welcome back, this is episode 4 of my House/ER shabiki fic, and it is in my opinion, VERY chilling.
This episode has ALL HUDDY in it, so that should make many of wewe happy.

It IS a story though, and therefore is a CONTINUATION of a certin story line. so PLEASE, read the first three episodes before kusoma this.

Episode 1: link
Episode 2: link
Episode 3: link

Episode 4: The Truth in Tricks

Cuddy stood, eyes fixed on the broken cane. Her eyes began to swell as her mind motioned to her body. walk forward….walk She didn’t move. Behind her, Archie and Chase both extended their arms to either side of cuddy’s shoulders making her shiver with the touch. She took in a breath and, after motioning for the two men to leave the room, finally moved toward the limp body atop the steel.

Running the length of the body, a sheer white sheet lay, disguising the utterly imminent horror that was sure to onyesha itself. From toe to head, the sheet bore a single crease, making it rise and fall unexpectedly over the body’s torso. Horizontally, six zaidi creases sat, about a foot apart from each other, also resting oddly atop the corpse. The ends sat frayed, various sized strings protruding against the edge creating a vision of unkempt fabric. The juu barley touched the cold metal at the tables’ front. If somewhere were to simply crouch down, they would see the dark hair still dripping clear fluid onto the harsh surface.

Cuddy didn’t crouch; she straightforwardly stood again, running the tip of her tongue along the roof of her mouth. The saliva in her mouth was building up, and like a well run clock, she swallowed in quick stages, giving off the sound of a far off musical melody. Then, moving her red colored nails toward the sheet, time ensued.

The sheet came off easily; she drew it down to the body’s abdomen and laid it back against itself. A man was reveled. His skin was pale, his hair---disheveled. He wore an ominous smile, and though his eyes were gently closed, he seemed….content. His peach, pichi fuzz matched that of Chases, it had clearly been a siku au two since his last shave. Along his collarbone, and extending downward to his chest, a deep purple band crisscrossed around superficial abrasions, all burgundy in color. Besides these obvious wounds and some matching scratches on the man’s face, he looked perfectly normal, just like he was sleeping.

Cuddy ran her painted nails along his sternum. Her insides twisted. She closed her eyes as her fingers found his lips. They were smooth, and damp, and amazing. Not being able to help herself, she lowered her own lips and kissed him, keeping her now watering eyes closed. Again, her insides warped. Breaking apart from him, she let her lips slowly ascend, causing friction between the two bodies. There was no denying she was crying now, tears fell like water from her eyes, and redness began to creep into her face. She Lost control and let her body fall to the cold ground, her knees buckling into her chest. Soft moans and screeches escaped her exasperated lungs and bellowed thickly into the dense air, creating a horrifying echo in the room.

She grappled at the tables also steel legs, wrapping her whole boy around it until resting her scarlet forehead against the pole. Her blouse was slightly open, revealing moist skin. Her tears continued to fall against her own sternum, but Cuddy, careless of this fact, still leaned on the leg. The moans stopped, and for a small moment, it seemed she had become numb. That was when she heard it.

A faint muffled hiss. Cuddy lifter her head. It was coming in timely junctures, and changed sound with each period. The first was high pitched, followed kwa a lower exhale. Cuddy blinked as her heat skipped a beat, and speed against her body. She could hear her own breathing against that of the air, only faster.
The leap to her feet was instant and balanced; for she had already Lost her high heals during the struggle to the floor.

Her moyo skipped another beat.

Along the table, a pair of deep blue eyes searched the room. His mouth lay open, quietly gasping for air. Cuddy’s eyes widened, she met his structured gaze. Cuddy’s mind could not find words, couldn’t find movement, couldn’t do anything zaidi than persuade her own lungs to take in breath and her moyo to pound almost out of her chest. House moved his trembling hand to her also trembling hand. His fingers traced her palm and moved higher to grasp her fingers. They intertwined.

Time whirled around the room, like wind against the Michigan Lake. Two men raced into the room with a yell and ran toward the now lively body. Motions were undetectable and the scene moved too fast to comprehend. Black smoke clouded the room until nothing was visible, but still, the scene raced, pressuring the limits of any sound barrier.

But Cuddy rested against a steel bar, her knees blocking her chest from rising and falling. Her eyes remain closed, tears dropping onto the bare skin along her sternum. Again the room filled with moans and cries of sorrow, echoing back to the single living being in it. The sound stopped as abruptly as it had in Cuddy’s head. She thought she had heard a noise, a faint hiss.

She hadn’t.

The rise upward hadn’t revealed an open eyed man, with eyes as deep as the sea, it hadn’t shown his bare, scratched chest rising slowly up and down in the air, and it hadn’t exposed his open mouth, gasping silently for oxygen.

Cuddy fell silent. It had been an act, all an act…produced kwa her sick mind. She sighed, bit her bottom lip, and cocked her head slightly sideways. What was reality? What was imagination? What the hell was this little game her own mind had appended to her?

Her eyes moved again to the corpse, this time tracing the outline of fingers that rested along his side, still as limp and colorless as before. She took his whole hand into both of hers and drew it to her lips. The soft surface soothed under House as she kissed the upper side of his hand.

His fingers twitched.

Drawing her gaze back, she kept his hand in hers, staring at it.

…They moved again.