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posted by Soccerpersonz10
Read Chapters 1 and 2 before. Might not make sense otherwise.

Wilson slammed the door as he left the apartment, seething with hidden anger.

All he ever does is wait for me to save him. One voice alisema in his head.

"He needs the pills." Wilson alisema aloud.

Doesn't always need them from you. He's got a whole department of young doctors waiting to kiss his ass, and Cuddy.

"She wouldn't give him Vicodin. I had to pull strings just for me to give him Oxy."

Just leave him

"I-I can't." Wilson alisema adamantly. "I can't, he needs me." And with that he blocked out the vioce in his head and strode out to the...
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posted by Irene3691
Some months go kwa and Lisa is huge. She is eight months pregnant and her belly now is really, really big. One morning they wake up. She doesn't have to go to work and House has taken a few days off to take care of her.
He opens his eyes and yawns. ‘Hey... how are you?’
‘I feel good. Like last days, about to explode.’ She chuckles. ‘No, seriously, I'm good. And how are you?’
‘I'm fine... anxious to see our son's face...’
‘We just have to wait a couple of weeks for that.’
House smiles at her. ‘I upendo you...’
They are still lying on kitanda and she holds his hand. ‘I upendo wewe too.’...
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posted by ToEkNeE
House got out of kitanda after the longest of the nights. He had barely slept a wink after a full night, tossing and turning in the cotton sheets beneath him. He stumbled out of bed, landing on the floor. The pain in his leg ached. And so did his hand. He attempted to stand up, getting on his feet making his way to the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror and slid his hand across his face. His beard faded all the way up to his hair, fading into stubble. He checked his eyes to see if his vicodin had finally shot his liver, as he did every morning.
Cuddy's eyes shot open. A screaming Rachel...
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House spun around in Wilson's chair, fingers together with his cane lying on Wilson's desk. He waited with a sinister smile hanging across his face. Suddenly Cuddy walked in.
"Where's Wilson?"
"And wewe are...?"
"What happened to the patient I gave wewe this morning?"
"Team is running tests. It won't be long before they start looking for me and I get to tell them taking the tests were a waste of time because he has the terrifying but subtle, flu."
"Yeah, right. And the choice of Wilson's office?"
"Nothing. Well, I knew wewe were coming here."
Cuddy recognized the sinister smile on...
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added by lilou0803
Huddy/Hilson. Very very sad video-fiction
house md
house fanfic
posted by LisaLover
“Oh shut up already! wewe give me what I want wewe I give wewe what wewe want, deal? Just finish what you’ve started.”

“Deal” the devilish smile appeared on his face as he moved his way back ton the juu of her.

He kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth again and again, taking off her bra and threw it behind himself inayofuata to his shirt. He caught Cuddy kwa her waist and lift her one step higher as his face was now on the level of her breasts. He kissed her chest and started to unzip his pants.

“Do wewe wanna make upendo to me?” he asked placing small kisses on her on her stomach.

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posted by HuddyBrave
here is the inayofuata chapter...Some spoliers....hope wewe like it....Its in Cuddys POV. :]

Chapter 2
The Explanation

“Oh sorry Cuddy…..House I got your page.” Wilson alisema recovering.
“ House….” I alisema gritting my teeth.
“ Wilson pay up.” House alisema cutting me off.
“ House I have a reputation I would like to keep.”
“ Well, Ill just leave now.” Wilson alisema turning pink, and backing away.
“ Ok Ill come with you.” House alisema walking away. He was so fast I didn’t have time to protest.
Now zaidi than 20 dakika late for Clinic I started doing my hours,...
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posted by HuddyBrave
This is my first fanfic so tell me what wewe think and what i can improve on. if the characters need fixing tell me what to do. hope i can do justice to all the other fanfics!

Chapter 1:
The Kiss

When I woke up this morning everything was as usual. There was a sense of familiarity in the air…. Something was different but, I couldn’t figure out what.
I gowned as my alarm clock beeped loudly in my ear. When I got up and looked in the mirror my hair was sticking up everywhere and for a reason beyond me I was smiling. I had no idea why but I didn’t have time to dwell...
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posted by LisaLover
„What are wewe doing” she asked a bit annoyed than surprised au scared.

“I tried my best to act like wewe would like me to and once I actually act like me and wewe run away?” he turned her to face him and pulled her to him. “You can’t always believe that one siku I will change….”

“We both know wewe will never change, House…”

“So what’s your point?” he looked at her suspiciously.

“And what’s yours?”

