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posted by Irene3691
In the morning, Lisa gets dressed and goes to William’s room. He puts on his T-shirt and they go down to the cafeteria to have breakfast. After that, Will and Lisa go to the bus to go sightseeing with the rest of their colleages. Greg runs before the bus leaves. William sees him and thinks: “Damn it... he’s a pain in the ass.” Before Greg can see them, Will kisses her girlfriend, so she can’t see him either. They get off the bus and get to the Louvre Museum. When they’re about to come in, Greg sees them and approaches. ‘Wow, what a conincidence!!’
‘Yes... how are wewe man?’ Says William looking at him.
‘Hey Greg, are wewe visiting the museum too? Are wewe alone? wewe can jiunge us if wewe want, right Willy?’
He stares at her surprised and frowning. ‘S-Sure... wewe can come with us...’
They come in and Will holds Lisa’s hand. Greg doesn’t look at them. ‘Well House and what about you? wewe have any little special friend?’
‘Oh... lots of...’
Lisa doesn’t like the answer but pretends she doesn’t care. ‘He’s a womanizer...’
‘I need to take a anti-rape spray with me every time I go out home...’
After walking and seeing the whole museum, the three of them go to the cafeteria.
Lisa is playing with a bracelet that William gave her. House takes it and plays with it too with her. They use it as a basket and play with some paper balls. ‘Three points!’
William looks at them and rolls his eyes. He doesn’t like at all seeing his girlfriend staring, laughing and playing with another boy. ‘How old are wewe guys?’
‘I’m eighty... Three points for me!’ Jokes House and keeps playing.
‘You're a dull, William...’

Some time later they walk for a while. William wants to get rid of him as soon as he can but Greg keeps following them everywhere. ‘We can go to the Moulin Rouge, and wewe can stay there if wewe want.’ Will winks at him.
‘Hahahaha, you're so funny!!!’ Laughs Greg exaggeratedly.
Lisa enjoys seeing them arguing, but she’s not sure she supports.
‘Yes, wewe could stay there too.’ Smiles House widely.
‘How nice...’ “Asshole...” thinks William.
‘Okay, stop it guys...’ They keep walking and get lost. Lisa goes to ask to a man where they can find the Moulin Rouge, leaving Greg and Will alone.
‘Can I ask wewe something?’ Says Lowe.
‘Will wewe if I say no?’
‘I’ll do it anyway. But I don't think I'll believe your answer...’
‘Then go ahead...’
He sighs. ‘Do wewe like Lisa?’
There is a silence and Greg majibu confident. ‘Me? No, God!’
‘Why?? She’s intelligent, pretty, a nice person and…she’s so hot… What don’t wewe like of her?’
‘Hmm... I don't... I just see her as a friend... she's not my type of girl...’ Lies House.
‘Okay... Better for me, actually I was starting to worry, wewe two have chemistry... too much...’ Says in a lower voice.
Greg remains speechless and fortunately Lisa comes. They look so quiet. ‘Are wewe okay?’
‘Yes, we just was talking… about football. I hate his team and he hates mine...’

Lisa frowns and leads them to the Moulin Rouge.
‘We can't get there, it's closed.’ Announces Will, and looks at House. ‘Sorry man.’
‘Bad luck... I'm sure wewe won't get any chance to get in a place like this Will...’
‘I’m sure wewe know some places like this in Michigan. If I need to go to one of them at anytime, I’ll ask you.’ Will smiles mocking at him. ‘But I have my little princess and I’m sure I’ll never go to those places that wewe frequent...’
Greg whispers to her. ‘Anyway... be careful little princess, there are lots of STD running everywhere and your little prince is not a saint...’
‘Thanks, I'll keep your advice in my mind. He's not a saint but is not that kind of guys either...’
William turns and sees them whispering each other. ‘Ejemm... It’s getting dark, I think we should go back to the hotel.’
‘Yes, let’s have dinner.’ They get to the reception of the hotel. ‘Are wewe coming with us, Greg?’
‘Hmm... don't... think so. I'll go to my room, I'm not hungry. Enjoy your diner.’
Greg leaves and they go to have chajio, chakula cha jioni alone, which Will likes very much. When they finish, they go to Lisa’s room’s door. ‘You’re gonna sleep now?’ Asks him.
‘Yes, I guess so. I’ve walked a lot today. I’m tired.’
‘Okay... then I’ll see wewe tomorrow. Sleep tight’ William kisses her. ‘I upendo you.’
‘Thank you. The same for you, and goodnight.’ She gives him a kiss and after closing the door, lies on her bed.

