Okay so I’m not quite sure what this is, but I wanted to get this out and tell wewe guys it because you’re the community I’ve been with since the start of my obsession with House MD, and I guess it’s only fitting you’re there for the end.
Yes this is another makala about the departure of Lisa Edelstein from the show, yes this can be interpreted as a negative article, but I don’t really want that to be the message that is taken away from this article. Yes I’m not happy about what has happened au the way in which the finale was handled but I’ve loved House MD for a very long time now and I will always recognize it as one of the best shows to have graced TV. I wouldn’t be feeling his amount of bitterness au sadness if I hadn’t been truly affected and moved kwa the show. So here we go:

Before we begin, I understand that the Cuddy is not the focus of the show, and I also understand that the onyesha will and can go on without her. I also understand that for a chunk of the mashabiki out there, they will celebrate a Cuddy-less season, and I respect their opinions. Not only that but I do not blame anyone for what has happened (not the network, not David pwani and certainly not Lisa Edelstein), I’m merely expressing my frustration and sadness with the situation.
BUT I think that most mashabiki will agree with me when I say that loosing Lisa, while I’m heartbroken about that, isn’t the main chanzo of our moyo break. I just feel at this point so many of the beautiful story lines they’ve constructed in the past are falling apart all around them. I'm not sure I can even go back and watch older episodes because I know I'll watch them and go, "well this is all leading up to absolute nothing and misery". So I think I'm the most upset about the fact that I feel like this onyesha has imploded and left me with just a sad feeling of what could have been.

A lot of what House MD is based on is that House is a reckless doctor who goes to any means to save his patient/ solve the puzzle even if that means losing his job and alienating those around him. In order for that characterization to become apparent a boss-employee relationship had to be established so that the viewers could see just how against rules and eccentric a person House could really be. Without the very strong foil of a dean of medicine the full ‘mad genius’/hatred of authority archetype for House could not be established. Where the creative team could have made Cuddy a demanding, fire-breathing harpy who would be a flat, cliché character who always told House no, they developed Cuddy’s character into one that empathizes with patients and sees the value in what House does to save them. She was portrayed as constantly struggling to walk the fine line between keeping House in check and following the rules and giving him as much “slack on the rope” as possible so that he could do his job. Because of the complexity they created in Cuddy’s character, the creative team has made Cuddy be the only person who could keep House “in check” and have referenced that in the onyesha on a number of occasions. So when the new PR campaign recently came out about “who do wewe think House’s new boss is going to be” came out I bristled strongly to it. While a new cast member is always fun, a new boss, at least to me seems ridiculous. The ORIGINAL WHOLE POINT about Cuddy’s character was that she made to be a one of a kind character. She wasn’t supposed to be replaceable because PPTH was the only place that House could keep a job. I understand that House MD is now in a rut and they do really need a new dean of medicine, and I certainly don’t condemn them for this at all because unless House MD is taken away from the hospital setting this season, there has to be a new boss at PPTH. But I can’t help but be frustrated kwa this development because it’s not only Cuddy leaving the onyesha but now the integrity of the past uandishi is at risk. kwa having Cuddy replaced they are essentially removing the validity of any sort of storyline in the past that involved Cuddy being the only person to be able to knock sense into House professionally.

While everyone has mixed opinions about House and Cuddy’s relationship, I think that most people can agree that the ‘Huddy’ relationship was a very large and important part of the show. Where I would never characterize myself as someone who only watched the onyesha for those two, I will admit to their relationship being my inayopendelewa part of the show. The writers had created this wonderful couple that carefully balanced fun, sexual tension, angst, problems and metaphors etc. Their relationship lead to some of the most amazing work this onyesha has done, “The Itch” and the exploding dream, “Under my Skin”/”Both Sides Now” etc. There was just something I found so beautiful with how their story was told and now I’m frustrated because of how the season finale left them. I empathize in a way with the writers because it seems as though they were not aware that Lisa Edelstein was not going to return when they wrote this episode. I believe they originally wrote this episode to get through to the viewers that House and Cuddy’s romantic relationship was over and they had planned to have a very serious strain put on whatever type of relationship they had once the new season had started again, but I believe they had planned on “fixing” the relationship somehow. But now it seems that this is the end of the ship I have hardcore shipped for 7 years. The last scene I may have ever got of them was House returning Cuddy’s hairbrush to her after ramming a car through her house. I now feel as though every interaction they’ve ever had has now come down to absolute nothing. There was no closure, no feeling of completeness, just a feeling of emptiness as I’ve realized that I can’t go back and watch past episodes and have the same happy shipping feelings because I’m just going to be sitting there thinking, “he’s going to end up driving a car through her house….he’s a sociopath and doesn’t deserve her”. If these are truly the last interactions I’ll ever get between my inayopendelewa romantic pairing on TV ever, then I’m incredibly uchungu, chungu because my ship has been completely and utterly sunk for not just the future, but the past as well.

