House was in his inner office. All blinds were shut, and the door to the outer office was locked. He didn’t want to be bothered. He was looking at the white board, in which were written symptoms that didn’t make any sense. That case was being really difficult and stressful. And for the worst, He and Cuddy had broken up from a relationship of 8 au 9 months, he didn’t know this things, but he new that it was long enough for him to fall in love, and now… all had been parted. Had been parted in the worst and painful, and cruel way… Betrayal. That was all the gossips were about in the Hospital. People didn’t know if it was true, people didn’t care if it was true, they just had their needs to gossip. Unfortunately, that was true. A betrayal had parted their relationship which was proving all rules wrong. They had been fine, they seemed the most happy couple of the world… but them one had to screw up, and what really impressed and shocked everyone, was the fact of Cuddy, not House, being the cheater. Yes, she was the one who cheated, who lied, and covered an affair… not long affair kwa the way. Two au three nights she had spent with another man. The big swali among all the Hospital’s gossips were “why”, why would she do that? House was a jerk, even when he had her in his arms, but he was different to her, he loved her and he made sure to onyesha the world he was down to her. No one had understood that action from Cuddy… besides, House was handsome, sexy, had his bright and melting blue eyes… that jerk way… No one could explain. And the worst of all this, was that Cuddy was still seeing the man. House was completely heartbroken, but he couldn’t left the Hospital because he had nowhere to go, so he had been avoiding with all his powers to be near Cuddy. When he needed her sign for something, he sent 13, au Foreman to get. The fact was that He didn’t realize yet how cruel that was, how heartbroken that was… and how self destructive he has been being.
There in his office when he shut the blinds, everyone knew he was in pain, and not just physical pain, but emotional. In fact he was emotionally parted, broken, confused, zaidi then he had already been, and to run away from that, he highed himself with Vicodin, and another little things like morphine, when the pain in his leg was brutal. And that was one of this days.
House had a little box above his desk. Inside this there was a syringe, and morphine, but the morphine were already gone to his blood. But he was still concentrated on the white board, although his mind was away. He was rolling the syringe among his fingers. His eyes were Lost somewhere, where the darkness were all.
The team were in the outer office waiting, and still working in some files of the case when Cuddy entered the room.

“Where’s is House.” – She spoke with extremely coldness in her voice.
“In his inner office.” – 13 answered suspiciously.

There was a long time Cuddy hasn’t shown up there. She wanted to avoid being stared like she was a cruel and cheater whore. But that case was really important, not only because a life was in immediately risk, but the person who belonged that life, was the president of a company that was always helping the Hospital. Cuddy made her way to the door.

“It’s locked.” – alisema Taub while still looking at some papers.
“For God’s sake.” – She could feel something in the air, she could feel the team had built a ukuta between them and her. But she pretended she didn’t care, so she made her way outside, and entered House’s inner office through the main door. It was almost 7pm, and the office was dark, only a little light was illuminating the white board.
“Go away.” – He alisema with a voice that seemed to be out of this dimension. He didn’t realize that was Cuddy until she turned the lights on and spoke.

“I need to talk to you.”

House made a face, his eyes were suddenly hit kwa an excruciated light, and that was painful.

“At least wewe should know my eyes are blue and doesn’t get along well with light. Save me from anymore pain.”

Cuudy stared at his eyes, and soon she realized he was high, not only from Vicodin, but from something that had been inside the syringe he was rolling among his fingers.

“You are high, wewe son of a bitch.” – She approached his dawati – “I can’t believe.” – She took the little box and saw the morphine. – “Morphine, House, morphine.” – She stared nervously at him.

“House?” – He frowned – “Isn’t it Greg anymore?” – He was being that sarcastic jerk. – “Isn’t it pretty anymore?”

“Shut up… I told wewe this case was important…” – Each sekunde near him got Cuddy pissed, not because she was near him, but because she felt extremely guilt.

“…” – House was still staring at the white board.

“What are trying to do? Is it some kind of revenge?”

“Revenge? Why? Because wewe think that I think if wewe see me destructing myself wewe will feel guilty.”

“I’m not talking about the morphine, I’m talking about your lack of responsibility to this case.” – her voice was upset, and cold.

“Oops, I had forgotten wewe don’t care anymore. I’m sorry. If you’ve come here to tell me how I should deal with my cases go away, I won’t listen to you.”

“Then I’ll moto you.”

“No wewe won’t. Too much guilty and wewe won’t be able to deal with zaidi guilty then wewe have been.”

