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 Ashley's 23rd Birthday Party
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Ashley's 23rd Birthday Party
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High School Musical
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This High School Musical picha contains hifadhi ya benchi and benchi ya hifadhi.

This video is a MADtv parody of the High School Musical. enjoy!
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The inayofuata morning... Via wakes up wearing this: link

Via: (went to her coffee table)

When she sat on the coffee meza, jedwali a feet away from her bed, she saw a hot coffee and a note: link

Via: (smiles and drinks the coffee)

She hears a knock...
Via: Come in!
Eleanor: (gets in) Good morning!
Via: Good morning!
El: (sees the note) Woah! New admirer? (giggles) wewe think Zayn's the one who-
Via: (interrupted) El, stop it. He doesn't upendo me anymore.
El: Oh, well. Harry's downstairs and it think.. he's the one who gave that note. (giggles)
Via: (smiling) He's downstairs?
El: Yep!
Via: (goes to her dressing meza, jedwali and...
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Zayn: I'm giving up.
Via: (thinks: Zayn, please don't.) Giving up on what? (pretends that she has no clue on what he was talking about)
Zayn: This. Us.
Via: Why? I thought wewe upendo me. (teary eyes) I thought wewe will fight for me... I thought wewe upendo me.
Zayn: No. My father would disinherit me if I continue to be with you. We're over. I'm sorry (leaves)
Via: (tears streaming down her face)
Harry: (inside the car and sees her crying. he gets out of the car and runs to her) It'll be okay, Via.
Via: No! It's not okay!
Harry: Come. I'll take wewe home. (leads her to the car)
Via: (gets isnide the car)
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