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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Wilson heavily swung Cuddy’s office door the inayofuata morning. It was already past ten in the morning but she wasn’t still there. He decided to sit down on the kitanda and write something on his post-it sticker before moving close to her dawati and sticking it on her computer screen. Just when he was about to leave, he noticed an machungwa, chungwa file on juu of the other folders. He picked it up since it wasn’t the ordinary red and blue file colors of PPTH. Indeed, he was right, it was from Mayfield and he gave a heavy sigh upon kusoma it.

Moments later, Cuddy was the one who went to see him in his office. She was handling him the patient file he was asking in his post-it sticker.
Wilson: wewe really think that I wouldn’t know?
Cuddy: Know what?
Wilson rolled his head in annoyance as Cuddy looked at him and thought that it was time to tell him since he will know anyway in a siku au so.
Cuddy: It’s my decision…
Wilson: This isn’t your call to make. I know you’re his medical proxy but House can still decide what he wanted to have and this isn’t one of it.
Cuddy: Right, but you’re the one who alisema he needs this rehab…
Wilson: I know but with House, and the rest of the universe as well, wants and needs are two different things.
Cuddy sat down on the chair across him.
Wilson: He knows he needs this… but he doesn’t want to…
Cuddy: If he fears being alone, James, I will be there…
Wilson looked at Cuddy whose eyes will soon be flooded with pity tears. Suddenly, House’s voice and orders came into his head.
House: I don't want wewe bringing Cuddy in here…
Wilson closed his eyes for awhile before looking at Cuddy.
Wilson: Are wewe sure about this?
Cuddy: Of course I’m…
Wilson: wewe don’t sound like one…
Cuddy stood up, disappointed with the idea that Wilson will agree with her but just when she’s about to leave the office, he called out her name.
Wilson: He will hate you…
Cuddy: I don’t care…
She totally walked out of the room and was too far to hear Wilson say...
Wilson: <whispery> Well, he does…

Right after work, Cuddy dropped kwa Pitt’s office in Mayfield before heading home. She was surprised to see Wilson came in first and both of them hide the feeling of uneasiness because of the argument they had that morning.
Wilson: Hey…
Cuddy: Hi…
Both of them were faking smiles as Cuddy held the machungwa, chungwa folder Wilson “hated” to see.
Pitt: You’ve seen House before wewe came in?
Cuddy: No… I walked straight here… I actually don’t need to stay too long…
Pitt: Oh…
Cuddy: Here wewe go…
Wilson looked at her as she walked towards Pitt and straightly gave him the file which the doctor immediately opened as House’s co-leagues exchanged looks.
Pitt: Are wewe ---
Cuddy: Yes…
Wilson: Lisa, running a whole hospital and a baby at nyumbani is already a hard job itself. Please, don’t tear yourself up… My god, you’re not superwoman to manage all these things…
Cuddy didn’t look at him and alisema in a flat and annoyed tone.
Cuddy: I’m okay… and I can do this… all at the same time…
Wilson sighed and Pitt closed the file after Cuddy hurriedly left the room.
Pitt: <Shook his head> House is going to kill her…
Wilson: I don’t know but I’m pretty sure, House will be hitting me first…
Pitt: James <Wilson looked at him> if wewe believe in God, start praying now…
Pitt stood up, held the file and walked to the door and stop before turning back at him.
Pitt: If House finds out about this… call it apocalypse…
Wilson made his annoyed nod while Pitt turned back and left the room.
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 11 

