- I (me: Sadaf) just edited some of them. Enjoy~* :-)) and one zaidi thing I am uploading this makala again because I deleted my other account (that is under the name fadas) and I wanted to have my makala in this new account of mine... okay now back to the Hetalia Facts ~*

1. The opening theme for Hetalia is the theme from ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’.

2. Old Man Fritz was actually a King of Prussia. His rea name was Fredrick ll. He was known as ‘Fredrick the...
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posted by QTpie470
So, found this Hetalia, personality test somewhere I can't remember. Well let's get started!
~~~:::North Italy (Feliciano Vargas):::~~~

[] wewe were bullied a lot in your childhood
[x] wewe adore pasta, pizza, cheese, and fruit.
[] You're very happy-go-lucky
[] wewe constantly have a dozy look on your face as if you're always away with the vichimbakazi
[x] wewe have a long curly strand of hair that always tends to stick up
[] You're a good artist
[x] wewe can be clumsy
[] wewe have a friend wewe always depend upon if wewe mess up something
[x] If your life was in danger, wewe would do the typical Italian...
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China padded into the pango where all the other nations helped bring Japan to and dropped his gifts at his paws stirring Japan from his nap. "Are wewe feeling better and getting stronger aru?" China meowed laying down inayofuata to his brother "yes...i'm getting stronger thanks to arr of the nations support" Japan meowed weakly, lifting his head up and licking China on his ear before he nestled his head into China's chest fur.
China began to purr to tey to lull his brother to sleep "by the way brother what I brought wewe was a
few rare herbs that make good herbal chai that can
bring strengh to you. so may...
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