For those that missed it on tumblr/twitter/LJ - here are the gift details:

Lisa LOVES cookbooks. I’ll be compiling vegetarian/vegan recipes from her mashabiki all around the world and having them published into a book.

It WILL get to the Huddy Queen :) I have "her people's" address.

So dig into your family cookbooks au browse around online and find your inayopendelewa recipe. Make sure to include your name and country. For US residents, I’d upendo to include states for all those comfortable with it.

Here is our current participant tally (please note that this is a tally of just the emails - if zaidi than one person contributed to the same recipe au one person sent zaidi than one, I didn't include that in these numbers - but will in the book itself)

Argentina - 1
Belarus - 1
Belgium - 3
Brazil - 4
Bulgaria - 2
Canada - 1
France - 6
Germany - 1
Hungary - 1
Philippines - 1
Poland - 2
Portugal - 1
Spain - 1
USA - 9
Unknown :) - 1

This is a GREAT start but still leaves alot of countries unaccounted for :) Let's really onyesha Lisa how wide spread her fanbase is!

For those still trying to figure out a recipe, here's the most I've found on Lisa's dietary lines:

"I do eat dairy a bit. I’m not a perfect vegan kwa any stretch of the imagination, but I am vegetarian. Politically, I agree with veganism. I mean, nobody dies making milk, but the dairy industry has some very cruel practices. Trying to minimize the amount of cruelty wewe participate in, I think, is healthy for anybody to do. And it doesn’t mean wewe have to be perfect. But I think making the effort makes a difference. Making different choices, even a couple of days a week, makes a difference."

So please don't let it stop wewe from participating. She may not make all the dishes in the book, but I think seeing how many people contributed would be touching. And she can alter dishes if need be. As cliche as it sounds..its the thought that counts :-) And it can be entree, appetizer, snack food, dessert, etc.

As for photos, these aren't mandatory kwa any means. Just want to ensure everyone knows they're an option. So far, this is my fave (edited to hide identity) . While personal picha are accepted, I'd upendo for them to be cooking related (to better work with the theme of the book). Most people have sent in picha of their food...them with their chakula au them just having fun in the kitchen. These are going to look great in the book! If you're sending a picha - please send it as a separate jpg file so I can resize & crop if needed.

There is still time to get me your info. Send your recipes/photos to kwa April 15th. This will give me time to create the book, have it printed and mail it to California. Please include ‘cookbook’ ‘Lisa’s B-day’ au something like that in the subject line. If wewe want to participate but can't meet tomorrow's deadline, please send me an barua pepe to let me know. I want this to be as amazing as possible for the Huddy Queen & include as many mashabiki as possible. But I need to know to wait for wewe and I need to know how many pages it will be so I can find the right printing company to meet the book's needs.

Also, please check your barua pepe the weekend of April 23rd. I will send confirmations to everyone that I have gotten recipes from that I have put them in the book. If wewe have sent me something, but don’t get a confirmation message, please let me know. I don’t want to leave anyone out.

If wewe have any maswali please let me know - On twitter @LisaEHuddyfan au via barua pepe (this is also my paypal address for those wanting to help pay for the project).

I have no clue what the final product is going to run me. The zaidi donations I have, the zaidi upgrades I'll be able to do though. My tentative plan is that if I get zaidi donations than the total cost of the gift, I'll donate the balance to one of Lisa's inayopendelewa charities and let her know that its a sekunde gift from her fans. If wewe make a donation and are not ok with this, please let me know so I can refund your money if we have zaidi than needed.

Please spread the word to as many Lisa E mashabiki in as many countries as wewe can.

Thank wewe guys for the support on this project! It was an idea that I'd been tossing around in my head for a little while. I'd BRIEFLY tried the vegan diet & found a few very yummy recipes that I thought Lisa would love. So, I'd been thinking about doing a shabiki cookbook for her, but didn't know that I'd have many other contributions, so I kept putting it off. But I got a DM from @AlienMarnic suggesting it for a birthday gift..and that was all the incentive I needed. The rest is history :-) Thanks for pushing me!