( Cuddy has been discharged and is back to her normal life....except for she is still pregnant.. One calm morning Cuddy was at her dawati signing some papers when House barged in.... )
Cuddy-what do wewe want now..
House-nothing...I just came in here to see my inayopendelewa boss..
Cuddy-go do some kind of work House....
House-I was wondering if we should songesha in together......
House-and I'm being serious.....
Cuddy-sure....I would upendo to...but doesn't Wilson live there too.
House-ya..but him and Liz are at the other end of the apartment....
Cuddy-okay...when will we...
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posted by Irene3691
In the morning, Lisa wakes up early and goes to the room where Greg is sleeping, he opens his eyes slowly and sees her. Cuddy lies on kitanda inayofuata to him. ‘How do wewe feel?’
‘Better. I haven't slept very well, though...’
‘Does your leg hurt less?’
‘It hurts the same... but my body's starting to feel better...’
She nods. ‘That’s good. I’m so proud of you.’
‘I haven't done anything yet... this is just the beginning... I could disappoint wewe tomorrow... I'm not as strong as wewe may think.’
‘I know how wewe are, I know that wewe can do this, and I know why you’re doing this.’...
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posted by Irene3691
Some days pass kwa and they have Endocrinology class, as usually, Greg is late.
‘Where have wewe been?’
‘Fell asleep.’
‘Hugged to my panties? au wewe went to kitanda late thinking an evil plan to screw with me?
‘Both of them!!!’ He sticks his tongue out at her and the teacher warns them.
‘…and Mr House and Miss Cuddy will do the assignment together. As wewe like so much chattering ...’ He smiles. ‘Every couple must hand in this assignment before the end of the week.’
‘Oh, God... why have wewe forsaken me?’ Says House.
‘This is not fun for me either...’
‘How can't this be fun,...
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posted by Irene3691
inayofuata morning Lisa gets up at lunch time and goes straight to have a shower, she doesn’t even know if he has come back yet and she doesn’t want to go to his room just in case they ended up at his bed. When she goes out of the bathroom, she bumps into him who is waiting near the door to have his shower.
‘Morning... well, afternoon.’
She doesn’t know what to say.
‘Hey... wewe can have your shower, I’ve finished. Nice party kwa the way.’
‘Yeah, it was nice.’
Lisa doesn’t look at him and goes to her dorm to read a book. He doesn’t know what she did last night, he was... a little...
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Okay this is my sekunde chapter to the Our Lives story and it is very explicit and may not be worth viewing to some people but there has to be a little bad before I get to the good trust me it will have a happy ending. Please read and let me know what wewe think. Thanks

Chapter 2: Searching

    Mac had the full police department in Princeton out searching everywhere for Stella and Lisa. Many people who were at the hotel where they had been attacked at were questioned but no one had any information that would help in the search. Mac was starting to get very frustrated and worried....
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posted by zubeerfaan
a/n sorry for my spelling i an from iceland soo..

Cuddy and wilson were still halfasleep . as the
were walking people kept looking at
them and giving them funny looks .

House kept giggling and cuddy and Wilson were
getting innoyed

“WHAT!!?? “ cuddy finally snapped

“umm Cuddles wewe have a little something there”
house alisema as she pointed on cuddies face

“HOUSE what did wewe do” Wilson alisema as he started
to wake up and saw the moustache on cuddies face

Cuddy walked as quickly as she could to the

nearest bathroom and started rubbing it off.

House and Wilson went to the bathroom to and
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posted by iluvhousemd
A poem I wrote while I was bored. It's about House and his pain. How his pain keeps him from dealing with his problems.

Pain: A House poem.

Pain, It distracts me,
It keeps me from being angry,
It blocks out problems I don’t want to face
Scars vanish without a trace

Pain, It makes me forget
All of my regrets
About those I pushed away
When I really wanted them to stay

Pain, It takes away my fears
Like, if I will be alone the rest of my years
Left here to drown
In all of my secret tears

On pain I am now dependant,
Though it is my assailant
I am as addicted to the pain
As I am to drugs I use to make it no longer remain

Thanks for reading!!! Plz comment!!!
posted by Chandlerfan
Here's chapter 1 of my first Wilteen fanfic! Obviously, they haven't had a lot of scenes together yet so I couldn't play on their reactions to each other like in Huddy fanfics etc but I gave it a shot! Enjoy! =D

The days went kwa slowly and painfully for a certain Dr James Wilson since the passing of his girlfriend, Dr Amber Volakis, dubbed CTB kwa House. He loved her so much and couldn’t find it in his moyo to let the memory go. She broke his pattern. She was the first person he loved because of who she was, well, she certainly wasn’t needy. She didn’t need someone kwa her side, but she...
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OK, here's the first chapter of a little fanfic I'm doing, and I know it may be a bit confusing, but kubeba with me, once you've read the other chapters, it'll make zaidi sense. =]

The siku was a slow one for a certain Dr Gregory House. It felt like he had been there for hours and hours, when in fact it was only half an saa since he came in that morning. His team of highly educated doctors had not yet arrived as the morning was still young, and House usually found a way to pass the time if, on the rare occasion, he’s ever early, like today.

