She froze, her voice got stuck and her body got numb. After 4 years Lisa Cuddy was listening that voice again, the voice of her ex-employee, ex-lover, ex-friend. The man who ruined her life who made her leave Princeton for a mwaka to restart her life, and come back to her hospital.

After a moment she answers.

"Why are wewe calling me House?" she starts to feel anger inside of her.

"Listen do not hang up, please. I need to talk with you" he was trying to convince her not to hang up. His voice onyesha traces of fear, fear from the answer he was about to listen.

"Ok, start talking"

"Thanks Cuddy, I'm going to be fast" he was relieved, his voice was calm, soft.

She got that, the calm in his voice. She could hear it, Lisa Cuddy know him.

"I don´t know if wewe know, but I'm living in Miami for about 4 years, I'm working at the hospital the Miami Teaching Hospital."

"No I didn´t know. But I bet it's not that wewe want to tell me" alisema Cuddy.

"No. Cuddy last week, I had an accident with my bike, a drunk driver crash in to me and another car" His voice still soft and calm.

"Oh, are wewe ok?" now she was getting worried even if she didn't want to onyesha that concern.

"No Cuddy I`m not, remember that fracture on my skull that I had on the bus accident?"

"Yes, of course I remember."

"Well I got a new one, in the same spot, but worse this time. The docs alisema I have to have surgery soon as possible. But as every skull surgery it´s danger. I can become blind au with memory lost."

"Oh my god, are wewe serious?" now she was full of fear for the man that she loved.

"Yes Cuddy I ´am, that's why I call you. I need a favor from wewe " alisema House.

"Favor? What kind of favor?

"Cuddy, I know what I did to wewe and I'm really sorry for that, but wewe are the only person I trust. I trust wewe zaidi than ever, so I want wewe to ask wewe if wewe can come to Miami to assist my surgery."

House finally alisema but with a bit of fear in his voice and also scary that she would deny.

"House, I …I don't know if I can go. Rachel is sick and I don't want to leave her alone here" Cuddy alisema but, the remorse starts filling her.

"Oh, ok. That´s ok. May I ask what she has?"

"She has flu, but wewe know how kids are. They don't want to go to school, they just want to be nyumbani seeing sinema all day" cuddy is starting to feel better as speaking about Rachel.

"Yeah" House laugh being zaidi relax as the conversation continues. "I understand Cuddy. In fact, I never thought wewe would speak with me again"

"Me too, but wewe know, for zaidi bad this wewe have done to me I … I have never forgotten you" she alisema to the man that even not telling, in her head and heart, she still loves.

"Cuddy I'm really sorry for everything and I was hoping to see wewe one last time, if everything goes wrong" his sad voice come to the top.

"Listen I'm sure it's going to be all right"

"Well I hope so, thank wewe Cuddy. I really appreciate talk to you" He was getting emotional.

"Me too House, bye and good luck" alisema Cuddy with a small voice.

"Give Rachel a kiss for me. I hope to see wewe again anytime soon"

"Bye House"

And House got sad, but he had listened the voice of the upendo of his life, and for that the call was worth it. Cuddy feel something wet on her face, and realizes that she was crying after what been alisema that she would never would talk him, au acknowledge his existence. And there was she talking with him, Gregory House. After a moment she thought about what he said, only trusting her like he did other times, but now was different, he had nobody there to support him.

I'm sorry but I'm from Portugal, but I write in English but I have to translate