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posted by HugeEgoSorry
House was having his daily session with another patient. Both of them were seated in front of the doctor and a counselor that will listen to their story of what is life to them now. They were allowed to tell anything they wanted and this what House hated the most. Opening up for him is a waste of time but since he’s a patient now, he has to abide kwa the rules set kwa his doctors. Pitt would often see him rolled his eyes whenever the other patient started crying because of the horrible memories that would drop kwa and bring tears.
Emma: I can’t have them… My children… It’s all I have but I can’t have them…
House: <to Emma and being arrogant> Yah… but saying “I can’t have them” again and again won’t bring them back…
Pitt: House…
House looked down and Emma continues to sob and tell her story before falling to a heavy cry. The counselor pulled her up and went out of the room with her leaving House and Pitt alone in the room.
Pitt: So, what’s your story? Do wewe want to be the man with the majibu au do wewe want to be the man with Cuddy?
House looked up to him. Pitt was smiling but he was horrified. Suddenly, he remembered his hallucination and he end up hiding it.
House: <whispery> Wilson?
Pitt: What?
House: <Shaking his head> Nothing…
Pitt: Gregory, is everything alright?
House: <stammered> Yes…
House gave a sighed as Pitt closed his file and leaned zaidi to the table.
Pitt: I already told you… I can’t help wewe if wewe are hiding something from me…
House tried to look away kwa looking outside but when Pitt called his name, he looked straight to his doctor’s eyes.
House: I called her Lisa…
Pitt gave a sighed and leaned back on his chair while playing with its rotation and his pen.
Pitt: It seems to me that your problem isn’t psychological anymore… It’s zaidi like… emotional…
House tried to scoff as Pitt stood up and pour bourbon into two empty shot glasses. He took the first and gave House the second. His patient looked at him as if questioning his actions.
House: I’m psychotic and wewe want me to jam, jamu in with you?
Pitt: <Took a sip and smiled> Haven’t I told wewe your problem isn’t psychological?
House: Oh…
They let their shot glasses click in the air before drinking some.
Pitt: Your problem… <pour another bourbon to their glasses> can’t be cured kwa marijuana, coma, au codin… This bourbon might kwa the way…
Both gentlemen laughed at the thought of how bourbon can make one admit his feelings.
Pitt: So <sat down at the edge of the sofa> tell me about this woman… <House scoffed> What made wewe like her? What made her a light in the midst of a stormy weather?
House: <scoffed> You’re not being ridiculous are you?
Pitt: <chuckled> No. ----- When did this started?
House placed his bourbon on the dawati and leaned back on the chair as Pitt looked at him. He looked away as he started his litany of emotion.
House: I don’t know. ----- If I knew when, I should have wrote it down. ------ It just came along… out of nowhere… I don’t even know if it hid under the sheets for years…
Pitt: <sighed> What’s with her?
House: Many things…
Pitt: <smiled> You’re blushing…
House looked at him and seemed pretty obvious that he blushed.
House: No I’m not…
House looked away and took a sip at his bourbon. Pitt took a sip too and smiled the moment he placed back his shot glass beside him.
Pitt: Wilson’s right. ---- You’re scared that Lisa is really is the only one. If it doesn’t work with her, maybe there’s no one else out there… But House, just cut this crap --- Go find your girl and try…
House looked at Pitt and sighed before taking another sip.

An saa later, House found himself seated with Daniel and some recovery patients in the cafeteria.
Daniel: <holding a tuna sandwich> They didn’t stuff this with pickles…
Jo: If I know what wewe mean Daniel!
Jo, Urhman and Bolt laughed hard enough for everyone in the room to hear. Daniel and House continued eating.
Urhman: Those doctors <took a bite from his tuna> thought my hyper drive was gone after they put me into coma!
Bolt: <Laughing> Really? They didn’t know that you’ll be screwing twice the women wewe did the last time wewe were out!
The three laughed again. Wilson and Cuddy apparently entered the cafeteria and they stood for awhile in the doorway as if looking for someone. House didn’t notice since his back was the one facing them. Urhman saw the two and look at Cuddy with lust in his eyes.
Urhman: Oh boy, I think I found the first one I’m going to lay down tonight.
Jo and Bolt looked at Cuddy’s way too.
Bolt: Yah… Looks pretty good too!
Jo: wewe think she’ll allow wewe do her?
Urhman: Hey, no one runs away from Urhman Stocks just like that.
Intrigued kwa who’s Urhman referring to, Daniel looked at Cuddy’s way too and raised his eyebrows the moment he saw her. He looked at House who was too busy eating to deal with the three.
Daniel: Girl’s here… With Wilson…
House looked at him and slowly bit his food. Urhman, Jo and Bolt happened to hear it and looked at House with stunned faces. They weren’t scared it was actually zaidi of an insult. He gave a quick glance at Wilson and Cuddy but didn’t mind to walk towards them before facing Daniel again. Urhman looked at his close Marafiki and smirk.
Urhman: He doesn’t mind. ---- But I think that man with his girl does… <Urhman’s referring to Wilson>
Jo: Yah, he seemed into her…
Bolt: Think they slept together?
Jo: Possibly au best, they really did!
The three burst into their huge laughter. Daniel looked at House who was hiding his temper.
Daniel: You’re letting them insult Lisa like that?
Bolt: Lisa? That’s her name?
Urhman: 50 bucks says I’ll be moaning her name tonight in my cell! With whip cream and cherries on top!
The three laughed again while House was already making a fist with hand on the table.
Daniel: <to the three jerks> stop it!
Bolt: Oh, so wewe hate it this time? That’s good since its better with only a threesome around!
The three laughed again. House was heavily breathing and his fist was already ready to attack and wreck faces. He closed his eyes, opened it again and stood up and held Urhman’s arm tightly. Daniel, Jo and Bolt were looking at him. Cuddy and Wilson saw this and were stunned like the three and the rest of the patients in the room.
Urhman: Get your hands off me.
Jo tried to attack House but he managed to get a softdrink bottle. He broke it in two, letting the bottom part drop in pieces on the floor as he held the other half. He pointed the broken bottle to Jo and held Urhman with the other hand and looked at Bolt.
Bolt: Oh, I’m not part of it, House…
House: <Looking furiously at Urhman> Don’t… dare… step… on my… turf
Cuddy: <whispery> House… ---- Wilson….
Wilson nodded and began to walk with Cuddy towards House. The moment they reach him, she held his chest as if telling him to stop.
Cuddy: C’mon… Let’s get wewe out of here…
House dropped the bottle and Urhman. Cuddy held his arm and began to guide him out of the room but he and the three were exchanging fierce glances. Wilson and Daniel followed the two on their way out.
Sorry for the wait, busy-busy-busy. This is part two of the fic. If wewe didn't catch the first, wewe can find it here, au on the Huddy Spot. Part three coming soon.

