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Oh krisimasi Tree

December 2022,
“Mom…” Abby groaned her face flustered as she fumbled through the boxes of ornaments.
“What?” Lisa asked as she placed a red glass bobble atop a branch of their Frasier fur, manyoya krisimasi tree.
“Where’s the Angel for the juu of the mti I last year? It’s not in any of the boxes” Lisa thought for a moment.
“I think it’s in on one of the shelves downstairs.” She said, fixing a nutcracker ornament onto the tree. Abby sighed and marched her way down to the basement, her blond hair whipping along behind her. Suddenly, the front door opened to reveal a skinny brown haired, twelve au so mwaka old boy walking in carrying a bundle of krisimasi and Hanukkah presents hidden in plastic and paper bags. The boy was followed kwa his father who limped in and added another bag to the young boy’s armful.
“Take these into your room. We’ll wrap, upangaji pamoja them at the very last dakika okay?” House whispered to his son who snickered and bounded up to his room, almost knocking over a menorah sitting on a small meza, jedwali along the way. House limped into the living room, carefully avoiding boxes as half melted snow dripped off of his sneakers and onto the carpet, and sat down on the kitanda to rest his bad leg after limping all over the mall all afternoon. Lisa, after finally placing the last little ornament on the tree, plopped down inayofuata to him.
“And to think that I am thoroughly atheist.” House alisema with a sigh. Lisa smiled.
    “Oh please, I don’t know about Hanukkah, but krisimasi barely registers as a religious holiday anymore, House.” Lisa alisema smirking.
    “You’re Jewish!” He complains.
    “I’ve told wewe Greg, only half. My dad was Christian.” She says triumphantly.
    “Whatever.” House says grumpily.
    “Besides, wewe get presents.” Lisa says, getting up when Abby comes in holding the angel.
    “When’s the mwaka we’re going to get that krisimasi rock I’ve been talking about?” Abby glares daggers at him.
    “The mwaka I songesha out.” She says cruelly and starts to put the Angel on the tree. House scoffs at her as though she just shot a puppy.
    “You know why they put an Angel on juu of the krisimasi tree?” Greg says, eager to bother his wife and daughter.
    “Don’t wewe dare tell that story Greg, I don’t need wewe corrupting our children any more.” At that very moment, Ben, House and Lisa’s twelve mwaka old son bolted downstairs.
    “What story?” He says curiously. Lisa rolls her eyes, realizing that there was no use resisting. House smiles.
    “Da-aaaad!” Ben whines. “Tell me! Tell me!” He demands eagerly, and sits down on the couch. Grinning evilly at Abby and Lisa, House begins his lovely tale.
“One siku on krisimasi Eve, Santa's workshop was absolutely chaotic. The elves couldn't make toys because they were all drunk and the reindeer were all nursing a hangover and couldn't power the sleigh. Now Santa was rather exasperated at all this and he goes into his wine closet to take a drink to cool his nerves, but alas the elves and the reindeer already drank it all. Now this got Santa really pissed and to juu it all off his doorbell rang and an adorable little Angel stood at his stoop holding a krisimasi tree. Santa in a particularly grouchy mood said,
‘What?’ ready to slam the door on the little angel's face. Now the Angel didn't
seem bothered and motioning the tree, so sweetly asked,
‘Where would wewe like me to put this Santa?’” Ben suddenly burst out laughing, and Abby couldn’t help but jiunge in. Lisa smirked, despite not wanting to onyesha House that she approved of sharing this joke with Ben.
                * * *
As a kid, House never really enjoyed Christmas. It was always a fairly hostile time. His dad always demanded him to help his mother clean around the house, and to write sincere thank wewe notes to all of his Marafiki and relatives. Every gift his father got him was some kind of weapon fake au real, camouflage shirts and pants, and boring military themed toys that House certainly had no interest in. His father clearly was determined to get him into the military, much to Greg’s irritation. However, now with Cuddy, he got to know what the holidays were like with a somewhat normal family. And he even got to celebrate Hanukkah too.
Cracking Abby’s door open a tiny bit, House looks at his daughter sleeping soundly in her bed. Now almost fourteen years from the krisimasi when Lisa accepted her as a foster daughter, only to later be adopted kwa her, House couldn’t help but remember how happy Lisa was. House remembered that he was worried that Lisa would just ignore him so she could take care of Abby. But somehow, things worked out. Don’t ask him how, they just did. And before he knew it they had Ben, and they became a family. And because of this, House was for once in his life…


Author's Note: I forgot to mention this on the other spots but I have to give credit to my dad for some of the jokes House alisema in the story. He told me the story of the Angel on the tree, and he's the one who wants a krisimasi rock
I'm not usually one for Huddy vids but this was made kwa DoctorLisaCuddy on YouTube and its really amazing.
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Some weeks go kwa and Greg starts thinking of preparing something special for Christmas. He doesn't celebrate it usually but he'd like to make her have a good time. House thinks of a party with workmates and presents, but he still has time, so he'll have to think about it...
Gradually the holidays are coming and they start decorating the hospital. These are House and Cuddy’s first krisimasi together not only at work, and she wishes they were special but she knows that he doesn't like these kind of celebrations, so she guesses they will be as they have always been...
House keeps spinning his...
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posted by rosehustle1
 Ariel Harrison(My idea of how this character looks like)
Ariel Harrison(My idea of how this character looks like)
"That's where wewe were all night? I called wewe three times to see if wewe wanted to hit that new bar on twelfth." Wilson alisema as he ate his eggs. House drank some coffee and leaned against the booth.
"It was the best spontaneous tarehe I've ever had. She's gorgeous kwa the way."
"What is she like?"
"Funny. Annoying. Smart...Different." He alisema with a far off look.
Wilson smiled in surprise at House's unguarded look.
"Good for you."
House turned his gaze back on Wilson.
"Hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I could still severely screw this up."
"I doubt she'll be able to leave your place after...
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hey, this is a oneshot, I wont explain to wewe what its about because I want it to be a surprise…hoping for lots and lots of reviews!!! anyway, short authors note, and I will be updating my other fics soon…
read and review (fanpoppers, RATE!!!)

