A/N:Hey guys...I was thinking about starting up this fic after I read a Cuddy/Thirteen fic and I thought it was really sweet so I decided to do one. It will be really new to me as I am an avid Huddy shipper but I will try and make it as 'realistic' in terms of the relationship. (I am a bi-sexual myself so I can relate). So, read and review please.


Lisa Cuddy was one you'd see as motherly, friendly, proud and hardworking. All of the above were true but she had one deep secret she wouldn't share with anyone, not even her best friends. So, she sat at work from 8 till some un-godly saa in the night trying to cover up her real self. She wouldn't fill out paperwork, she wouldn't be making and receiving phone calls to au from donors, she wouldn't be plotting what to do the inayofuata time her head of diagnostics got out of hand. No, she wouldn't be doing any of these; she'd sit there pondering the secret she held from the world, and the secret she kept from the one she loved.
She would sit deep in thought about a possible relationship with this person, but was unsure as to what they would think. She knew she was their boss and she knew that relationships between employer and employee were frowned on kwa the hospital board. She thought about their age difference; was nearly old enough to be this person's mother!
Cuddy pushed these thoughts from her head before she left her baby [hospital] for her other baby [Rachel] at home.
Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley sat amongst the diagnostics team being lead kwa none other that a misanthropic bastard who couldn't care less for the patients, all he wanted was a puzzle to solve. Thirteen found that she go annoyed – frustrated even – kwa him, but she was a doctor and he was her boss so she had to deal. siku after siku she was sent off to run tests, confide in patients, do clinic and complain to his boss's boss. His boss's boss, yes, she enjoyed that alot. Thirteen knew herself as bi-sexual and didn't really care that much about it being in the open, but, when it came to the big boss she did. She'd look at her, not paying attention to anything she was saying, trying to memorise all her features. She loved how young she looked, how full of life she was and she absolutly loved her steely grey eyes that just seemed to make Thirteen drown in them. But she couldn't allow these feelings to be made known. She knew this woman to be straight and in upendo with another; she had no idea who this 'other' was though. She'd never suspect it was her.


The sun came through the blinds that had been left adgar that night. The angle caused the sun to hit her face. Thirteen's apartment was tidy, but her bedroom was a mess. She had gone out to a bar that night and had gotten herself completely smashed. kwa the time she hadcome nyumbani it was past 2:30am and she couldn't be fucked putting her stuff where it belonged so it just lay on the floor.
She glanced at her alarm clock and the red numbers gazed at her sending the message It's 9 in the morning around her body till it registered in her brain. Her eyes widened at the thought of being late to work, Cuddy was sure to pounce on her for being an hour, potentially 2 hours, late. A smile creeped over her face as a devilish thought entered her mind.
'If I'm late, Lisa is sure to hunt me down to give me the lecture about being late to work,' she thought. 'When she does, I'll get to see her; stare at her; think about her; listen to her. God – why do I think like this!? She doesn't want me, she's just another straight woman I'llbe falling for,'
Thirteen scolded herself for thinking about that. Thirteen knew that if Cuddy found out about Thirteen's feelings, she'd surely be pulled up for sexual harrassment and probably be suspended au worse, fired. Thirteen decided to get up and head into work, she needed to be there to see her, she needed to talk to her she just needed her.Within the space of 20 dakika she was rushing out the door.

Cuddy was already at work kwa 8am and she had left specific orders with her personal assistant that she was not to be disturbed because she was 'working hard on a ripoti that needed to presented to the board kwa inayofuata week.' But did she really do work? No, she sat there, staring out the window into the main area outside the clinic waiting to see a special someone walk through those doors late so she could give them a telling off.
Half an saa had passed and Cuddy was still waiting that person and then she saw them. Standing up and departing her office she slipped her head out the sekunde lot of doors and caught the offending person's eye.
“Doctor Hadley, could I please speak to wewe in my office?” Cuddy asked her.
Simultaneously they thought, 'Mission accoplished.'



Thirteen sat down in front of Cuddy's dawati and waited for her to start ripping into her. She braced herself kwa spacing out, staring at her face.

“Docor Hadley-” Cuddy started, “You are nearly two hours late to work, it's nearly 10,”

“I had a rough night, sorry,” Thirteen brushed off, smiling when she saw Cuddy's conern for her 'rough' night.

“Anything wewe – uhh – want to, maybe, talk about?”

“No thanks,” she smiled “Thanks for your – umm – concern.”

“It's...okay?” Cuddy repsonded, her eyes just wandering over Thirteen's body. She couldn't refrain herself but soon felt her cheeks burn when she saw Thirteen staring at her with curiosity, “Umm – just try not to be late again, if wewe think you're going to be late, call in, okay?”

“Yeah, sure.” but Thirteen wasn't done just yet.

“Is there...something else I can – uh – help wewe with, Doctor Hadley?”

“Do wewe wanna go out and get drinks sometime with me and Cameron, wewe look – I mean – work so hard, take a break and come out,”

“Umm -” Cuddy was Lost for words, did she just ask her out,

“It's okay if it's a no, me and Cameron don't mind,”

“Okay, I'll go.” Cuddy alisema confidently, she smiled to herself. She was going out with Thirteen – and Cameron - “Now go some work and get back to me later with the details,”

Thirteen stood, smiled and went off to go do some work.