The last problem I have is how they are going to end the character of Cuddy. Again, I blame no-one and it is just an unfortunate series of events, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s going to suck. “Moving On” was Lisa Edelstein’s last episode, which means that Cuddy will no longer be a character even shown in House MD. I expect we will get one line as to what has happened to Cuddy which will involve Wilson being angry with House and telling him that Cuddy has moved away to a different state and has got a new job at new hospital etc. I just can’t kubeba that being the end of her character. Dr. Lisa Cuddy had grown into the show’s leading lady. She was essential to the show’s storyline as not only the boss and upendo interest to House, but was also one of the few characters that really gave us insight into how House’s mind works. She’s been the in the center of, and even at times the focus of almost every hallucination the onyesha has had and has been a cause for change in House, whether good au bad, many times (“No Reason”/”Meaning”, “Words and Deeds”, “Both Sides Now”, Season 6 in general, “Bombshells” and even “Moving On”). Not only in regards to House, but Cuddy represented a strong, successful, independent woman. She was the Dean of Medicine, in charge of everyone who was shown to be able to “play with the big boys”, never afraid to keep others in check and was damn good at her job. She was one of the better representations of women on this show, and was a character many women could either empathize with au aspire to be. Her character has inspired girls around the world: link and Lisa Edelstein’s shabiki base is one of the most supportive that I’ve seen in all my time in fandom. What makes me sad is that this wonderful character that has been created, one that I’ve loved for 7 years now, is going to be thrown to the side and probably never talked about again because of unfortunate uandishi and contract negotiations. I fear there will never be closure on Cuddy’s character. I’m afraid all that she will remain as will be just an ex-boss who House bonked once. kwa replacing her in the onyesha with a new boss (which will have to be female because honestly we’ve only got Olivia Wilde now who won’t even be in this season that much as it is because of her movie career), and probably giving House some sort of new upendo interest, everything that Cuddy had brought the onyesha will be wiped out in a number episodes, the significance of her character and brilliant way she was written and portrayed will be gone forever. My biggest hope right now is that Lisa Edelstein will agree to do 1 au 2 episodes inayofuata season, so that the writers can bring Cuddy back and finish her character properly, giving mashabiki of the onyesha zaidi closure on a character that was perhaps the most important female character on the show.

But I want to finish this article/rant on a positive note. While I may be losing my faith with House MD as of now and probably won’t tune in to House inayofuata season, I have loved every moment of being a part of this fandom and being with House for the 7 years it’s been running. It was amazing, the writing, the uigizaji and the Marafiki I have made here. Even if this onyesha completely de-rails and destroys what’s left of the onyesha for me, I will always have the memories that I have made while watching it. Never has any form of entertainment made me feel so much. I have never been so moved kwa characters and never been so fascinating with the underlying messages, metaphors, symbols and meanings of each episode. I still get chills watching “Three Stories”, I remember holding my breath when House sliced through a patient in a hallucination in “No Reason”, I remember cheering for Cuddy when she perjured herself in court therefore ending the Tritter arc in “Words and Deeds”, I remember being awed when House touched the baby’s hand in “Fetal Position”, sobbing when Amber died in “Wilson’s Heart”, Flailing with Marafiki over the House/Cuddy kiss in “Joy”, having that heavy feeling in my stomach in “Both Sides Now”, jumping up in the air and shouting in “Help Me”. This onyesha has been an amazing ride and while I feel uchungu, chungu and hurt now with what’s happened, I will always have those memories. So thank you, House MD. It’s been a good run.

Also for those of wewe who are excited for inayofuata season and disagree entirely with my article:
1) I give wewe thanks for taking the time to read this
2) I want to let wewe know that I’m truly happy for wewe and I hope that this onyesha continues to stay excellent for you, even if I’m probably saying goodbye.