Thought the Huddy breakup was devastating? That was nothing compared to today's moyo break. @LisaEdelstein will not be returning for season 8.

I, just like many of you, am in shock. While I knew something was coming, I hadn't really let myself believe it. But today, the harsh reality has hit us. If wewe turn on House MD inayofuata season, Lisa Edelstein will not appear. While I upendo the cast/crew, the onyesha will not be the same without LE. She is the moyo of the onyesha & there is no one that can fill the void that her departure will create.

That being said, our voices must be heard. I am creating a "Protest" video. TPTB must realize how deeply this has been felt kwa the shabiki community and the impact that this will create on rating inayofuata season.

What I need from all of you: put House on the TV (rerun au DVD, doesn't matter to me) & record yourself turning the TV off. I will take all of these video & compile them into one. Please get it to me kwa this weekend. If there is even a little hope for our voices to be heard, we have to act quickly on this. I'd ideally like to post the video on Monday...the siku of the finale. Because if Lisa doesn't return, it will be the last episode of House that many of us watch.

wewe can send your video to my barua pepe .

Also - please spread the word! We need as many contributions as we can get.

On another note - the cookbook is coming along wonderfully. I really hope Lisa loves it. If wewe still want to contribute with a recipe au with $ to cover the cost au to go into the donation to Best Friends, please barua pepe me.

Thank you!

Peace, upendo & Lisa E