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Lisa njiwa straight into the glistening water, her weight causing minimal displacement but creating small waves. Greg trailed in after her, it had been years since he had been swimming in anywhere but his bath. The water surrounding his jeans slowly seeped up to his thigh. He gasped at the coolness on his mangled scar and found the water soothing his pain.
She turned to face his and njiwa back under. Greg watched her, she was so graceful. His eyes followed her dark shape under the water. Standing hip high in the water, Greg suddenly freaked at the thought that his leg would give way under him and that he would fall under. He had trusted Lisa with his life before, and here he was doing it again.
She pulled her head above the surface, her dark hair was pulled back kwa the weight of the water. It fell straight and silky down the line of her back.
"You went swimming in your jeans whilst I'm here skinny dipping!?" she asked in mock horror.
Greg smiled to himself as a clump of seaweed floated by. He reached out and grabbed it, "Here," he said, extending his arm to her.
"Excuse me?" she asked, genuinly shocked.
"You could be pretty mermaid Cuddy," he thought aloud.
"Yet another one of your fantasies?"
"Actually, No," he alisema simply, "But lifeguard Cuddy, is,"
Lisa slapped her hand to her head, she should've known better than that.
She stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips. He deepened the kiss kwa wrapping his arms around her waist and hauling her up onto his hips, their tounges battling it out in a furious game instead of their vocal chords.
He walked with her till they were in ankle deep water. Greg placed Lisa down and lay himself down on the dampened sand. Lisa just crawled over him and straddled him,
"Ready for lifeguard Cuddy to become a reality?" she asked him
He just gave her a cheesy grin as she slid both his jeans and his boxers down before getting on for the 'ride'.
She leant down and planted a kiss on his forehead, "I'm going to miss this when it's over," she whispered.
"Me too," he whispered back before angling his hips the way she liked it and thrust.
"Greg!" she gasped...


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