i thought i might keep writing...im in the mood for it...so here's part 17...

They arrived back in New Jersey worn out and tired. Their flight had been delayed an saa due to a communication equipment malfunction. So, when they arrived they didn't hesitate to grab their bags and rush through customs before hopping into a cab that would take them to their seperate houses and their miserable, seperate lives.
The trip in the cab seemed endless and it was spent in complete silence; both Greg and Lisa savouring their final moments together and the wonderful memories that they'd created.
It didn't take long to get to Lisa's place, hers was the closest to the airport.
Lisa hopped out of the cab and grabbed her stuff from the boot of the car. Greg aided her, but Greg was soon to disappear and become House again.
"Thanks," she said, smiling at him.
"No problem," he replied, "Look we've sha-"
But Lisa cut him off, "Don't, whatever you're going to say is just going to sound like a goodbye,"
She was whispering in a vaguely audible tone, tears threatening to roll down her smooth cheeks. But she couldn't hold them in-they stained her face, but Greg clutched her face and with his thumbs, wiped away those tears.
She looked at him; he had that same sadness in his eyes as he had done earlier. She pulled him in for a final kiss-an almost heartbreaking kiss.
"I'll see wewe at work," she said, smiling to herself at the thought that not everything was going to be bad.
"I'll make sure I come and annoy you," he smiled back, "And don't forget, I want those pictures and any others wewe may have happened to take whilst I didn't know,"
"See wewe later," he said, giving her a quick peck before getting back in the cab and going to his place.
When he reached his destination he handed the bills to the driver and told him to keep the change.
"You got one fine gal there, sir," he alisema to Greg.
"I know," he replied, getting his stuff and making his way up to his apartment.


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