-The Last Page-
    An office was all she had to onyesha for her life’s achievements. It had her history recorded in it since she had finished up at university. Her name was plastered across the door, but that didn’t mean the office would be hers forever. She could be fired, she could retire au she could just drop from the face...
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"Okay, we just need sugar and maziwa and we're done." Foreman and Thirteen were at the grocery store. "What kind of sugar do wewe want?" "Isn't there only one kind?" Foreman laughed. "Do wewe want white au pink?" Thirteen squinted her eyes at the pink box in wonder. "No way! They make pink sugar!? We should get both!" She tossed the sugar in the shopping cart. "I heard pink sugar gives wewe cancer." "That must suck... hujambo isn't that Wilson?"
Foreman turned around, and sure enough, there was Wilson. "Oh my GOD!!!" Thirteen shreeked. "He's with Karamel!" They laughed at it for a few minutes, and...
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A/N: Sorry guys I have been in exams but well I find time on the weekends so here is chapter 6. Also reviews are upendo and upendo is Huddy. So if wewe want zaidi Huddy wewe know what to do know! LOL Mmh…well this is a Huddy chapter so wewe really can’t complain. =)

House entered Cuddy’s office, the door being slammed kwa him. Cuddy didn’t raise her eyes from the file she was kusoma since the only person that didn’t knock before entering her office was House.

“What do wewe want?” She snapped.

“Stacy.” Cuddy raised her eyes. At first she thought House was kidding but then she realized...
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"You left things hanging with her. wewe didn't even talk to her before wewe left."

Wilson was calling. It was their first phone call in a month. His voice was fairly unsteady and shaky, as House spoke calmly, however, with a sense of regret and pain in his voice.

"I left things hanging--for a reason."
"She needs to know why. Why, and what."
"Just--I haven't spoken au seen her in days. The last thing I can do for her right now is have her visit me."
"Just talk to her. She doesn't even need to come. Just call her."
"And what."
"You don't even need to tell her anything. Just let her know, you're okay....
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Lisa Cuddy finally ended up at nyumbani after a long stressful siku at the hospital thanks to House upsetting another parent of a patient. She spent the whole siku cleaning up his mess trying to keep the parent from suing House and the hospital. In order to relax she went and started a bubble bath to ease all the tension from the siku away. After the bath it was late and she was tired so she decide to get ready for bed.

At 2 a.m. she is woken up kwa someone obnoxiously knocking on her door and ringing her doorbell. She sighs knowing exactly who it is and wonders why he is here. She thought maybe 'if...
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The door swung open at Michigan Police Department and House entered the place. He immediately saw Cuddy who was seated across the meza, jedwali of a cop. She was chilling and wet and somewhat afraid of everyone that she could see. In House’s moyo was a deep sense of sympathy, care and anger. Cuddy looked at him as he stood there beside him. His eyes grew wider when he noticed bruises in her eyebrow and cheeks. There were scratches in her arms and although she was hiding them, they were wounds on her knees. His breathe was shallow as she immediately clung on him.
House drove Cuddy back to Plainsboro....
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Ok guys this is my first time uandishi a shabiki fiction, and I know its like way short but this is just the way I think the scene should have played out. So don’t be to brutal, okay : )!!!!

Alternate scene for “Let Them Eat Cake”

Cuddy- We all know this is going somewhere… I think we should kiss now.
House- We already did that
He places his hand on her chest.
Cuddy blushes and then chuckles realizing that this was rational for House. She takes his hand and brings it to her hip, throws her arms around his neck and gives him a long kiss.
Cuddy- And it won’t be the last time.
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This is the inayofuata scene of part 1. As always please comment. =)

The inayofuata morning the alarm clock went off at five thirty and Cuddy went through her usual routine of hiding the evidence only without the caffeine pills and coffee. It felt she was moving in slow motion, exhaustion weighing down each limb like lead. She had not slept at all the night before. Without her sleeping pills she was unable to sleep at all. As if her siku wasn’t already off to a bad start when she walked outside she discovered that her tires had been slashed, all four of them. Cuddy looked at her watch, it was six in the...
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This is a bio for a character for a fic I might write, it's going to be Huddy. Please let me think if wewe think this is an interesting character.

Character Bio
Of: Emmelythis (Emme au Mets) Tyrica Syrrin

AGE:        25

PROFESSION:    Currently a traveling M.E. for the F.B.I.

REASON FOR QUITTING:    She wants a zaidi stable and low pressure job.


BACKGROUND:        Both biological parents died when she was sixteen. She was adopted kwa a police...
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Author’s Note: Please don’t make fun of the detective’s name. I put it in there for a valid reason that I will explain in a little challenge I’m going to put in a later chapter.
Murder in the Clinic
Chapter 3: Inspections

    As he drove into work the inayofuata day, House couldn’t help but notice how cramped Princeton Plainsborough’s parking lot was. News vans and police cars were scattered over the property, and House was particularly thankful for having a reserved spot. Despite this luxury however, a few unfortunate members of the staff seemed to have Lost their places...
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