Some time later, she’s just put her pajamas on and someone knocks the door. She opens it but doesn’t expect to find Greg there instead of William. ‘Hi.’
‘Hi... how are you?’
‘I’m fine, just a bit tired, and my back hurts but appart from that I’m okay. How are you?’ She opens the door a bit more. ‘Oh wewe can come in if wewe want, I don't bite.’
He chuckles and comes in closing the door behind him. ‘Okay... do wewe want me to give wewe something for wewe back? Ibuprofen? A massage?’
Cuddy looks at him and chuckles. ‘Would wewe do that? A chaste massage? William is a very bad masseuse... My back hurts even zaidi if he touches me, but shhhh don't tell him.’
Greg smiles. ‘Lie down... chastely, of course!!’
‘Completely chaste.’
She lies down and Greg starts giving her a relaxing massage. She can feel his hands on her back and neck, he’s really good and it gives her goosebumps. House caresses her back up and down and Lisa lets out a moan. ‘Oh God... You’re so good.’
‘Yeah... that's what every woman says of me... haha.’ Jokes him.
She laughs. ‘Yes, it's completely true.’

William can’t sleep and puts on his koti, jacket to go to she her girlfriend to her room.
‘You like it like this au wewe want me to push harder?’ Asks House from inside the room. William hears him and get shocked.
‘Harder...’ Moans her. ‘Yes, ohh just like that!’
‘Okay, okay... just let me do my job...’
‘What the hell??’ William knocks at the door. ‘Lisa? Lisa what are wewe doing?’
‘What??’ Lisa looks at Greg and stands up to open the door. ‘William what...’
‘No, what the hell are wewe doing?’ Shouts him.
House is sitting on the edge of the kitanda and looks at him while he gets into the room, looking at Greg and shouting at her. ‘What is he doing here? What were wewe doing?’
‘Will is not what wewe think...’
He is very upset. ‘Lisa wewe were moaning as I never heard wewe before...’
‘Wow, Lisa... that makes me feel proud of me...’ Jokes Greg.
‘He just was giving me a massa--’
‘You son of a bitch, kahaba shut up your fucking mouth.’ William punches him. Greg almost falls to the floor. His nose starts bleeding and he presses it with his hands.
‘Greg!’ Lisa bends inayofuata to him. ‘William, we were doing anything!’
‘Yes... look now wewe can do whatever wewe want with whoever wewe want...’ Yells him angry.
‘William, you’re overreacting...’
‘Stupid, I was giving her a back massage... she alisema it hurt...’ Shouts Greg at him covering his nose with his hands.
‘And who the hell are wewe to give her a massage? I’m her boyfriend, if she wants a massage I’ll give it to her. But now wewe can do whatever wewe want with her, this is over...’
‘If you're about to break her back every time wewe give her a massage... well, I don't blame her...’
Will approaches to him again but Lisa holds his arm. ‘You want me to ngumi, punch wewe again?’
‘House shut up!!
‘If that makes wewe feel better go ahead... my nose might be broken but my teeth are intact...’
‘Will, we’re just friends...’ Says Lisa.
‘Oh come on... I’m an idiot, but not so far... I’ve seen wewe looking at him and how he looks at you... I can’t stand it, sorry...’ She looks at him in order to say something but she can’t.
‘Lisa, I don't care about wewe anymore. Leave me alone and be happy.’ He goes out of her room slamming the door and she sits on the kitanda in silence.
‘What a show!! If I had known it, I would've brought popcorns...’
‘It’s not funny...’ Lisa looks at him. ‘Oh you’re bleeding.’ She takes a tissue. Greg looks to the ground and she presses his nasal septum. ‘Are wewe okay?’
‘Uh huh... I'm sorry for this...’ Admits him.
‘I’m not, it’s not your fault...’
‘In part it is...’
‘Well, yes, you’ve something to do, but don’t worry about it.’
‘I'm not worried... I'm just sorry 'cause I know he loved wewe and I'm sure wewe loved him too...’
She remains thinking. Actually she was very fond to William but she didn’t upendo him. The one who she thinks she loves is sat inayofuata to her right now, but she will never say it.
‘Yes... but don’t be sorry about that...’ She stares at him and sighs. ‘Would wewe give me a hug?’
‘Sure... if wewe don't mind huging a bleeding subject...’
‘Thank you.’
Greg hugs her and she hugs him back strongly.
‘I think wewe should go back to your room.’
‘Yes... I should.’ He stands up and walks to the door. ‘I’m sorry.’ Then he leaves her room.

To be continued...

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