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Ok, so first of all, thank wewe for finding few dakika to read this :)

The first thing I want to say is, that I'm completely disappointed kwa current state between our fandom.
Many people started bashing each other, others completely went nuts because of the spoilers and everyone has become really inconsiderable.

There are zaidi than 18000 mashabiki around here, some zaidi active than others.
But that means that all those 18000 people can have different opinion.
No person acts and believe the same.

The latest happening really got to me.
I thought we were a nice, tolerant group of fans.
but, I guess I was wrong.

I get that many of wewe are upset about the spoilers.
I was depressed about them, and I consider myself as a very optimistic person.
So I DON'T blame you.

Considering that majority of mashabiki are Huddy,
I get that there is a lot of tension now,
but think about it.
That really doesn't give wewe any credit that wewe can go on and, let's say, bash other couples, or,
post ridiculous maoni regarding all the bad things.

And I get there are a lot of new mashabiki around and they certainly find it hard to get by.
So, help them.
Think about how wewe acted when wewe were a n00b.
Give them a hand, send them a message if wewe see them act somewhat different that we got used to.

It really hurts me when I see some older mashabiki spice things up when they should try settling things down.
nobody joins fanpop so they could bash, au be bashed.
Have that in mind.

People will leave if we continue uigizaji like this.
And I don't want to see anyone leave when it's only 2 weeks till premiere.

I swear, I know it's all going to fall into place once we finally get our season 6.
Ok, maybe not from the start, cause I sense a big Huddies gone mad event happening right after the premiere, but it will all settle down once the episode two takes off.

So, please,
think about everything I alisema (wrote) and also, think positive.
Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.
At least we, the House md fans, should have learned that kwa now :)

thanks for reading
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