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posted by Irene3691
A couple of months goes kwa and his leg is getting better. He wakes up and Lisa is still asleep. Greg stares at her belly and smiles. He hugs her and then thinks of their baby. Cuddy opens her eyes and smiles.
‘Morning. I’m huge, uh?’ Today they’ll know if they are having a boy au a little girl. ‘Are wewe coming with me later?’
‘Of course, I'm not gonna leave my little nyangumi alone...’ House smirks.
‘I don’t like that nickname…’ She says serious. ‘Wow, aren’t wewe a bit nervous? What do wewe think we’ll have?’
‘Hmmm... I think we'll have a boy, I had a hunch!!’
‘And wewe prefer a girl au a boy?’
‘Uh... it doesn't really matter if he au she's healthy...’
She smiles at him. ‘Let’s find it out.’

They get dressed and get to the hospital. Once there, they wait until the doctor calls them.
‘Here we go...’ He gives her a kiss and they come in. They take a sit there and the doctor brings them the file.
‘Come on, read it!!’ House closes his eyes.
‘It is... a boy!’ Reads Lisa, and he doctor smiles at them.
‘Congratulations. wewe are gonna have a healthy boy.’
‘Oh, I knew it, I knew it!!!’ House says excited. Lisa smiles at him and they kiss. He caresses her belly and shakes doctor’s hand.
‘Thank you’

House and Cuddy leave the hospital and go back home. They go to the living room and sit down in the couch.
‘Wow... a boy...’
‘Our little boy.’ Lisa says.
‘We can choose a name since we know it's a boy... don't wewe think?’
‘Yes, that's a good idea.’
‘Which names wewe like most?’ Greg says caressing her hair.
‘I like James, like uncle Jimmy.’ She smiles. ‘Which one do wewe like?’
‘Hmm... I like... Hugh... it sounds good.’
‘Hugh House... it sounds good, yes. But James House sounds good as well.’
‘Well, it's clear... let's mix them.’
Lisa chuckles. ‘What about… Hugh James? wewe like it?’
‘Sounds good to me... Hugh James House...’
‘I like it very much.’ Lisa touches her belly and smiles looking at Greg. He kisses her belly.
‘Hi there, Hugh James... it's daddy out here... how is it going buddy??’
Cuddy smiles stupidly while she stares at him. ‘You're gonna be a great dad.’
‘Well, I can guess we both are gonna have fun...’
‘I’m sure of that.’ They kiss sweetly and House stares at her belly. She talks.
‘It’s incredible to feel him.’
‘I'm looking mbele to seeing him... out of wewe I mean, as two different people...’
‘Yes, yes, I get it. Look.’ Cuddy takes his hand and puts it on her belly. ‘Can wewe feel it?’
‘Oh my God!! If he keeps on kicking your belly so hard he's gonna get out of there right now!!! Like an alien os something...’
‘Greg for God's sake...’
‘Hahaha...’ He laughs.
‘You’ve just called our son “alien”.’
‘No, no, no... I alisema he was gonna get out in the alien way...’
‘Yes... Thanks for all that concerns me...’
He chuckles and kisses her. When he is gonna separate from her, she puts her hands on his neck and gets him closer to her. She kisses him deeper and House puts his arms around her body, being careful with her belly.
‘I was starting to miss this...’ Lisa says and hugs him while they kiss. House chuckles and jokes.
‘I don't like the idea of making upendo in front of our son but... I hope he doesn't notice... and I don't want to disappoint wewe either...’
‘Well... if wewe don’t like the idea wewe can wait 3 months more... ah no wait, then I won’t have him inside but he will be in the room inayofuata door... So I think you’ll have to wait... like eighteen years at least.’
‘Oh dear... it doesn't sound very good...’
‘I’m not so patient...’
‘Neither am I...’ He kisses her and Lisa caresses her back.
‘Wait, can we go somewhere zaidi comfortable?’
‘Yeah, yeah.... sure...’

House helps her to stand up and kisses her while they go to the bedroom and lie on bed.
‘You prefer this room??’ He smiles and kisses her. Lisa nods and chuckles.
‘More comfortable for us three.’
‘Oh no... wewe shouldn't have alisema that...’
‘Two, two, just the two of us! Hugh is asleep.’
‘Much better, thanks...’ He lies inayofuata to her and they kiss passionately.

To be continued...

Irene3691 ~ SandraCH91 ~ diego27rg
house md
house md
Hugh Laurie
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posted by huddyforever
That bitch, kahaba doesn’t know who she’s messing with. Well she’s messing with me. Lisa Cuddy. Dean of Medicine. Her boss. Allison Cameron has no clue. I thaught she was over House. I guess not. What nerve! Chase is a decent man. He deserves better than Cameron. I’ll onyesha her. I’ll just walk right up to her and ask her if she loves House. Not that I’m jealous au anything. I’m just…shit! I’m jealous. House won’t fall for her anyways…I don’t think…SHIT! Now I have to talk to him. It’s hard work loving an egotistical asshole!
posted by HouseJr
That night was the best night of their lives, it was most amazing. A night of passion right there in that hospital kitanda a night they had both waited for so long


He was so busy nowadays, but he always made time for his family and today was his siku to pick up the kids, Lisa always let him off besides nothing had changed at work and he didn’t have a case. He got out the car and limped into the daycare. They were playing in the front room with all of the other little ankle machungu, bitters waiting for their parents. The dakika they saw him they ran and clung to his legs “Daddy!”...
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First of all i would like to say that house should never fired her!No doudt she was the best doctor of all.
Did i need to mention that she hot like hell?Anyway i was really dissapointed when she was fired because i haven't read any spoilers and i was sure that she will stay!
Anne dudek is also a much better actor than that chic from O.C!Seriously!
But i know she will be back,i can feel it...Plus ausiello alisema that she will be back!
And he has a pretty reliable source.The one of the executive producers Katie Jacobs.In the interview he said:<<David pwani and I never anticipated that we'd fall in upendo with as many of the characters as we did — and [Cutthroat Bitch] was certainly one of those. But I would say that, if wewe want to see zaidi of her, so do we. And I think that that might happen. She's terrific, and she adds a really great color to the group. I'm looking mbele to finding a way that she could come back into the fold.>>
Personally i can't wait to see zaidi of her!!!
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First advert from sky1 on house. Starts May 31. season 5
Hugh Laurie
season 5
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posted by sheis1963
Okay this is for some Lucas mashabiki who felt a bit insulted because of a pick I made.

So... guys I didn't mean to insult anyone! It was just made for fun, but I understand your point! People think I hate Lucas... I don't! I just don't like Luddy!
I don't write hurtful makala like some fans!
I seriously didn't want to insult wewe guys! :/

So I wrote this just to say I'M SORRY!

One zaidi thing...

At least we agree that....

Lisa Cuddy ROCKS!

(I had to express my undeniable upendo for Cuddy xD)

once again... I'm sorry!

Please don't get mad *.*
posted by heeeresjoyce
This is an makala about how oldmovie is such an amazing user and contributor on the House M.D. spot. Also, thanks to all of the users that helped me with this, whether they're in the makala au not.

Ever read a soapbox about House and had your brain explode from all of the things wewe hadn’t noticed in the onyesha au characters before but now realized were true? Seen a great, very interesting pick, au one that made wewe literally laugh out loud? There’s a good chance it was kwa OM. She’s written many amazing articles, and often posts very thought-provoking picks. And of course many of us know...
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