There are a lot of nyumbani Alone Stories and Novels (yes NOVELS!) about Harry and Marv and the McCallisters, they can be found here:


There are several full length novels as well as short stories.

Some are future based fics set many years after nyumbani Alone 2.

They have dfferent ratings, some are general, some are T and a few are also M rated.

There aresomethng ike 20 stories listed on shabiki Fiction,.net and a lot of them are well worth reading.

It seems there are quite a few nyumbani Alone shabiki Fic writers out there, the stories on the website are aimed mainly at adults not kids, and the stories are good quality written kwa mashabiki who upendo to write and the stories are well worth a look!

I know because I'm a big shabiki of nyumbani Alone and I started kusoma a book on there and I was totally hooked!