House fans, do NOT give up because it is NOT over. Lisa Edelstein may have issued a statement, but TPTB at House and the executives at fox, mbweha Broadcasting and NBC Universal have not ametoa maoni on au confirmed her departure. Though we don't know the details of her exit, it doesn't matter. What matters is that we emphasize a mistake has been made and pressure Fox/NBCU to renegotiate. What matters is that Lisa alisema she was "disappointed," and leading up to the renewal of the onyesha itself she was quoted (by Ausiello) as looking mbele to season 8. Just because she's leaving doesn't mean she wants to leave, so we need to GET HER BACK.

Viewers need to let the executives at fox, mbweha Broadcasting and NBC Universal know how MUCH letting Lisa go will affect them. These are the people who are making the decisions about Lisa's contract. They need to know it will hit their bottom line; people won't watch and ratings will drop. Viewers need to call/email to complain and protest. We need to let them know Lisa Edelstein is an integral part of the onyesha and concluding the series without her will have dire consequences.

Contact info:

Kevin Reilly, Entertainment President, fox, mbweha Broadcasting Company
Phone: (310) 369-3066


Kathy Kelly-Brown, Senior Vice President, Media Relations

***UPDATED*** As everyone knows, on Monday May 23, 2011 the season finale of House airs. This is when we make our biggest move: We need to make Lisa Edelstein a trending topic. She trended WORLDWIDE, just her name: LISA EDELSTEIN, the siku her statement was released. She can trend again. Especially the night of the finale since it's "supposed" to be her last episode. People in general will likely be mentioning her again on twitter (for whatever reason), so it increases our chances of trending if we make sure to tweet HER NAME. So on Monday viewers need to mobilize and make HER NAME a trending topic.


wewe can say anything wewe like, perhaps "there's no season 8 without Lisa Edelstein" au "House needs Lisa Edelstein". Just be sure to include her name in the message since it is zaidi commonly used. Additionally, we need to tweet:


People all over the world may be mentioning just her name, but that hashtag is a unified message which makes our point clear: #WeSupportLisaE

Also, it's a good idea to get the ball rolling AHEAD of the finale (8/7 PM est/cst time), so we have some momentum going kwa the time it airs. The idea is to to have as many people tweeting and retweeting during the onyesha to grab attention. So start tweeting now in preparation for "the big show." Get the word out to tweet Lisa Edelstein and #WeSupportLisaE for the finale. It's critical that everyone knows where the viewers stand. Knows HOW MANY of us feel this way, and know it during Lisa's potential last episode (especially @FOXBroadcasting, @HouseonFox and @GregYaitanes). Lisa Edelstein has trended before and we can do it again!!


TWEET Lisa Edelstein and #WeSupportLisaE

wewe can read zaidi here and find other people who are participating on twitter:


and sign these petitions!



And of course share with your friends/followers etc and retweet! We can get Lisa back!