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Why these people cannot get cut off..

> Cuddy- Lisa renewed her contract, Huddy sex, Her baby she just got this season, no reason to cut her off.

>House-....Kinda obvious why HOUSE can't get cut off the onyesha named HOUSE!!

> Wilson- He is supposed to get some romance, Robert renewed his contract, His brother kinda just got introduced, no reason to get cut off

>Chase- Jesse renewed his contract, him and cameron got a big role in season 6, no reason to cut him off he hasn't had any screen time lately

>Cameron- Jennifer renewed her contract, Her and Chase have a big role in season 6, no reason to cut her off.

>Thirteen- it says no one we would expect but ehh idk

>Kutner- why cut him off???

Taub - i really think it is him...

he is miserable, he is losing money which leads to suicide, he didn't renew his contract

Foreman- i have no clue about him but they can't since her renewed his contract also
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He's the fuzzy, (usually) red/gray,bouncy friend that they all can't keep their hands off of. The other half of the most powerful ship on the show...Hall-Y (House & Ball-Y). He's why the awards shows need a category for "Best Supporting Prop".
huddy video made kwa me
house md
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
New mediaset premium commercial aired in Italy With Eng-sub
Hugh Laurie
house md
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I'm so glad they didn't use this one as credits. I can see nothing but many houses and there's nothing ralated to the story. And I think the muziki is horrible, Teardrop is much better.
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Cuddy got up and walked to the restroom.
"Who is that." House mumbled under his breath.
Without thinking House accidentally spilled his water. Cuddy walks back from the restroom. Everyone is staring at House. The person to the left of them looks up.
"CUDDY?" They say in sequence.
"Yeah I'm fine thanks for asking." Cuddy and Stacy are still staring at each other. Cuddy looks down.
"well i could have helped u to the restroom if wewe just asked." She laughs a little then continues staring at Stacy. House dries himself off then looks up at Stacy.
"what are u doing here."
"what do u mean me doing...
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A/N: So this crazy idea came over with all the seasons’ finale and my need to appear in House LOL. It has a Mary Sue because it’s needed but it won’t focus in her au I don’t know if wewe have any ideas whom I might use from the series write it down… So basically it will focus in House and in his relationships but zaidi in Huddy as always. And I post it over Fanfiction. net too.

Disclaimer: I just soooo wish I could own House to make this story real LOL. But I don’t and well if any song appears I don’t own it either…So ramble is over, let’s get reading…

“We need a crash cart!”...
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To be sung to the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over kwa a Reindeer"

Greg House got run over kwa a reindeer
limpin' nyumbani from Cuddy's house krisimasi eve. Wink Wink
You can say there's no such thing as Santa.
But as for me and Wilson, we believe.

He'd been drinkin' too much vodka.
And Cuddy begged him not to go.
But he'd forgot his Vicodin,
and he staggered out the door into the snow.

When we found him krisimasi mornin,'
at the scene of the attack.
He had hoof prints on his forehead,
And incriminatin' Claus marks on his back.

Greg House got run over kwa a reindeer,
limpin' nyumbani from Cuddy's house Christmas...
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