Dr. Robert Chase didn't always want to be a doctor. He previously attended a seminary but didn't finish it. The exact reason why has never been revealed, but it has been implied that he simply Lost his faith. He gives the impression of being from "old money," but this may be a touch added kwa the actor, Jesse Spencer. One can easily visualize Dr. Chase running away from the Paparazzi, because he has become so bored and annoyed with being among "the rich and famous." And he would not want Mumsy, back in the Australia, to accuse him of becoming like those dreadful nuveau riche in America.

Chase has floated through his medical career, taking the course of least resistance. Though he is quite intelligent and well educated, he was overshadowed his entire life kwa his successful and famous father, which coupled with his father's poor treatment of his mother had the effect of demotivating him to achieve much of anything beyond the minimum - particularly in the medical field. He is the series' "Slacker MD", if such a thing can exist in House's watch. Chase's dad is now dead because of lung cancer and because when his dad came to visit he did not tell Chase the shock resulted in Chase killing a patient.

That said, Chase cannot help but do his job - he is innately a good doctor with potential to be a brilliant diagnostician. House recognized his ability and hired him for it, and probably thought that the antagonistic relationship he has with his employees would draw him out of his submissive, passive-aggressive approach to his career, but ultimately he was not successful.

Because in many respects Chase is emotionally damaged, he is interesting to a person like Cameron, who is drawn to Lost causes. But Chase isn't truly a Lost cause, which is why their relationship is intermittent. The two could actually help each other songesha past their baggage, but Chase's passivity and Cameron's denial of her feelings and reluctance to commit are getting in the way of this. The two of them have 'locking neuroses' that keep bringing them back to each other.

Chase and Cameron are now dating exclusively and appear quite committed to one another. After Chase finally spoke up about feeling unimportant in Cameron's life, Cameron reevaluated her fear of commitment and chose to risk her moyo on a deeper level. The two are currently happier than ever before and their relationship continues to blossom.

At the end of Season 5 we learn that he is Alergic to StrawberryIn the Season 5 finale, episode 5.24 "Both Sides Now," Chase and Cameron got married.

House Character Stats

Reason for becoming a doctor: Dr. Chase was forced kwa his father and he felt survivor's guilt for his mother's death
Medical Specialty: Intensive Care Medicine
Personality type: Playful yet serious, suck up, sometimes slightly out of line, prejudiced
Signature look: Medium-length blond hair, horrid shirt-tie combinations that make your eyes pop out.
Vice(s): matunda Rollups (Especially the ones with tongue tattoos!)
Virtue(s): Innate talent for medicine
Endearing trait(s): His accent, adorableness, his interaction with kids
Annoying trait(s): Passive-aggressive behavior, can be a pushover, negative about a lot of things, prejudiced