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Answer: mr. swag! ^^
Answer: my baby in a grey suit
Answer: Wilson Bethel!
Answer: My hottie in a scene from "Pandora" <333
Answer: Kellan Lutz looking ABS-olutely hot in a gladiator...
Answer: Matt Bomer, (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Begin...
Answer: I upendo Hugh!!!!!
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Answer: Seann William Scott as "Stifler" in American pie 2
Answer: cheekbone-attack
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: Brooke Nevin catches Matthew dressed as a ballerina...
Answer: Can wewe get zaidi beautiful?
Answer: Alex, so sexy
Answer: my baby looking sooo hot in both pics<3
Answer: too bad the TV is broken
Answer: As a True Believer I can only post Cult XD
Answer: My Yumster!!!! :P
Answer: pouty face downey ^^
Answer: gorgeous Marie fixing Rob's tie
Answer: Taylor :) If u don't think its blue i can change
Answer: upendo his nukuu *-*
Answer: John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness on the phon...
Answer: HOT!
Answer: hugh dancy :) looking smart & sophisticated. &fanta...
Answer: cast from the film american beauty
Answer: RDJude
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Answer: *.* RDJude
Answer: huh? :/
Answer: I jus' wanna give him a hugs now.
Answer: Downey loves doing that ^^
Answer: RDJ and his highly visible tie xD
Answer: Elijah Wood
Answer: :'/// that makes me nearly cry too!
Answer: My beautiful man :)
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Answer: Elijah Wood
Answer: Robbie babe
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Answer: Rob Knepper kissing Marie Avgeropoulos
Answer: ben whishaw in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Answer: Yes! I upendo brendan!
Answer: I have none of my fav, but that's my 2nd fav Tony H...
Answer: upendo the style! :D
Answer: *.* dear man, wewe just can't do that all the time t...
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Answer: stunning human being <3
Answer: John Barrowman with fruity drinks ;)
Answer: Taylor underwater Its blue :)
Answer: My sekunde inayopendelewa Jensen I upendo him too :)
Answer: I like his character on Skins season 1. His stalker...
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Answer: My honey Taylor :)
Answer: the eyes are so stunning here
Answer: can't decide for only one <33
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Answer: my upendo <3
Answer: I upendo this one: my karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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Answer: arrrr Pirate Downey^^
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Answer: josh hartnett. it's not on too prettily lol, but I...
Answer: so beautiful
Answer: Here :)
Answer: wish that was me he was being naughty with<3
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Answer: Jensen Ackles in "Devour" I forgot what scene it is...
Answer: my baby(in the bottom pic)pointing to the crowd at...
Answer: Carnivàle meets Supernatural
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Answer: sweet Tony
Answer: my baby with his beautiful blue eyes looking up at...
Answer: Holmes to gladstone ^^
Answer: there is my confused hottie <33
Answer: Knepper and a ball
Answer: ...
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Answer: swagga on the carpet ^^
Answer: Well, there wewe go: hair under his armpits XD Knep...
Answer: Mario and his wife
Answer: Matthew in kitanda (waiting for me) Hehehe!! wewe bette...
Answer: shhh it's a camera^^
Answer: my baby,with Kristen Stewart,in a scene from BD 2 i...
Answer: exactly ^^
Answer: My hottie leaning mbele <333
Answer: my sweet Sakis
Answer: my taylor :)
Answer: my baby looking over his shoulder.Don't worry baby,...
Answer: black n white :))
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Answer: this is one of my fave pics of my fave couple Rober...
Answer: Matt & his brother, Andy who's wearing glasses. :)
Answer: Matt Smith <3
Answer: Kinda bila mpangilio but Taylor with a blue rubber bata
Answer: my beautiful baby <3
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Answer: oh yeah.