Ships of House
There are so many,and many zaidi are beginning to be discovered
I will orodha the ships,and tell wewe some stuff about them.
*Note:This a loooong orodha of 'Ships'....some of these ships aren't even real!But some people ship them,or might ship*

Twirteen(Twiggy the tree/13)

42 ships to be exact

Now the listing phase is over
This makala is a guide au a list..I really don't know.
***Note: I'm not going to do all 40 ships.
I chose 3 ships.If I didn't choose the ship wewe 'sail' I'm sorry.So I'm sorry if I didn't do your ship.If wewe are going to comment,NO BASHING OF THE SHIPS I CHOOSE.If I don't give enough info about the ship wewe do sail...I'm sorry.I don't feel like watching the seasons again to get zaidi info about them..Sorry***

The 2 awesome ducklings(In my opinion)
In episodes 'Insensitive-Airborne' Cam and Chase are sex buddies.It ended in Airborne because Chase wanted more.

Chase wants zaidi and Cameron doesn't

Cameron:Nice catch
Cameron:Think even House would be impressed.
Chase:I don't know about that.
Cameron:Any idea how wewe wanna celebrate?What?
Chase:I want more.
Cameron:I thought wewe were getting a little worn out by...
Chase:No,that's not what I meant.
Cameron:I know.I was just hoping you'd take the hint and pretend wewe never alisema that.
Chase:I want this to be zaidi than it is.
Cameron:I thought we were clear.
Chase:In the beginning,but wewe can't tell me...
Cameron:Yes,I can.And I don't.It was fun.That's it.And now it's over.

After that Chase starts to say,"It's Tuesday." Because Chase wants to remind Cameron that he likes her every week.
In s3's 'Human Error' we saw Cam at Chase's doorstep.

She didn't feel like waiting

Cameron:It's Tuesday
Chase:Uh..No,it's Monday
Cameron:I know,I just..I didn't feel like waiting

I believe Chase and Cameron are still dating.
In 'No zaidi Mr.Nice Guy' when House faked syphilis,it freaked out Cameron,Chase,Foreman,13,Kutner,and Taub.
Okay maybe not Foreman,but it did freak out the rest of the old and new teams.

It's none of Chase's business

Cameron:So,this is why he is who he is?
Taub:We don't know...
Foreman:We know.It's just not a coincidence.
Thirteen:Wilson says he's always been a jerk.
Taub:But he got worse...
Cameron:After his leg.
Foreman:The leg was a coincidence.
Chase:Did wewe sleep with him?
Thirteen:So,whats going to happen and whats going to change?
Kutner:Maybe he'll be less of a jerk.
Cameron:Or less of a doctor..
Kutner:You gotta be a jerk to be a good doctor?
Cameron:No,maybe House does.
Chase:Why aren't wewe answering me?
Cameron:Because it's none of their's none of your business
Chase:To think the STD makes it my business.
Cameron:Humans are complicated..
Foreman:Humans are simple.
Cameron:A million different things makes us who we are.You change one,you change everything.If Mozart was better adjusted,decides to play catch one day,maybe there's no magic flute.
Chase:You did,didn't you?

I don't think House and Cameron slept together.They would have shown us.I think Chase has trust issues thats why Cameron didn't tell him.Cameron was just bugging Chase.
Katie Jacobs alisema we might get Chameron in s5.

"They are currently shooting the season's sixth episode and Jacobs tells me it's an saa that will focus on... wait for it... Cameron and Chase: "Cameron will have a case, and through that storyline, we'll be able to explore Cameron and Chase's relationship and where they're at right now. We have sort of an embarrassment of riches with so many talented cast members, and it wasn't like we were trying to ignore any of our characters, but I think we are doing a better job of utilizing all their talents this year. At least I hope we are."

Read the full interviewlink

So the Chameron ship has happened,unless they break up au something.So I don't think Hameron(House/Cameron) would/will happen.
Which brings me to the inayofuata ship....

So many mashabiki of the ship and not so many mashabiki of this ship.
House is 40something(49 probably,but I guess House's age is Hugh Laurie's age)
and Cameron is 29(Again..Cameron's age is probably Jennifer Morrison's age).
Thats a 20 mwaka age gap.

In s1 they had 2 dates.
A non-date date(Sports Medicine) and a restaurant date(Love Hurts)
In s3's Half-Wit,House and Cameron kissed.

The kiss from 'Half-Wit'

House: A little whorish to kiss and stab.
Cameron:You kissed back.
House:I didn't want wewe to die without knowing the feeling.Actually,no woman should die without knowing the feeling.

In s1 the writers were shoving Hameron down our throats(no offence to the Hameron shippers).
House gasping at Cameron's dress

Some of us started to ship Hameron in s1 and some of us don't ship at all.
House and Cam went on their 'non-date date' in S01xE12(Sports Medicine)
He took her to monster trucks.
8 episodes later(Love Hurts) House takes her to Café Spiletto.In s2's 'All In' House gasps at Cameron's dress.
Cameron likes that House noticed her dress

Cameron likes House because he's damaged.
Cameron likes damaged people.Cameron is damaged herself.House looked like he was awkward with their tarehe in 'Love Hurts'.I think he was awkward with the age difference.In s2-s3 House taunts Cameron's crush on him.House asked her out in s3's 'Meaning'.