“Oh, wewe know mine…” he put his hand on her back and pulled her closer that he could felt her moyo beating near his. He tried to kiss her but she turned her head...
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So here is Chapter 4 I know its short I’m sorry I just really couldn’t get in the groove and honestly I really don’t like it.. I actually rewrote it 5 different times and it still hasn’t come out the way I really wanted it to, so I’m sorry if it sucks and thanks for reading! =) O and I’ve grown to upendo 5x24 because we saw the feeling House has for Cuddy =) and that made me happy! Moving on here is chapter 4


As House walked down the hall he continued to hear the whimpers and laughter...
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posted by LisaLover
It was 7 PM. Cuddy fastened her mkufu in front of the mirror, she Heard someone’s knocking to the door. She took her mfuko wa fedha, mfuko from the meza, jedwali and went to open. As she expected it was House. He was dressed like always, this time in his motor jacket, kofia, chapeo in the left and cane in the right hand. He checked her out from her feet to the head and smirked. She always looked like 5 million bucks but this time she applied to look better if that’s even possible. She remembered his words about plunging necklines and short skirts and she knew he wasn’t joking, so she wore her new skirt, same length...
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posted by housecuddy4ever
I completely forgot about this fanfic.*facepalm*
But I decided to post the first chapter her :)


It was a cold wintery day.The snow was falling slowly to the ground.The sun hasn't come up yet.The wind was blowing the snowflakes around.Lisa Cuddy awoke from her deep sleep.She reached for her lamp.The light came on and was bright.Lisa held her hand infront of her face.She got up and put on her mizeituni, mzeituni green robe.She turned around and walked toward her bathroom.As she walked toward the bathroom and stopped in the hallway.A kuoga could be heard."Who the hell is in my bathroom?" Lisa alisema in a...
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Chapter 11: upendo ‘til wewe feel it

Kutner had a situation. He was pretty sure he loved Thirteen. He’d thought it through, analyzed his feelings, and he was pretty sure he did.
He knew he personality, that she always wanted to handle things on her own and didn’t let anyone in on her emotions. It was part of her personality and part of what he loved about her, but he had to admit, sometimes her reluctance to open up was a little disheartening.
He knew, no matter how much she denied it, she had to have trust issues. It had to stem from something...
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The surgery went off without a hitch and they both recovered wonderfully. One siku after the surgery Wilson went in to visit Cuddy and she asked him if he would wheel her down the hall to see House, he was out of the clean room, his immune system no longer needed to be suppressed. It wasn’t attacking the liver, he took her down the hall and left her there with House alone.

“Hey stranger” she alisema as she wheeled up to his bed

“Hey you”

They were about to start talking about “it” when Chase walked in “Hey what are wewe doing in here?”

“Just visiting a friend,...
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posted by TVMind
Cuddy had aliyopewa House the address and directed his driving the whole way there. Usually he would have made snide remarks about her passenger kiti, kiti cha driving, but he knew she was worried. He also knew that she had reason to be worried, and just stayed quiet, letting her direct him. He pulled up to the building and they got out, going up to the fourth floor.

As they came to a stop, and started whispering about what to do, outside Genny’s large sliding door they hear strange noises. They stopped whispering to each other and listened zaidi closely. When they didn’t hear anything, House spoke up,...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
Gregory House passed away on a rainy September afternoon after falling asleep on the kitanda and not waking up again; he'd been sighted limping through the corridors of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital for eleven years, and now the steady thud of his trusty cane would never haunt another man again.

The good news? It wasn't liver-failure, a drug overdose, a moyo attack, a bike accident, a gunshot... it was life.

Wilson, who kwa then had found another girlfriend and had moved in with her, found him. He called 911 and vaguely heard an EMT call time of death as his world spun around him...
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posted by TVMind
Cuddy was still in shock as she stood staring at the door that had just been literally slammed shut in her face. As her brain caught up to her body, she decided she should probably go back to the hospital. She wanted to see if she could find some kind of help for Genny. As she was driving back, Cuddy did the math in her head. The majibu Genny had aliyopewa would make her twenty two today, not twenty five.

Cuddy was almost certain she had found her daughter, and was determined to help Genny, even if it turned out she wasn’t. She would have to wait until Genny would talk to her again to get consent...
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sekunde chapter to make up for the wait

Chapter 10: So live like wewe mean it

“How’s your arm?” Kutner asked as he walking in the door to the conference room on Saturday morning.
Laser tag had been fun, and Thirteen had had no problem keeping up, until an over excited parent who wasn’t looking where he was going had run into her, knocking her into the corner of a barrier.
“I told you, it’s just bruised,” Thirteen said, rubbing her shoulder in spite of herself.
“Yeah, which is why wewe could hardly hold your taser...
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for my soon to come fanfic :) House falls into coma and is about to die, when DEATH himself appears and offers Cuddy and Wilson to play a game for House's life. They have to pass several dangerous "tests" to save their friend...
house md
i'll take the rain
posted by MonkeysRule
Chirp, chirp. wewe could hear the birds imba their early morning song. Anne was lying in a bed. She couldn’t make out what happened the night before. The last thing she could remember was finally seeing Dr. Gregory House, and then blank.
Anne moaned and groaned as she began to wake. Trying not to let in too much light, she opened her eyes slowly. As her eyes began to settle she thought she was back at nyumbani in her comfortable bed, until she heard an unfamiliar voice enter the room.
“Hey, looks like someone’s finally awake.” Anne recognized the voice of Dr. Cuddy.
Still confused,...
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