“Son of a bitch.” – That words had parted Cuddy apart. She really felt guilty, and sorry for what happened, and he knew. That son of a bitch, kahaba new everything and he knew how to brutally throw words in her face just to hurt her. – “I hate you.” – She turned around and went to the door.

“I hate wewe either, and I know it’s easier for me to hate then for you… I’m a jerk… well wewe are a lying cheater… But I’m sure I’m a worst person then wewe are.” – He was being sarcastic since he alisema I’m a jerk. And of course he did think that she was a worst person then him, and he told that just to tease her, because he knew that she knew he would do that on purpose.

Cuddy left the room almost in tears. But those tears were full of angry, and anguish. sekunde later she turned back, and entered like a hurricane into the office.

“You know something. wewe are fired. Get your things and go get high and kill yourself out of my Hospital.” – She really did mean that. She had a thing in her face that she was really sure of what she was doing.

House stared at her confused. He wanted to capture the truth in her eyes, and he did.

“And I’m still fucking John…” – She turned over and left the room.

House felt his soul torn into pieces, million pieces, and he finally got angry. Since she told him about her affair with John, he hadn’t gotten angry yet. He had gotten broken, and he cried almost all of the time, but never angry, since dakika ago. Cuddy could still be having her dirty affair, but throw it in his face like that was too much, he couldn’t stand that anymore. He left the room following her, and now they were arguing on the corridor, near to the elevator. Fortunately, the team had left the dakika they heard the first yell of Cuddy, and because their time work was until 6 pm. So the place was kind of empty.

“Why are wewe doing this?” – He asked with his voice inaonyesha anger.

“Because I want wewe out of my Hospital.” – She turned and stared at him with anger too.

“I’m talking about throwing in my face your boyfriend.” – His voice was still angry, and almost yelling.


“You can do wherever wewe want to me, moto me, throw me through that window, shoot me, I don’t care… wewe just can’t wait until I fall in upendo with wewe to then do what wewe did… and wewe can’t throw on my face that wewe are still fucking that son of a bitch.” – He yelled angry at her.

“I can do wherever I want.” – She pushed the switch to call the elevator.

“Unbelievable…. What happened to you?” – Now his voice was soft, and really hurt.

“You happened to me.” – She turned over and walked into the elevator.

There was no one in the elevator. The mix of House’s anger with the Vicodin, with the Morphine wasn’t something good… He was out of his mind, and Cuddy pushed him until he broke.
He walked in behind her and grabbed her to her wrist, and then pressed her against the wall. But first he pushed the emergency switch to stop the elevator. Cuddy was facing the wall, and feeling his body pressing her kwa the back.
“Why did wewe cheat on me, Lisa?” – HE was whispering closely to her ear. She could feel his lips there.

“What are wewe doing? Are wewe crazy?” – She was scared, her voice was scared. And she was trying to get away from him, but he was stronger… she would never make it.

“Just give me one reason.” – His voice was now a mix of anger, anguish, and grief.

“I don’t need to explain to you… let me go.” – Each word she was spelling had a brutal effect on him.

“Are wewe still fucking him?”

“Yes, I’m still fucking him… now let me go au I’ll scream.”

House turned her to face him, but still pressing her against the wall, and now he had a hand in her chin making her look at his eyes.

“Say it facing me. Look t my eyes and say it.” – His eyes dropped a little tear.

“You are high, wewe don’t know what wewe are doing, let me go, House, You’re scaring me.” – She realizes he was not playing games as he was pressing her even zaidi against the wall.

“Say it.” – He would never believe she could really say it looking at his face, he was ready to say I know it when she didn’t say that, but…

“I’m still fucking him.” – She alisema looking deeply into his eyes. She was really scared, and she was afraid with the man who was there… It was not House, never would he do something like what she was thinking he was about to do.

House stared at her, and she stared at him. She could see through his eyes he was brutally broken into pieces, she could see sorrow, but also she could see angry, and she could see evilness… His eyes were too bright to hide what he was feeling. She got scared even zaidi with that evilness growing into those eyes.

“House, your hurting me already… please, stop it.” – She asked soft, but he didn’t hear.

House kissed her, he forced a kiss. She couldn’t recognize that kiss, cause it was a kiss full of angry, and sorrow. She tried to avoid it, but she couldn’t, so she gave in thinking that after that he would leave her alone, so she kissed him back… Big mistake, she enabled him. He was pressing her even zaidi against the wall, and that was scaring her every second. He broke the kiss and started to kiss her neck.