Cameron says No

Cameron:What a touching moment.That's why we become doctors,for those rare moments when our hearts are warmed...
House:Would wewe like to get a drink?
Cameron:Are wewe serious,or are wewe trying to change the subject?
House:No,I'm serious.I drink.You drink.We could do it at the same time,the same table.If wewe eat,we could do that,too.I mean,if the answer's no,that's cool,but...
Cameron:No,it's just you're just coming off the surgery,and you're not yourself yet,and I work for you,and even though last year's...You're smiling.I'm saying no,and you're smiling.
House:Well,don't take it personally.It's just 'cause you're full of crap.You have no interest in going out with me.Maybe wewe did,when I couldn't walk,when I was a sick puppy that wewe could nurture back to health.Now that I'm healthy,there's nothing in it for you.
Cameron:You are not healthy.Cuddy wants to see you.

Cam is worried about House at the end of House's Head
But Cameron is with Chase.Unless they break up..or something,the Hameron ship might not sail.There is still a possibility that we could see Hameron get together in future seasons.Maybe in s5 there will be some Hameron moments.
Onward to the inayofuata ship which is.....

The ship that the shippers want to see happen!
There is so much stuff that the shippers want to see out of these two.
So much stuff that has hinted at House and Cuddy having a one night stand in the past.
In s3's 'Top Secret' there was a big hint that that House and Cuddy had a one night stand a long time ago...

"That ship sailed long zamani House"

House:I've been thinking about you.
wewe lied.
Cuddy:I didn't lie.I simply chose not to share completely irrelevant facts.
House:Like the fact wewe lied.No wonder I couldn't place his face.You were practically swallowing it on the dance floor.
Cuddy:I was not.
House:Talk about the cool uncle.He donates the money and the nephew gets the write-off.And of course,by write-off,I mean he gets to put your ankles...
Cuddy:This is exactly why I didn't mention our one tarehe over two years ago.
House:Because of my T-shirt.
Cuddy:Because wewe are an obnoxious ass.Because wewe would have spent the whole time...
House:That's very smart.'Cause this way I spent the whole time completely focused on the patient.
Cuddy:How did wewe even remember him?We were only at that party for like 10 minutes!
House:Is this a new health plan?Service the Dean of Medicine,you get free health care for a year?Why are wewe smiling?
Cuddy:You remembered him because he made out with me.
House:I'm good with faces.So this plan,is it open to anyone?Is there a co-pay?
Cuddy:You're lousy with faces.
House:Don't make this about me.This is your humiliation.So how much for private room coverage?
Cuddy:Get over me.
House:Give me a break.You hired me...
Cuddy:'Cause you're a good doctor who couldn't get himself hired at a blood bank,so I got wewe cheap.
House:You gave me everything I asked for because one night I gave wewe everything...
Cuddy:Stop staring at my punda when wewe think I'm not looking,showing up at restaurants where I happen to be on a date,and fantasizing about me in the shower.That ship sailed long ago,House.Get over it.
House:If you're still referring to your ass,I think that meli kubwa ya mafuta, supertanker sailed would be the zaidi precise metaphor.

In s3's 'Half-Wit' House goes over to Cuddy's place.

House grabbing Cuddy's punda

Cuddy:It's the middle of the night.You knew I'd be asleep.
House:Phone would have woken wewe up just as much.And I can't see what you're wearing over the phone.

2 dakika later...

Cuddy:House,I'm so sorry.
House:Forgot I was dying, huh?
Cuddy:I'm here if wewe need me
House:I need you

[House grabs Cuddy's ass]

House:One small feel for man,one giant punda for mankind.
Cuddy:Thanks.Good luck in Boston.
[Cuddy walks to her bedroom and House tries to follow]
Cuddy:Call the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In every House/Cuddy scene there is either:
-Sexual Tension(I think that is every House/Cuddy scene)
-Power Plays
-Eye Sex

***Note:There are some spoilers for s5,Wilson's Heart,and House's Head(if wewe didn't see the episodes yet)***
In s4's 'House's Head' we get to see Cuddy stripping.

Cuddy stripping for House

Cuddy:I didn't know wewe rode the bus.
House:I used to drive nyumbani after I got drunk.Some mothers got MADD.What are wewe doing here?You weren't on the bus with me.
Cuddy:I guess this isn't a's a fantasy.
House:If this was a fantasy,you'd be wearing this...[Cuddy is dressed in a schoolgirl outfit]
Cuddy:You're convinced your patient is dying,and wewe want to waste your time with a sex fantasy?
House:Don't blame me.Blame my gender.
Cuddy:Well I'm not here to indulge that.I'm here to help wewe figure out his symptoms.
House:Can't wewe do both?

Towards the end of the episode Cuddy is at House's apartment.

Cuddy at House's apartment

House:The other nurse always use to tuck me in
Cuddy:I'll be on the couch,with a shot gun in my lap.
House:Worrying about me?
Cuddy:Making sure wewe don't try to make a limp for the border.Get some sleep.

At the end of the episode Cuddy is giving House mouth-to-mouth.While Wilson is giving him CPR.Why? because House is an ass.He took Alzheimer drugs to speed up his memory.He has a moyo attack.
At the end of Wilson's moyo Cuddy is holding House's hand in her sleep,and House is holding her hand back.

In s5 there is no doubt that Huddy is going to happen.In s5 there is a Huddy arc.Also there is a Private Investigator(Ugh,just what we need is another Tritter) and this P.I. has a crush on Cuddy.House probably gets jealous of the P.I.'s crush.

Cuddy holding House's hand at the end of 'Wilson's Heart'