18 years ago

Hacy_Huddy Era - After college
Hacy - First three years
After college, House received a job offer at a hospital in New Jersey. Leaving abruptly and without notice, his parents, especially his father, were outraged. They had repeatedly called him asking about his whereabouts, but he just allowed them to make their phone calls and leave their voicemails. But after a few...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
kwa inayofuata day, Wilson burst in Pitt’s office and walked straight to the doctor’s bourbon table. Pitt looked at him as he poured liquid into two empty shot glasses with eyes bloodshot red from silent crying. The oncologist walked over to him and gave the other glass before taking his kiti, kiti cha and sipping from him scotch. Wilson wasn’t meeting Pitt’s gaze as he twirl his glass.
Pitt: Any reason to celebrate?
Wilson shook his head and stood up and walked a few steps away as he looked outside with both hands in his side pockets before giving a heavy sigh.
Wilson: I’m giving up…
Pitt as well...
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posted by lizzie22xo
The moon beat down on one of the foggy windows in his non-lit bedroom. The alarm clock beside his bed, showed 2:24 A.M., though, he was not in his bed. He wasn't watching porn on his computer, au passed out on the kitanda from watching the "The L Word." Actually he wasn't in his apartment at all. Instead he was of doing those things at this time at night, he did something else, on accident.
His cold, lifeless body lay there, in his cream colored chair in the corner of his office. The inayofuata siku had come, it was around 7 O'clock in the morning when Foreman had found his body.
"House?" He shook him...
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posted by peoplesuck
all right. Here goes nothing. These are the first ten pages of the prologue, which I am still typing. Please review, be honest. Thanks =)

The American Dream
July 24th, 2028

    There are two types of people in the world: Those who see the world as the mire of despair that it is and those who see it as they think it should be, perfect and full of love. Lisa Cuddy, sometimes known as Cuddy, was one of those hopeless optimists, disillusioned into thinking that if she tried hard enough she could make the world a better place. She was not naïve; she was well aware that...
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posted by Lisa_Huddy
Ever i started watching House, I noticed the chemistry between House and Cuddy. Their tiny arguments were extremly "flirtatious" and he always seemed to maoni on her outfit choice. From the start I knew I was a Huddy fan(even if I didn't know the shipper name WAS Huddy) and was constanly waiting for that kissed that happened in "Joy". Especialy in season four, the relationship definatly stared to grow and develop until that point, then BAM! it hits you.

In "Forever"(season two), the conversation about Cuddy not having cancer definatly had a huge impact on their relationship. wewe could tell...
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Murder in the Clinic
Chapter 4: A Little Bit of Questioning

Awaiting the test results of a patient House got that very morning, shortly after speaking to Cuddy about the current investigation, House sat at his desk, his eyes glued to a Bop It as its irritating sounds filled the room. Suddenly his office door opened to reveal two strangers, a stony faced, gray haired woman, and a younger quirky looking individual with a nervous look on his face.
    “Dr. House,” addresses the older woman. House continues playing his Bop It, the loud, obnoxious commands doubling to Grey’s...
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Ok so this is a fanfiction about House/ Wilson friendship and Huddy, but I'm not really sure.
English is not my first language so please be gentle if I make mistakes...
Btw I think it doesn't have sense..


"Damn Wilson, wewe won...."

Here they were, House and Wilson playing some kind of stupid game just because House was getting bored.