“House, it’s enough, let me go, please…” – She tried to push him away kwa pressing her hands against his chest. Damn him for being so strong, she hated him that time… How far would he go with that? She was really scared.

He didn’t allow that. He held her hands, her fists if I want to be zaidi precise, and pressed them against the ukuta a little above her head, so she couldn’t have any kind of reaction, and control. He was still kissing her neck.
“I’ll hurt wewe if wewe don’t stop.” – Now her voice was a mix of fear, and anger. But she was so pressed against the wall, that even her legs couldn’t move, so she couldn’t kick him.

“Shhh.” – He traveled the kisses back to her mouth. She avoided as she could, but unsuccessfully.

She felt his erection touching his lower belly, and she left a tear drop. God he was not playing games

“What are wewe doing?” – She was starting to cry as she tried to speak.

House lead one of her hands to be held kwa his other hand, so he could have one hand free. It was a little hard to hold her two fists with one hand, and she was trying to get away, but he could do that.
His free hand traveled through her thorax, where he caresses her softly, and kind. To then start undoing her blouse. He did, Cuddy was wearing just a blouse with buttons that were destroyed kwa House as he pulled them off. Now her front thorax was exposed and his hand traveled to her breast, and also his kisses. He was kissing her still above the bra.

“Are wewe going to rape me? Is that what wewe are doing, Greg?” – She asked. Her voice showed fear, showed she was crying, showed she didn’t want him to do that. She didn’t want that man, she wanted Greg back.

“Shut up.” – He alisema with anger in his voice, while he was undoing his belt.

“Greg, look at me… wewe don’t want to do that… please stop it.” – She was now crying… because she realized there was nothing she could do to make him stop.

House rolled up her skirt. His ukanda was already undone, and also the zipper of his pant.

“Open it.” – He ordered as he tried to grab one of her legs to pull up and she didn’t allow.

“No. I won’t let wewe do this to me, wewe son of a bitch, wewe freak, wewe COWARD...” – She spilt at his face.

House then forced her leg up to open, and he did it, leaving no choice to her unless involving her other leg in his wrist to not hurt. He left her fists away, and travelled his hand to her chupi, underpants and then moved it away. House held his penis and led it inside her with no kindness. Cuddy moaned in pain, not only physical, but she felt her soul torn apart. How could he do this to her, how could he be this coward?

“Greg, please, stop it…”

He was not being kind, he was not caring. His movements were full of resentment, and anger. At least he had the decency to leave one of his hands in her back, and that was avoiding her to hit the ukuta in each thrust he was making.

“Greg, please… wewe are hurting me.” – She begged in tears.

He seemed to be in an other world, he wasn’t listening anything. He wasn’t even moaning like he was used to do. He liked to whimper softly, quiet, sexily when they made love, and she loved that. But now… God, what was that? He knew he was… he was raping… her. Cuddy didn’t know what to feel, she had all her pillars broken, and faded away, and she could do absolutely nothing beside wait him finish that perv. insanity. God that was hurting so bad, that was hurting her soul zaidi then her body.

“Greg… please, wewe are hurting me, wewe coward… I’m pleading wewe to stop, Greg, please… that hurts.” – She torn apart in crying. She gave up, and rested her head in his shoulder, she thought about biting him there, but nothing would work at that point.

He felt her crying in his shoulder, and turn his movements into something less violently, but still.

“I upendo you, Less.” – He whispered in her ear.

“Shut up… wewe are dirty, don’t ever say that again. Not in the middle of this coward act.” – Still crying. – “I hate you… this is not you… this can’t be you… tell me wewe hate what wewe are doing... TELL ME, wewe coward.”

“Shut up.” - His movements were violent again, and each thrust was deep.

“GREG, wewe ARE RAPING ME.” – She yelled in anger, sorrow, and tears as a last resort to make him stop.

Those words seemed to touch him deeply. He was already finishing, and she felt his seeds rushing into her. She felt deeply soul broken, and hurt. His movements became soft, and slow, and she could hear his breath in her ears.

“Why did wewe do this, Greg?” – She asked in tears, and finally pulled him away. She looked at his eyes and he was out of that dimension.

He finally stared at her and realized how scared and hurt she was. He got away from her as far as he could until he hit his back at the other side wall.

“Now it’s too late to get away.” – She pushed the emergency switch and the elevator started to go down. She tried to undo the mess in her clothes, and wiped her tears, unsuccessfully. – “Never touch me again, never go near me again, get your things and vanish of my Hospital.”

As soon as the door opened she ran.