The reason why time doesn’t fly past like every other...
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Hugh Laurie
house md
posted by DemzRulez
House Season 1 Episode 3: Occam's Razor
Full Recap
Brandon, a 22-year old male, passed out after having sex with his fiancée. He had been complaining about a cough and a rash beforehand. Now he is suffering severe abdominal pain, nausea, fever and low blood pressure.
A quick scan and exam reveal nothing, so House and team look for alternate answers. Dr. Cameron points out that no condition accounts for this many symptoms. House realizes they need to control the patient's blood pressure first, and they run a core stem test and an EKG test among others.
The tests don't reveal much, but Dr. Foreman...
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posted by rosehustle1
"I like this view." House alisema as he sat a juu the roof of Ariel's apartment building. She sat down in the chair beside him and handed him a beer.
"Thanks...I use to always hide on the rooftop at the hospital." He said.
She smiled as she drank some of her own beer.
"Your own hidden sanctuary?"
"Sort of, but I was always found."
"It's chilly tonight... maybe we should have stayed for the 11:15 showing." She alisema as she leaned further back into her chair.
"No movie can match this." He alisema as he pointed the the lit up skyscrapers and the full moon above.
She turned to look at him. He had a soft...
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posted by huddy_aimee
i have been studying for my up coming biology, algebra and PE theory tests...*sighs* so this fic (in my opinion) isn't very good...i have worked out i am like 20 hours sleep deprived... *yawns* so yeah...i ilitumwa some shabiki art to go with these chappies in the fanart part of the huddy spot so look and review and same with this, review and rate!!! xxx

The remaining days passed as fast as they had come. The pack was slow and daunting because both knew that what had happened on that yacht would never be mentioned again.
Greg continued eyeing up Lisa, dressed in knee length jeans with layered...
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posted by huddy_aimee
Ok's part 11...the last chap was a bit...obvious...almost...i dunno what to call it...anyways...there was guna be smut [XD] but last time i did that it got removed...hehe so im thinking of putting it on LJ au read and review like always...RATE TOO!!! Oh, sorry if House seems a bit 'nice' I explained it in the last chapter-he enjoys being out on the water and alone with cuddy. Dont worry he will become his arrogant self when they return, I cant gurantee that...XD

Cuddy woke first, the morning after their little 'escapade'. She rolled on what she thought was bed, but was...
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posted by Motherhubbard77
I just have to say, and I will be publishing this makala on 4 fansites today, but did last night's lineup, not totally rock?? I mean I couldn't believe how much went on, House was amazing, Heroes could not have been better, Chuck was once again kinda heartbreaking, and How I Met Your Mother was just the perfect comedy all over again. I upendo MONDAYS!! lol!

First up this House, was amazing, the case was interesting and Cuddy/House with the patient was hilarious. What a way to get a compliment, lol!! Wilson story was so sad, and when House figured out he might be losing him, awww, once again teary...
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posted by peoplesuck
Hey, sorry it took so long. I had some schoolwork to complete. For those of wewe who have been wondering this story will eventually be Huddy, but not for a while. But I promise it will happen. As always please maoni =)

Words could not describe how much clinic duty pissed Sarah off. She couldn’t imagine how it was possible to gather so many idiots in the same place yet everyday it happened. Just one intelligent au non-annoying clinic patient would be a freaking miracle. Oh well, it was over with for today. Maybe she would get a case. She had just finished her last three this morning. Normally...
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When she woke up the inayofuata morning and looked at the clock, she cursed herself as she was late for the first time ever. In her anger she had kicked Lyle out and told him never to come back, although she regretted it. House, on the other hand, well, she didn’t know what to say to him. She let him cool off thinking it’ll be best to talk to him at work, and try and salvage what could have been a relationship worth having.

Cuddy walked into the hospital, all eyes on her, looking quite shocked what with her being late and all. They all thought something major had happened and didn’t know what...
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Uploaded kwa AliwillMD // Song: Forever Yours - Sunrise Avenue
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