This smart punda decided to play a new game with Wilson, somehing like strip poker(well, not so much of poker, but I can't say the same thing about the strip part)just to make Wilson feel uncomfortable.If he won, Wilson had to give him 1000...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
This story is six acts and reads like a real episode of House. This story takes place after “Small Sacrifices.”

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own House. I asked Santa for him for krisimasi but was totally disappointed.

“Letting Go”
Act One


The weather was unseasonably warm. The high temperatures on krisimasi siku and New Year’s siku both broke local records and although it could never be described as balmy, the siku had turned out to be lovely. Margaret loved warm days. On those days she could go outside. On those days she could escape the prison that was her nyumbani and venture out into the...
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posted by Irene3691
In the morning Cuddy is in her office working. Fifteen dakika after than when he was supposed to be there, House gets in.
‘Wow it's your best mark.’ She looks at the time. ‘And you’re not complaining!
‘I've come here to complain!!’
‘Of course, I want to complain about the fact that wewe notify me that I don't complain!!’
Cuddy sighs. ‘I just wanted to know if this summer you're going to go on vacation and when, because I have to make new schedules.’
‘Of course. I'm going on holidays. I need a break!! When can I go and how long??’
‘You have three weeks off. But...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Within a week, Cate was emotionally tortured with House’s attitude towards her. She’s trying her best, as what had been advised kwa Pitt, but it seems to her that nothing is working. All her works were failure for House and only some were gratefully followed. In spite of her patient’s great performance in rehab and therapy, Cate on the other hand was the one who’s falling apart slowly and painfully.
One afternoon, the door slid open in House’s room and he silently entered. He went straight to his kitanda and took the edge of it as a kiti, kiti cha without looking at Cate who happened to be in the...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
As Cuddy drive out of Mayfield, House saw her in a distance. He’s with Daniel who was then throwing pebbles to the man-made lake inside Mayfield. Cuddy’s car got Daniel’s attention before he looked back at House who was as well looked at the vanishing vehicle.
Daniel: She’s leaving wewe behind again?
House: I want her to…
Daniel: You’re an idiot…
House looked at him as he picks up pebbles and throwing it again to the lake.
Daniel: When I was a patient of yours, I always thought you’re great. But now ---
House: Like I always said, we all have our limitations…
Daniel: I know but your...
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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: I’m in such a uandishi mood today sooo… Here’s chap 2 …I hope wewe like it… Plot twist watch out… And here is where the Mary Sue enters but you’ll like her I swear.. Oh and I got inspired in the song Just my Imagination kwa The Cranberries. It will appear in the last chap… So to the fic right?

“House, clinic duty now.” Cuddy alisema as she watched House sitting in his chair.

“God woman, wewe don’t even care that I almost die in a car accident two months ago.” House alisema not turning his eyes from his computer monitor.

“House. Clinic. Now!” Cuddy ordered. House turned...
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People have seem to have been getting confused so I thought I might clear this up. Danny=robber/bad guy. Its my fault wewe guys were confused.. I’m sorry. =) Anyway so I’m back with my inayofuata chapter because people again left me death threats. It gets dark and the rating is going to change just to be safe.
Btw am I the only one completely PISSED about tonight’s episode? I mean really COME ON! Sorry done ranting for the moment. Here is chapter 3.
    House spun around...
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    The team didn’t know what to do, no one wanted to follow him, nobody knew what to say and they really didn’t have a case, so they let him be.


House didn’t want to risk running into anybody else, but he was hungry, he had left without breakfast this morning and the hunger pains on juu of his leg was just too much. So despite his better judgment he headed to the cafeteria, he thought briefly about gluing the sunglasses to his head, but that wouldn’t work. He was going to have to do something about this sooner au later, zaidi likely sooner. And there...
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posted by kathleen951015
Hello! So anywhoooo, my spanish teacher had to take a maternity leave, and now I have a sub. HE IS SO MUCH LIKE HOUSE IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! Today, I entered the class late kwa maybe 5 seconds? I site down and he sits in his kiti, kiti cha and glares at me. I kind of shifted around and took out my homework, but then the guy stood up. he said, " Tu estupido?" To which I responded cleverly with, " wait, what?" He then started rambling off assorted things in spanish which I could no longer translate , (Sounded like he was swearing, lol) and then I looked at him and said, " I'm..uh.. sorry I'm late, I fell in the hallway..." He then said, "Maybe wewe should learn to walk and then wewe could get to your classes on time!" OH, kwa the way, his name is Dr.Hart.
Don't think I'll be late to spanish anymore.

(okay so in Health class one siku we had to write a story about a character in our inayopendelewa tv onyesha that started smoking and how the other characters react to it, this is definantly a crackfic and is definantly OOC, however, despite what wewe may believe, mine actually turned out to be one of the zaidi sane ones of the class, so anyway...enjoy!)

One day, at the marvelous Princeton Plainsborough Teaching Hospital, the infamous Dr. Gregory House, was, as always, sleeping undisturbed, in his office. All of a sudden, the door slams open, thus waking up House and Wilson walks in with the aroma of...
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