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posted by Irene3691
After having lunch with Wilson they go back to work. Cuddy spends the whole afternoon in her office, she knows that House, is not there, but she doesn’t wanna run risks and go out anyway. Meanwhile, Chase phones House again and tells him that they really, really need his help. He insists a lot and he finally decides to go to the hospital.

It’s time to go nyumbani for Cuddy, so she takes her stuff and goes to the elevator, she waits there and when the doors open House is in front of her, speechless. He looks at the floor and gets out of the elevator. While getting in she speaks and doesn’t look at him.
‘How’s your leg?’
‘Fine... thanks... how's your remorse?’ majibu him but doesn’t turn around.
‘Good, with your vicodin.’
‘Nice, I'll go to kiss Wilson so we're equals...’
‘Great, then I’m going to get fed up with vicodin, lose my girlfriend, be an punda with her and be miserable again.’
‘Oh God, wewe want me to fall in upendo with your au what??!!!’ Says House sarcastically.
‘Two days zamani wewe were, but no, wewe chose to fall in upendo with vicodin.’
‘Vicodin didn't forsake me...’
‘And did I? Who was there when wewe were in coma? Who has been there all this time? What the hell do wewe want?’
House remains quiet looking at her, when the doors close he speaks but it’s too late for her to hear him. ‘... I want you...’
Lisa goes to her car and gets in a bit frustrated. Why was it so difficult? He just had to say a few words and everything would be good again, she can’t understand it. Lisa sighs and goes to her home. After a while she’s sitting on the sofa and someone knocks at the door. She leaves her mug on the meza, jedwali and stands up to open it. ‘Lucas, how do wewe know where I live? I thought wewe were gonna call me.’
‘Come on Lisa, don't underestimate me, I'm a PI, remember?’ He smiles at her and she opens the door to let him in. ‘I have news for you.’
‘Actually it’s not necesary, I talked to him. I think it’s over.’

At the same time House is working in his office, it’s late and Wilson sees light there and goes to talk to him. He knocks at the door,
‘I'm busy and wewe can say whatever wewe want but I'm not gonna kiss you. So wewe can save time and go away.’
‘House, can we talk as adult people?’ Asks Wilson.
‘Can we talk as girlfriends-stealer ones?’
‘Lisa is just my friend, I'm sorry about what happened, really.’
‘Yeah... I'm pretty sure wewe are...’ House stands up and goes out of his office.
‘House.’ Wilson follows him and grabs his arm. ‘She loves you.’
‘I'm not so sure of that...’ Says House staring at him.
‘Why? wewe know it, and wewe upendo her, wewe also know that.’
He sighs. ‘I'm not so sure about it...’ and starts walking.
‘About wewe au about her?’ Says Wilson while House is walking away. ‘House wewe don't know what you're losing.’
He stops inayofuata to the door. ‘I've already Lost it...’
Wilson looks at his friend dissapointed and goes to his house.

‘What did he say?’ Asks Lucas to her.
‘He didn’t say anything, that’s the problem.’ She sighs and sits down on the sofa. ‘We were being sarcastic as always, and when I asked him what he wanted he didn’t answer, and I came here.’
‘He thinks wewe upendo Wilson.’
‘What? That’s stupid, Wilson is my friend, I kissed him because... because I was angry, I don’t know why I did that.’
Lucas sits inayofuata to you. ‘Hey, to annoy House, wewe can kiss me too whenever wewe want.’ He winks at her and smiles, but Cuddy looks very sad. ‘Sorry about that... sometimes I'm an idiot.’
She sighs. ‘Can I give wewe a hug?’ Lucas nods and hugs her friendly trying to make her feel a little better.

House remains there thinking about his conversation with Wilson. He’s right. Some dakika later House takes his motorbike and goes to Cuddy’s home. Before knocking at the door, he looks through the window carefully and sees her and Lucas huged. He looks at them sad, he really didn’t expect that, then he looks away and goes back to his moto to go to his lonely home.

The inayofuata siku Cuddy goes to work, and although there may be nothing to do, she wants to talk to him and be honest.
House gets to work, late as usual, and starts looking for a file in his office. Lisa walks towards there but Wilson runs into her in the hallway. ‘Tsss Lisa. What are wewe doing?’
‘I wanna talk to him, I want to clarify things. She keeps walking to his office while Wilson rolls his eyes.
‘I can't stop wewe I guess.’ He sighs. ‘I'll be in my office.’
Cuddy gets to House’s office and for the first time in years, knocks at the door.
House stops kusoma the file and looks at her. ‘What do wewe want?’
‘Can... can we talk?’
‘Your vocal chords are fine and my vocal chords are fine, so I guess there's no problem...’
‘I’m sorry, about what I did, I didn’t mean it... well yes, it’s actually what I meant but... I was angry, and I’m sorry...’
‘So now what? Are wewe expecting my understanding and forgiveness?’ Aks him leaving the file on the table.
‘No, I expect wewe to say something, and I didn’t expect wewe blaming me for everything. I know I was an idiot, but not less than you.’
‘Yes... I guess it's all my fault I'm in pain. Rehab was your idea not mine...’
‘I wanted the best for your, is it so hard to understand?’
He stands up and shouts. ‘Yeah, that's why wewe went to kiss my friend and met Lucas last night...’
Cuddy looks at him surprised. ‘Lucas came last night to tell me what wewe told him. I asked him to go to talk to wewe because I was... bad and worried.’
‘Oh, I'm so glad that he was there to hold you. I wish I had such good friends.’ Says him sarcastically.
‘What? What are wewe talking about?’
‘I saw wewe together!! I went to your house and wewe were there... Don't treat me as a moron.’
‘We were talking about you!’
‘Oh, that's why my ears were buzzing!! How silly of me...’
She gets a little closer and speaks a bit louder. ‘House, I upendo you, I don’t upendo Lucas nor Wilson.’ She stares at him for some seconds, he doesn’t says anything and she walks to the door.
‘Then why don't wewe understand that I just can't change?’ Says he before she leaves the office.
‘I don’t want wewe to change, I wanted wewe to be happy... I wanted to be happy with you.’
They look into each other’s eyes for some sekunde in silence. Lisa finally looks away and gets out of the office. He looks at her leaving and remains there quiet, thoughtful and sad.

To be continued...

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Wilson parked his car in front of Cuddy’s house. The silence was still filling the air around them since they left Mary’s home. The awkwardness of it was shouting the absence of words that could possibly express how they felt after what Doctor Mary told them. sekunde later Cuddy broke it.

“How… could it… have it come to this, Wilson?” Her voice was Lost and his eyes focused on the street.

“I don’t know…”

“Do wewe want to come in?” She spoke as she opened the door.

“Only if wewe need me.”

Cuddy took a deep breath and the silence filled the air again. “Should I… should...
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posted by peoplesuck
This is a very long section. As always please comment, let me know if wewe would like me to continue to part 2.
The inayofuata ten dakika felt like a blur, a surreal blur in which everything seemed to go so fast yet so slow. House broke every traffic law in the book on the way there and parked in an ambulance, magari ya wagonjwa bay. If Cuddy made it through this she would have his head for that. As soon as the car came to a stop Sarah flew out of the car so fast she tripped over her own feet. Luckily she regained her footing and did not drop Cuddy whom she was carrying.
“I’ll take her, go take care of yourself,”...
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